Pokephilia [M seeking F]

Started by Orochimaru, January 29, 2018, 03:19:46 PM

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While bestiality or the like; in this case pokephilia are not my style. I do think my Mudsdale could use a woman's touch. When it comes to pokemon and battles, I know a helluvah lot. So, I would like to try the perverted side of things. So, what I would like to try for this is mind control along with pokephilia. Were our character encounter each other, my pokemon, Malamar uses hypnosis and it's psychic powers to control her thoughts and feelings. She would be fucked by no only my character, but by his pokemon too. Thus, she can be a trainer or a civilian. I have a few preferences on girls and regions. All in all, it is just smut mostly, but if you want to add more and even pokemon battles; I will not object.

PM me with interest; thoughts, concerns or questions.