Girl looking for a GM and some challange.

Started by VictoriaFox, February 01, 2018, 02:59:43 PM

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This topic was created because I am longing for some well-paced games. I orginally prefer group games, but these tend to be VERY VERY slow, therefore I started my search for a person to play one on one. I only intend to have a good pacing of the RP (potentially even exchanging more than 7 posts a week, but that's not a rule here).

I am fine with playing by many different means, PREFERABLE real-time stuff. Right now I have forum/ PMs/ Skype / Discord as my possibilities, with the last one being the preffered one.

I intend to play only HUMAN FEMALE characters. I usually prefer to play air-headed characters, or at most with an average intelligence. I can play single character, or - if the story needs so - a group of up to 3-4 females. I wish my partner to take the role of the GM (required) and play all the other characters than mine.

I intend to find challanging scenarios with acion-consequences system clearly visible, and I am wide open for people, who include possibilities of game over and/or permanent elimination of the main characters.

I don't usually do one shots for a quick one or two evening fun. I am looking for longer ongoing projects.

Most of my ons and offs are clearly visible in my profile.

FINALLY, here I am going to list ideas I am curently especially interested in:

Cheap brothel
A young and gullible girl kidnapped to another country to work in a very cheap and obscure whore house and on dirty backallays. She has no documents, doesn't know the language at all. And her new-found pimp is a cruel and selfish guy, who is new to the business and wants to earn big no matter how much he has to make the girls work. I assume he would be a kind of guy, who would never fuck his own merchandise because he would consider them the filthiest sort and would be scared to catch something. He would most likely consider the girls as very easily disposable.

In this project I would love to take it as realistic present day as possible, probably Eastern Europe. I would also like my partner to have some goal or goals for the story set but keep them hidden from me directly (his NPCs may reveal goals openly, but I don't want to be told straigh away if they are honest or not, or whatever). I can also see this project as the most Smutty one from all of these.

Undercover Agent
A girl is accused of being a serial killer's accomplice. It turns out her boyfriend is a part of a big gang and really killed many guys - and she thought he is the one and was about to let him steal her cherry... Although she is not guilty and had no clue about all these things, her prints are left on so many evidences that it would be almost impossible for even the best lawyers to make her avoid at least 10 years in prison. However, police officers see that she is just a simple and naive girl and her innosence seems like a valid option to them. But there is just nothing they can do about the court's decision... unless...

Because of her - now former - boyfriend, she befriended plenty of new people. Many of them are or were suspected of being the members of the gang. Nobody in the departament can be sure which of the suspects actually are the good lead, but the chances that at least one of these guys can let her enter the gang are considered above 95%. Policemen offers the girl to become their undercover agent, who will make it to the core of the gang, and once she learns about all the important names all of her charges will be lifted. The catch is that she needs to decide right now, because if her trials starts, she will be out of their influence. Maybe not too inteligent but pretty and young girl like her doesn't have to think twice. Spending a decade or two in prison is something she can't bring upon herself no matter what.

In this project I can tag along whatever flow the GM might have in mind. We can focus much longer on the girl's search for the actual gang member, or we can move it quite fast into the gang grounds (don't tell me which option you pick obviously). The goal in this project seems quite clear, although I don't mind having additional goals brought upon the heroinÄ™ as the time goes.

Life sim
Something less thrilling as per se, more focused on shorter and longer relationships, friendships, unexpected turns of events. The topic itself isn't the most orginal, I would take on the role of a teenage girl, who comes to a city/village to start her new life, away from parents. Going to part-time jobs, university, parties, pubs, doing hobbies...

I would gladly see this one as an enchanted realistic world. I mean - keeping things as realistic as possible BUT with unrealistic pace. In real life 6 out of 7 days in a week have no chance for something to happen, here we would like as many events as possible to make the life interesting in both good and bad ways.

The city of VORE
A girl is travelling through an unknown part of her country... Suddenly she sees a sign 'Welcome to Voreville' as surprising as it is, she continues on her way, ready to briefly pass through the place. However, in the exact moment she passes through the town entrance, the engine stops and her vehicle starts to shrink rapidly. To her horror, she shrinks with it as well...

The idea of the project is to put the girl in an unusual town with the population of 6-7 thousands, where only native citizens keep their normal size. Everyone else, who enters the place shrinks and can't leave it unles he can be of service to the citizens. And to do so there is only one way: A tiny has to hunt down certain amount of bad people... Generally town has both male and female natives, though I imagine more females are to be expected. Natives have unusual bodies. They can eat regular humans (aka tinies) to expand their sexual body features. Also men are highly infertile, meaning that the Chance of their semen to impregnate a woman is far smaller than 1%. However females can become pregnant by placing a tiny in their wombs and absorbing them. This method is prefered by many women, because it has 100% success rate, and they can actually choose the baby's gender! Most of the citizens are indifferent towards tinies. They USUALLY leave them alone, but they have no love or compassion for them and would probably try to devour them if they found a reason. There are however also two smaller opposite groups: Those who love tinies and try to protect them and these, who would need a great reason to pass on consuming one...

In this project I have a pretty clear view on simple mechanic, which will decide wether the heroine survives or not. Although my heroine would be considered mostly a prey, the game system would require her to hunt bad guys (?) and feed on their life essence to eventually be able to regain her size and leave the town. I will leave the details for private discussion though.

