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September 16, 2021, 10:33:12 am

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Author Topic: The mage and the labyrinth's prisoner (F for M character, any gender writer)  (Read 483 times)

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I had an idea about the daughter of a prominent wealthy mage being left on her own in her huge estate home... and she decides to get far too curious for her own good, she starts exploring through her father's things in his study/lab, looking through all of his rare and mysterious trinkets and what not...

There are some details I'd like to discuss when someone does express interest. There is a labyrinth tucked away in a magical kind of limbo involved, my partner's character would the man imprisoned in this world... for what reasons, we will hash out together.
The amulet Liliana finds will be important, it has a spell on it that prevents it's wearer from becoming lost in the labyrinth and can trigger portals in and out of the magical limbo world. Though Liliana will not know for awhile how to work the portal magic using the amulet.

I really, really liked the image I featured near the bottom on right side, so if my partner was down with keeping that for their character, I would be so beyond thrilled.

Please be kind enough to read this piece I've so passionately written, I was extremely inspired and I just feel it came out really well.

It will also serve at the opening post once I've found a partner, I'm rather proud of my work here. I hope you like it too and might wish to work with me :)

Liliana shifted her weight from foot to foot as she stared at the large ornate door, trying to decide what she should do... she'd always wanted to see what her father had locked inside her laboratory and study, but he had always shrugged her off and told her she wasn't ready yet for all the complexities of the magical world, he said she still had a ways to go in her magical studies before he would allow her in this room. He made it sound as though it was... dangerous...
For most people that might have been a deterrent, but for Liliana... the mystery of the room was almost  too agonizing to resist... her father had always told her she was curious as a kitten and that could potentially get her into big trouble if she wasn't careful...

“I... I won't be long... I'll just... I'll just take quick look around and then be gone just as fast” Liliana reasoned with herself “Father will never even know I was here”

Taking a deep breath and squaring her shoulders with her decision, Liliana raised a palm towards the lock of the door and gave her wrist a light twist... immediately, a clicking noise indicating the lock sliding free was heard. The door was magically sealed to recognize only the Wintercrest family magic, her father wouldn't even let servants in here to clean... supposedly, the staff said he did it all himself... though to be honest, she wasn't sure how they could actually claim to know this when they themselves had never actually been inside the room...

“Okay... just a couple minutes and that's it...” Liliana murmured as she brought her hand to the door handle and turned... her heart beat like a drum as the door slowly swung open... she couldn't believe she was actually doing this, she'd get in so much trouble if her father found out...
Slow nervous footsteps brought the young woman into the chamber, she felt like a little girl in a candy store when she allowed her gaze to feast upon all the mysterious artifacts she saw that just begged to be explored.

“Oh wow...” Liliana murmured, wasting no more time as she began touring the room, looking upon the shelves at all the various meticulously labeled potion bottles, her father had something for just about anything and everything would could imagine. It was no wonder his potions and spells were so highly sought after in the realm.

Her eyes fell then upon table covered in a beautiful dark purple silk cloth, upon it sat a couple things she recognized, personal items of her father's... one of which she had always been particularly fascinated with.
A round gold amulet with a good sized purple jewel in the center, the amulet held by a fairly thick woven gold cord... she brought a hand forward and gently caressed her middle and index finger over the purple jewel, how often had she seen her father wearing this? He had worn it numerous times over the entire course of her life for as long as she could recall, he had told her it was special and one day, it would be hers to look after. When she was ready.

Liliana pursed her lips softly before the hand gingerly touching the amulet scooped it up “What is so dangerous about this amulet? It's beautiful and I don't really feel anything nefarious off of it. It hums with a strange energy though, how intriguing....”

She placed the necklace over her head then and let the amulet rest between her breasts, the gold was so vibrant against the blue of her gown, Liliana looked up then to see if there was a mirror anywhere so she could see how it looked on her. Why not, it was going to be hers one day, right? All of this would be hers to inherit one day.
In the far corner she could see what looked to be a tall mirror covered with a thin shimmering silver sheet, the young mage smiled and made her way over to the mirror, reaching forward as she reached it and grabbed a handful of the sheet “I'll just make sure to cover it back before I leave”

Yanking on the sheet, it slid off and floated to the floor softly, resembling a silver puddle... Liliana approached the mirror... but it was too dark in the room with only moonlight from the window to really see and so she snapped her fingers, the wall mounted torches around the room flared to life and filled the chamber with a warm glow.
Satisfied, Liliana turned her face to look back at the mirror... instantly, her face wore an expression of confusion and caution... the glass of the mirror had begun to shimmer and ripple like the disturbed water of a crystal clear lake “Wh-what is going on?”

She tried to back away, but when she attempted to move her foot back... she felt her body being pulled forward, as if the mirror was the most powerful magnet on earth and she was made entirely of iron, she could hear the leather of her shoes scraping across the wood floor as her body was dragged forward... it didn't matter how hard she dug her heels into the floor, the pull was too strong.

“What is going on?!” Liliana screamed, her mind frantically tried to think if any of the staff was still here, but... by this time of night, all of them had likely gone home “I... I can't... break free! No! No! Let go of me! Stop!”

Her pleas did nothing, she was dragged right up against the mirror now, her hands gripping desperately at the ornate gold frame to try and fight against the pull “Stop it! Stop!”
She grunted softly as she gripped the frame so hard that her knuckles were white... but she could feel her grip slackening and the pull just getting stronger and stronger, she was clinging now with just her finger tips... at this rate, the mirror was going to pull her inside... to whatever mystery unknown awaited beyond...

This wasn't supposed to be like this... she only wanted to explore a little, she was supposed to be in and out in a matter of minutes... her father was going to be so angry...

Her fingers grip on the frame broke then and before she could try and grab onto anything else, she was sucked into the rippling silvery surface of the glass “Nooooo!”


She was tumbling on her side on what felt like smooth and polished paved cement, she was flat on her back by the time she stopped tumbling... her eyes stared wide with fear and confusion at what looked like a dingy lavender gray hued sky... or was it... clouds? Yes... like clouds just before a storm... puffy and dismal looking...
Liliana took a deep shuddering breath as she sat up and looked around at where she'd wound up... her expression became etched with even more confusion than before... it looked like... a train station? Why was she brought to a train station?

Slowly, Liliana climbed to her feet and gazed in curious confusion around her, the tracks went into a what looked like a long dark tunnel that disappeared into a very tall wall... a wall that seemed to span on forever in both east and west directions.
“What the hell is this place? How do I go back?” Liliana murmured softly, but her frightened questions were brushed aside in her mind when she heard the sounds of a train coming closer...

chug-a... chug-a... chug-a... chug-a... choo!

The young mage's heart was thundering in her chest as her wide eyes stared at the tracks, it wasn't long before the headlights of the train could be seen... and a beautiful elegant luxury class travel train chugged along, slowly pulling to a stop in front of the station...

“Wh-what in the world...” Liliana whispered softly, she couldn't see a conductor in the window up front where he should have been... in fact, the windows of the train all appeared to be dark... what was going on here? Some little part of her told her she should run, but... she couldn't make her feet move, her whole body was frozen with confusion and fear. She wanted to go home.

The passenger doors abruptly slid open and there stood a man... the most beautiful man she'd ever seen in her entire life, he stared at her for a good couple of seconds that felt like an eternity... before he extended a hand out to her...