My new jumper themed roleplay idea

Started by playfullchick76, January 19, 2009, 06:37:56 AM

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I put this idea in a while ago, but got no takers, so i;ll try again.

In this, i would be an experienced jumper, that lives a good life, but also hunts down paladins, questioning them or just leaving them in various isolated locations, Chernobyl, deserts, places lke that.

If anyone likes this one, you could play another experienced jumper, or a newer one that finds me like David finds griffin.


I might be interested, though you are probably looking for a guy. What kind of rp would this be as far as content that you are looking for?


EHEHEHE I just watched this on the 200 channels.

Jamie Bell is hot as hell.

Uh, good luck~*~  8)
This was the close,
this was the moment.
He pressed the golden metal to his lips
and whispered, "I am about to die."



coolio001, im after either, a guy or girl, it doesnt matter. Just someone with the interest in the movie, and the urge to play out another chapter of it in here. You would find me, gain my trust, and we go hunting paladins together, or traveling the world using our skill, enjoying what our gift can bring us.

as to sex, that can be in it if you want, but did you want to be an expeirenced jumper, or a newer one that i take under my wing, so to speak.