Zombie Apocalypse
Inspired by many similar ideas. I would take the role of two or three high school girls, who managed to escape the horde. They would be found by some newly created post-apo society, where they will need to earn their places... I am not going to get into too many details. Everyone interested in the Zombies most likely knows the drill and knows the idea. I am a sucker for The Walking Dead or Dead State, so going in similar directions can't be a bad sign ;)

Card Game Collector
The region, where the action takes place is crazy about a card game named 'Poke Her' with everyone aiming to gather all 1000 cards for their collections. The trick is that every player gets exactly 100 random cards at start and can't buy any additional one in shop, these can be only taken from other players. The usual way is to win a game of cards, but there are many other ways to barter for cards, or there are even criminals aiming to steal the precious cards from unlucky players.

The thing about the game is that it is exclusively played by male players. There are three reasons:
1. Girls consider it too dangerous, with card-criminals being a serious threat
2. Girls consider it too stupid, taking that cards have ilustrations of naked girls. Why would girls collect other girls' images...?
3. There is a gossip that all the cards used to be real girls. But if a girl gets creampied while being a player by another player, there is a Chance she will become one of the cards and the guy, who changed her will be the only one, who will be able to summon her from the card in flesh whenever he feels like it. Also if a girl is knocked up as a player by another player, she becomes his card with 100% possibility.
But the thing about the game being exclusive for males is about to change... I would take the role of the girl, who decided to be the first ever 'Poke Her' player. As I see it, the game would include some normal players and some quite horny guys (as the cards are sexually themed). The heroine would travel the world in search of the cards, challanging other people, known to have cards she is missing, and trying her best to gather all 1000.

Big Corp
Inspired by the real events of my colleague. The game would be set in some high-paced company. A company that pays people based on their performance with very low basic salary. A company that throws big parties every Satruday, where at every party the managers do their best to brainwash the workers - rewarding best workers, and showing where everyone can get if they dedicate their lives to the company. The 'top' people have girls, money, and everything that can tempt young inexperience workers. A company that tries to swallow reasonable thinking of poor people, who just wanted to earn some living money. A company which is like a parasite on plain people, where you either start swimming along all the trendy and modern society or you naively believe that one day you will reach a decent salary in the company.

I would take the role of a naive village girl, who comes to big city and with no diploma stuggles to get a job. She feels lucky hearing that the company hires basically everyone and decides it's her chance to earn her living.

In this project I would gladly see a big group of cold-blooded money-makers, who will do whatever they need to exploit others and earn money for themselves. A contrast between the winners and losers.

Football Team

Football, the one which is/was called soccer in the USA. I'd like to play a young girl, who is determined to play in a local male team. We wouldn't go world-wide - it would be some competitions and championships against just small towns and so, with relatively elastic rules. The girl would be tallented, skilled and determined, though not too sharp. Oh, and I am fine with a different sport, as long as it's not really an overally girly one.

The goal of this project would be throwing an actually gifted and talented girl into the world where she doesn't naturally belong and where she appears against or possible odds. It would be more about pursuing the success rather than hoping she can lose.

Gang member

A young girl is a sister of one of the influential members of a local gang. They are mostly not killers, even if there were 3 or 4 cases of murders in their long period or reign. They steal - small (muggers, pickpockets) and big (cars, burglaries) stuff, they deal narcotics, they take tributes of most local enterprises, they force women to cheap prostitution (foreigners work the streets and forests, local girls cheap shithole brothels). She always got whatever she needed because of her brother's position and despite doing nothing, expect being bossy all the time, she was considered a gang member as well. Unfortunately for her one deal doesn't go well and her older brother dies. She has no other family or a place to stay outside the gang grounds and to her shock the gang isn't going to keep her as a freeloader anymore. It turns out she will need to learn a 'proper' trade to stay in their ranks.

Although I wasn't myself in such or similar situation as the girl - I grew up in a mafia ruled town where all the mentioned above things were common. The Times are now gone, the town has moved on, but I would like to RP about those past times.


I can basically play one of many discriminated parts. For example, white girl in the black district, a poor Eastern girl in rich Western country, a refugee who can't get back to her own country... The basic idea is to play a girl, who is looked down by most people around, based on steretypes or such. The level can vary, but I think it would be a project, where the heroine has some purpose that makes her stay in whatever place she isand the scenario goal would most likely be set at completing the task. Examples: a half-year intership, laboratory researches as a test subject, etc.


Updated my topic greatly. Added few of my ideas of scenarios. I already started one interesting 1 on 1 game and that motivated me to try and find someone else to rumble ;)

Hope I can interest some of you and by all means feel free to PM me if you're among them.


Another update to the topic. Two more ideas for the RP ideas.


Added two more RP ideas. Although I am doing some nice projects already I am interested in finding another game partner or two. Currently I am mostly fond of using Discord. If you're interested in my ideas don't be afraid to PM me ;)


After some extended period of having troubles with my PC I am back in search for RP partners. Check the main post for details ;)


Added a new RP idea, and still searching for some game partners ;)


Anyone interested in my ideas willing to host the game? Be sure to PM me ;)


Anyone interested in some adventures with me? ;) Please PM me ;)