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Started by AngelsSonata, February 03, 2018, 08:13:37 AM

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After coming back from a hiatus, I'm looking to get back into roleplaying. I'm 27, in the GMT timezone and work Monday to Friday and every other Saturday morning. You might not get a response everyday, but you'll get at least four a week, sometimes more if the mood strikes. I don't care what gender you are behind the screen, I'm happy to write with anyone. I mirror my partners, and I'm not a grammar Nazi. I make mistakes constantly so I'm not about to make a big fuss on the odd mistake here and there.

This thread will be updated regularly as ideas strike so keep an eye open.

If you have any ideas, then PM me and we can take it from there.

Please do not post on the thread.



Hunter's prison
MC is a hunter for hire. Vampires, werewolves, any and all manner of supernatural creatures, she will take on any challenge for the right amount of coin. In between hunts, MC stops off at a village, one that is frequented by a countess who lives outside the village. Rumour has it she's a vampire. With no other hunts or contracts, MC investigates the rumour. She encounters the countess. The countess is a vampire, and knowing her new guest's nature and profession, the countess decides to have a little fun with the hunter.

Queen of Crime
Set after the Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC. (Spoiler alert if you haven't played Arkham City) After the death of Joker, things have changed. The worse of the worse have escaped and wars have broken out over who will become top of the proverbial food chain. Two Face, Penguin, Mad Hatter, even Bane is getting in on the action. The only one who hasn't is Harley Quinn. She went mad with grief. When she was arrested after trying to blow up the Batman, she spent a few years in Blackgate undergoing psychiatric analysis. After years of planning she decided on something new. She broke out and has set up her own criminal gang, shedding the name of Harley Quinn in favour of something different (yet to be decided). She wants revenge again, but this time on the person that put her in Blackgate and so goes after her target (either Robin or Batgirl). Instead of killing her targets, she has something different in mind. She's going to break him/her into the perfect sidekick.

Star Wars
So many ideas, so little time. I haven't got many ideas at the moment and I would love to come up with ideas with any perspective partners. Whether it's canon or original characters, I'm open to to a few ideas but my knowledge extends to the movies alone. I'm hoping to start playing KOTOR but that's a different story.

Creating a maid
This is a rather simple idea I would like to do. I'm looking for someone to take on the role of a rich person (whether a male or female character is up to my partner) who would kidnap my character with the intention of transforming him into a maid. Complete physical transformation with the potential for mental transformation as the story develops.

Masquerade Ball
Each year the city (any city) hosts a lavish and expensive Masquerade Ball in which three hundred invites are sent out to the rich and powerful of the city, and another three hundred are auctioned off for charity. Anyone who is anyone will be in attendance. After proving that he has a ticket, my character has agreed to be the plus one for the other. The only difference is that the other character has a reputation as a ladies man, and it would look quite odd to be seen with a man at his side. Thankfully, the gentleman is able to transform my character into the image of feminine beauty.
Long story short, I am looking for someone to play the other friend in this story that arranges for my character to be made over and dressed as a beautiful woman.

Price of fortune

My character is a gifted musician who is looking to make it as a classical pianist. She has no love for rock or pop, only classical. For the girl, her dream is to become a concert pianist. Unfortunately she is unable to find someone that is willing to let her perform and prove herself. Your character; a rich successful business man with financial ties to many opera houses and concert halls and with contacts that could arrange a concert with little preamble. He hears her music and he doesn't just see the potential to become a star, she sees a potential for so much more. If she wants her chance to perform, then she will have to do certain favours for the gentleman. They could be anything. While not completely submissive, the girl might start to see her chosen career in a different light. Will she be willing to do everything he asks for in return to make it big?
(Can be done with any gender pairing. MxF is just easier to write with at the moment.)

Ever growing list of Comic books/Movies/TV series/Literature
Ouran High School Host Club
Devil May Cry
Outlaw Star
Blood: The Last Vampire
Ghost in the Shell
Vampire Hunter D
Princess Princess

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters
James Bond
Fast and Furious
Star Trek
Star Wars

Iron Man
Wolverine (Laura Kinney/X-23)
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Sherlock Holmes
Judge Dredd

Warhammer 40K/Warhammer Fantasy
Tomb Raider
Gears of War


I finally updated the thread after a few months. Still looking for more ideas.



Giving it a monthly bump. Still looking for a Star Wars story featuring Rey and Kylo Ren after my current one vanished.



Updated with two old stories that I would love to do.


Bumping the thread after almost two months.

I'm really hoping to get into roleplaying more so would love to have some more partners involved.