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April 10, 2021, 07:23:15 pm

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Author Topic: Brass Skies & Coal Smoke [F or Futa seeking GM] [F/F, F/M] [Dieselpunk]  (Read 670 times)

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Offline Le ImmortelleTopic starter

Brass Skies & Coal Smoke

Genre: Dieselpunk
Pairing: F or Futa/M , F or Futa/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: GM/Any
Seeking to Play: Captain Julia Molyneux
Themes: Sky Pirates, Treasure Hunts, Pulp, Harems, Exotic Lands
Inspiration:  Jules Verne, Pulp Novels, H. G. Wells, Bruce Sterling

So, this request is pretty straightforward. Of late, I’ve been hankering to play a dashing female sky pirate full of rougish charm who’s about as notorious as it gets with her plundering ways, more than often robbing the merchant ships of the British, French, Spanish, Dutch empire and vanishing with the loot. She’s a woman of mysterious past who has gained infamy, for it is unheard of women to be doing what she does.

I am looking for someone to play GM for her adventures which would be a good blend of action, adventure and romance in equal measures as she goes from one exotic locale to another. There would be treasure hunts, encountering some magical artifacts, lost civilizations, romancing noblewomen much to the chagrin of their men, dealing with rival pirate factions, venturing into Asia with brushes with Shogunate, Chinese Empire and all sorts of pulpy goodness, all the while the Empire trying to cleanse skies of this woman who’s proving to be a thorn in their side. I imagined plot/smut ratio to be 60/40 for this, leaning in a slightly more smuttier direction than I usually tend to.

Should you really wish, you can even choose to bounce a single character off Julia and we can share load of NPC’s together. I am also not opposed to playing Julia as a futa. [in fact, I would cherish that opportunity as I’ve been on a futa kick of late lol].

Interested folks, shoot me a PM!

So, here's our anti-heroine Julia Molyneux!

Julia Molyneux

Julia Molyneux

Name: Julia Molyneux

Gender: Female

Age: 34

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 165 lbs

Hair: Brunette

Eyes: Brown

Orientation: Pansexual

Birthplace: Marseille, France

Current Residence: Albatross Island, Pacific Ocean

Family: Pierre Molyneux [Father, deceased], Constance Molyneux nee Brannagh [Mother, deceased].

Nationality: None as of now. Formerly, British.

Ethnicity: French-English

Occupation: Sky Pirate

Languages Spoken: French, German, English, Spanish, Portuguese

Skills:Leadership, Polyglot, Proficient in Hand to Hand Combat, Comfortable with most weapons, improvising, all around scary badass.

Likes: Money, The Good Life, Hedonism, Adventure.

Dislikes: Sexism, Compromising, Do-gooders, Naïve patriotism

Personality: Julia is an intense woman. A grizzled veteran of the world who has seen a lot and has survived a lot. She’s mean, unrelenting, extremely driven and proud. However, there have been moments when her pride has gotten in way of better judgment in past. She’s someone who in many ways embodies power and thoroughly enjoys wielding that power.

History: Julia Molyneux was born to Pierre Molyneux a French diplomat and Constance Brannagh, an English heiress when romance bloomed between the two of them during Pierre’s posting in London. Her mother was very much active in suffragettes movement and since young age she was encourage to forge her own path which led to her becoming part of the first women who were recruited in the armed forces and eventually ended up joining the RAF., flying numerous missions for the glory of the Empire all over the globe. During one of which she lost an eye.

However, as she found out the hard way, all was not as fine and glorious as it was often made out to be and during a particularly nasty mission in Africa in the grand game between world powers that continental wars had become she was simply abandoned on account of orders of the higher ups due to her refusal to bomb a strategic location primarily populated by civilians and instead, she was shot down from the skies for that specific thing.

Crashed and left alone without any of her company and thought to be dead. Captured by the tribes in Rhodesian forests, Julia managed to survive and subsequently make it outside with the help of another person who was captured. The man, Clarence ‘The Ace’ McCarthy was a pirate who invited her to join the crew that he was part of. With her life in the world she had known all but erased, belief in everything shattered, Julia agreed and joined the fray and began to plunder the skies with the crew of the ship The Howling Executioner, then under the control of Captain Dirk Lescott. Ambitious as she was, Julia’s knowledge and ways led to her forming a faction under her own command, resulting in a mutiny in which she became a decisive victor and she has led crew ever since. She was also the one who discovered the Albatross Island, named after the ship that she built after Howling Executioner and has made the largely uninhabited island her personal base of operations.
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