Revenge of the MILF

Started by Prefect Mos, January 20, 2009, 08:57:47 AM

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Prefect Mos

(Fem Dom, switch Milf)

She was divorced. It was a long and embittered divorce, one that was always coming but no one would have suspected a five year legal battle over the division of assets. Sure   early on she tried dating a little but it always seemed the same old things she knew she was looking for something different, something exciting . Her son was still in high school, but had mostly older friends mostly in College who would be over quite a bit and now that the house was fully hers, they would be over quite a bit more . One boy was always particularly helpful, and hung out with her in the living room.. yeah he was duing the internet thing with all the others downstairs.. but he seemd to legitimately enjoy her company.  Soon things in the basement begun to get serious as the group of friends started landing a couple of programming contracts.. and in weeks turned it into an office .. They were all over quite a bit.. getting projects done, and working like a well oiled machine . One night she gets a little drunk, and is more then a little horny.. her vibrator just isnt doing it for her right now...  and she wants to be in control, and she needs it now.