Total SMUT fun (M looking for F)

Started by Heedlessx, February 02, 2018, 03:21:01 PM

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Ok, so here are my quick smut ideas, there are longer plot orientated RP’s that I am interested in but this is just for full on smut and senseless gratification.

The Elven and Human empires have fallen to Ork fury. Their cities and men lay burned and broken in the wastelands of the new world.  YC has just finished a journey deep into the jungles of the Ork homelands.  You have been sold into the service of a tavern at a busy crossroads.  You’ve got two choices; submit to the beastly patrons or get thrown on the fire as the latest roasted meat.

(non-con, dub-con, bestiality, forced, coercion)

YC has made some silly mistakes in her past/present and widespread knowledge of those blunders would ruin her life completely.  Your blackmailer leads you to a rundown porno-shop and puts you in a booth at the back.  You’re not so innocent that you don’t know what the holes in the booth are for….
(feel free to use your own character or face claims or someone from RL)

(heavy dub-con, forced prostitution)

YC has always wanted to try some light bondage. You know, a little bit of being tied up and some fun light spanking. You go for it one night with a guy you’d seen for a few weeks. It was great, it was all you expected it to be. That is until you realise he’s not untying you. In fact he’s getting ready for a long session with you bound and helpless.  There’s also the matter that he’s looking to make some money off of your ass, god bless craigslist….

(heavy non-con here)

PM me if interested or if you think you might want to make a long RP along similar lines.


A couple more College ideas here, just quickies.

The usual drunk and drugged girl(s) getting into trouble at the hands of an unscrupulous fraternity but instead of waking up with a cunt full of cum and a head full of shame you YC finds she is strapped to a bed in the fraternities basement (of course your cunt is still full of cum and shame abounds).

Professors past catches up with her so she has to serve as a slave to the blackmailing fraternity after class.....