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June 29, 2022, 02:38:29 am

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Author Topic: Lewd pathfinder with kemonomimi!  (Read 485 times)

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Lewd pathfinder with kemonomimi!
« on: January 30, 2018, 05:19:47 pm »
Came up with an idea about theorycrafting an entire resort town of the four main kemonomimi races due to my unhealthy binge listening of Welcome to Nightvale. Bunnies and Kitties and Puppies and Foxes. Complete with a whole social hierarchy, infrastructure, industry, criminal underground, warring city states, and so on. The town is a resort town due to its enchanted hot springs and bath houses, which serves as a base for tourism for other industries to rely off of. The reason why the water is enchanted is that city government managed to catch and contain an powerful Firefox in the mountain shrine in the middle of the city. They drain her fox fire into the mountain spring water as a heat sink to make the enchanted hot spring water, which has various interesting and lewd magical properties.

The brilliance of this is that individual games run in this setting can be run in parallel. So we can have one on one games or three player games inside the city without each groups intersecting with each other. This will help prevent from any one game stalling affecting the progress of another. Of which I can think up of plenty of plots to run off of and based on what the PC wants to do. There is a lot more specifics that I've thought up for this, as this is just the start for various lewd pathfinder plots. Such things as:

-A store owner that makes and sells his own BDSM gear and pet supplies. For all of those in the city that need the latest fashions in sex dungeons and outfits for their petgirls. Having to deal with the complexities of accounting and inventory and dealing with employees and the local catgirl mafia that keeps trying to extort his business.

-A bunnygirl ninja that goes through training and graduates, to be then sent off on secret ninja missions by the city council. Lots of spying and stabbing and spanking to be had by all. With plenty of rival ninja girls to worry about and all of that shenanigans. Could also be a bunny boy ninja or catboy ninja and so on.

-Only virgin girls can cast divine magicks, so a priestess that deals with that reality while doing her job being awesome by aiding the city council in tasks and missions of her own. All the while trying to protect her chastity while taking it up the butt and/or exploring her lesbianism. We're using christian abstinence education here, where taking it up the butt doesn't count.

-A puppyboy that joins the city guard and tries to rise through the ranks while dealing with the criminal underground and getting to spank and molest naughty criminals in an attempt to get them to spill the beans on their friends and all of that fun stuff. Lots of combat and law and order type stuff.

-A foxgirl enchantress that opens a tattoo/piercing parlor to help the local girls with their fashion updates or helping out Master's give their petgirls a new look. Dealing with the same problem as the BDSM store with the catgirl mafia and their shenanigans.