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July 24, 2021, 09:18:25 am

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Author Topic: M/femboy seeking for partner playing dominant f/futa, looking for dark cruel fun  (Read 450 times)

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(currently craving to play something more violent, rough and sadistic, bordering with extreme, if you are into. Also experimenting with switch stories.)

I am looking for someone interested in a roleplaying as a mistress, owner of me, young (or not so) male guy in a fantasy world. What world it is? Who you are? Who am I? Am I a guy who got captured by a demonette and was brought to her realm? Defeated and sold on slave house of giant underground drow elf city? Whatever you would like (and if you dont know will give you variety of variants) and want to be. I will work on designing the world by taking your opinions and preferences - what do you want to see there. Can write a starter and can accept yours. Pure smut won't be a long term, unless you have some kind of magic, that will make every encounter different. Otherwise, we would need to come up with interesting story.
Looking for all the variety of kinky action, bdsm, latex, bondage/restriction play, pet-pony stuff, master/slave, transformation, sadistic mistresses, trainings, humiliation, restraints etc etc. If you are into that we can talk out feminization details. Or any other kinks you have in mind. If you really don't like male characters I may consider playing shemale, but certainly nothing with vagina because I don't have one and won't be able to rp about it properly.
What I dont like and not looking for - gay/forced bi/cuckolding, scat/watersport, bestiality and bloodplay/snuff.
I like to play non-con or dub-con, maybe con if it's fitting for a story. Prefer to play someone not willing/defiant in the first place but getting his will broken. I like sadism in my partner and sometimes feeling sadistic myself. Amount of paragraphs - not less than juicy one.
Recently I had experience with scammer, trying to persuade me to registrate on some bootleg bdsm site, that was asking money. But I found interecting concept while talking to him for ooc cooperation and I can share it if you are interested.

Rough example of the story
Idea is about a fantasy world named "whateveritis". There are many different races - humans, orcs, wooden/drow elfs, maybe creatures from other nontraditional fantasy universe can be added like warcraft or warhammer. And every race has a god that patronizes them, giving special powers. Story will be focused on the drow elves, because they are special (even since D&D drow elves were more into matriarchial society). They have 2 gods, one is for males and other is for femaels.
And after thousands of years female drow god outsmarts male one and manage to enslave him and start to steal his power. But not all of it, because most of his power is contained in every single living drow elf male.
But anyway, in result balance was destroyed and when it comes to might&magic, females became more powerful and males lost large amount of their potential. Civil war started and most of the males were enslaved. Male's role now was to be a target of the sex ritual, by being humiliated and dominantly fucked by his new owner, this resulted in giving a power boost to his mistress and through her to the goddess.
Goddess grow strunger over the years and one of the sidefects of this power transfer ritual essense of a god flowed through bodies and they became literally immortal (aging was stopped). And to increase the reproduction rates that this empire now needs goddess by using god's powers made some of her royal worshipers futanari. This resulted in massive grow of the population, but only female/futa elfs could be born. And they decided to start abducting other races and enslaving them, doing the same power steal, but now from new gods. Drow Elfs created the strongest army in this world and preparation for a conquest begins.
Idea for playable characters - you have a role of a drow elf whatever her age (aging is stopped only as a result of regular rituals), status and either female or futa(if futa I would prefer with both genitals). I will be someone from other races, human, wood elf, dont really care, but would prefer a male character. Can play either defiant at the start and being traned as you want or docile at the start and togeter we can start on adventures of conquering the world and dominating the pantheon of gods.
Asit seems, stories with a little sadistic flavor become more fun.

Another idea - if you are into world of warcraft. If not, we can create alternative of the same story with completely original things.
I will play a young, arrogant warlock that would try to summon a demon (either Shivarra or Succubus, depends what you like). But she will easily overpower summoner, make him his slave and take to her demonic realm.

I don't like pairings in general, they dont give enough info, but still will give you few examples
Demon x summoner
Demon x kidnapped person
Demon x captured paladin
Monster girl x kidnapped person
Master x slave from auction house
Queen x enslaved prince of opposing kingdom
Elf bandit leader x victim
Citizen of the matriarchal dystopian society x citizen of opposite sex
(might be tricky) Slaanesh/minor demonette x captured guardsman
Deviant goddess x mortal
Owner of brothel for Futa/female x enslaved worker
Your idea of pairing

Thanks for reading.
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