Is there a place here to have a request thread reviewed?

Started by Icelandic, January 31, 2018, 11:47:29 AM

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Pretty much as the question says. One of my request threads had gotten a pretty good amount of attention, while another one barely got any, so I was just wondering if there was a place on here where I could get a second opinion?

Thank you! :)

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I think here?

If you want to post the links people can give you feedback. Mind you all they can give is their opinions really.
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And always keep in mind that there is no 'right' or "wrong' way to create such threads. They are as individual as the one setting it up, in the end.


There are plenty of wrong ways. I banned a findomme a couple years back. >_>

But the Help! forum is literally for anything, and a number of people have gotten reviews here. : )


Well yes, that's certainly a wrong way.

But I was thinking of formatting, wording, usage of colours and fonts, perhaps adding pictures, etc. Nothing that violates rules and such.