Trial and Errer (System, GM for A Player)

Started by RSGAlex, February 14, 2018, 08:14:33 PM

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Decided to start a new solo thread. Why? Because right now I have one thing I want to try out before I move on to either scaling it up or going back to the drawing board on the idea. But let's start with the pitch.

The year is 20X8. The first wave of full immersion gaming has come and the honeymoon period passed. What was thought of as a fad, well, only mostly caught on. The major problem with a full immersion set was the kind of plug needed to not short out at higher outputs. As a result, by 20X4 only a few full immersion MMO games stayed on and most of the rest of the gaming world moved on to a more limited immersion. By 20X7, a number of older, failed full immersion MMOs had been resurrected as limited immersion games, supporting a wide spread of mostly incomparable LI hardware formats. For various reasons, on this chilly Xth day of XX month, 20X8 you have decided to get into the open beta of one of the cheaper MMOs. Perhaps it was nostalgia for the famously buggy base game. Perhaps you liked the idea of playing a "Two Worlds Merging" MMO. Or perhaps it was the adult factor.

In any case, welcome to {Insert THread Name HEre}!

Okay, so I shifted around from in setting speak to out of setting speak a little too quickly, but it should give out most of the pertinent information. Of course, I have it as a beta because I'm expecting to find something that goes wrong and just blame it on the game being buggy.

In terms of where the central focus is ('real' world, the game's real world, or the game's game world), that would be a thing for each iteration to decide. In the far off goal of a group game, the main focus would probably be in the game's real world with the game's game world getting secondary focus. The 'real' world would probably be getting the least focus given what one of the inspirations for this idea was.

Now, let's talk system turkey. For the game's real world, I figure it'll be a light thing, almost FUDGE or early FATE-ish. Perhaps even borrow bits of All Their Strengths, and give a few keywords to the game real world character where they can solve those kinds of problems no issue but have to roll for possible side effects or lengthnings if it's not in those areas. (On the other hand, if you want to do it like the game world's game world, that could also be interesting.)

Now, the game's game world will be more strictly run off of whatever system the player chooses. I have many, but I'm just going to list a few that I know well, still have easy access to, and that I've still got some of the old system mastery in me.

  • Shadowrun 5e (also 4e)
  • Exalted (3e, 2.5e, 2e)
  • Dungeons and Dragons 3.x
  • Spellbound Kingdoms
  • Fragged Empire
  • Weapons of the Gods
  • Godbound
  • Double Cross

Now I have others (so ask, there's always a chance), but those are ones I'm putting out there. There's also a bit of a lack of things I want, you may notice. Well, you can look up my old solo wants thread or see my O/O if you really want to know. I just have a few offs (scat and watersports chief among them) that are sort of hard offs.

More relevantly, this idea is itself an experiment I want to try that may have some rough patches. So I'd prefer to work around what the player wants for this experiment.

For now, as I'm already in a few other things, I'm only going to try one game like this for now. I'll bump the thread and update this post when/if it changes without going to the full scale trial. That will go elsewhere, obviously.
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