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August 12, 2022, 10:59:07 pm

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Author Topic: Mecha House Keeper (SliceofLife/Action/Comedy)  (Read 664 times)

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Mecha House Keeper (SliceofLife/Action/Comedy)
« on: February 05, 2018, 09:44:02 pm »
In the year 2050, Robots have become a norm in the world. It started with construction companies obtaining large mechs to aid in carrying heavy objects. Then it came to robotic police forces and SWAT teams to keep the populace safe. Then robotic teachers and more recently, Robotic house keepers.

However there are those who wish to use these advances for nefarious deeds. One such person is the villainous Dr. Zera. While rather low ranking in the world of super villains, he's made his ultimate breakthrough. A robot capable of destroying entire continents. A robot to surpass all other robots. A "Super Robot" as he calls it. Jinoh. As he prepares an army for his super robot to command, something odd happens to Jinoh. Somehow the robot strangely desires a peaceful and simple life over a life of destruction and conquest. After almost destroying Zera's facility, Jinoh manages to escape and hides within a factory for House Keeper Bots.

By sheer chance (or sheer laziness from factory staff). Jinoh is sent out to a family... YC's family. A rather basic family, Mom, Dad, a sibling or two and of course you (highschool age or college age). For awhile things seem normal. Although Jinoh seems a little 'Too' enthusiastic about taking care of the house hold duties and grocery shopping. But things are... pretty good.

However Dr. Zera is beyond pissed and has begun sending out some of his strongest robots to try and hunt down Jinoh resulting in explosive battles across the city. YC somehow gets wrapped up in these conflicts, and is forced to try and keep Jinoh's secret from the family... which is easier said than done.

As mentioned in the title, this is a story that will combine slice of life and action. Several moments involving YC and Jinoh's friendship/relationship.

While i'll be controlling Jinoh and most of Zera's robots, I would like to find someone to balance this out by playing a majority of human side characters here and there. Not super required but would make things easier.

This can be either MxF or MxM and can contain as little or as much sexual content as you want. Just lemme know when you first PM me. This can be done either on thread or discord.

And for funsies here's some of the characters i'll be playing.

Jinoh: A robot created by the evil Dr. Zera. Equipped with a reactor that would allow him to destroy entire planets, somehow he's decided to try and live out a normal life and disguised himself as a regular servant robot for a small family. However he's been hunted by Zera's many robots assassins. And with his destructive power, he's able to absolutely decimate them (though controlling collateral damage is bit of a challenge). His hobbies include gardening, sitcoms, pop idols and collecting cute figurines from gacha machines.

Explosion Mack:  A prototype version of Jinoh. Mack considers himself to be Jinoh's rival despite being hilariously outmatched. Despite this he's sometimes willing to help Jinoh out of an 'elder brother' instinct. Likes: Explosions, explosions, his chain buzzsaw, and explosions

Dr. Zera: The legendary villain. Dr. Zera wishes to create a robot army in order to conquer the world. Despite the fearsome appearance, rumor has it he suffers from a severe inferiority complex and apparently is often harshly mocked in the world of Evil Villains.

Forest Sawada: A cyborg mercenary hired and augmented by Zera. Unlike most other bot's he's close to Jinoh's power level (much to Mack's annoyance). His signature attack is the reality ripping slash... though no one's actually ever seen it. Jinoh also tends to get his name wrong "It's Boris Kawakami~!"