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Started by Alec Lifestar, January 29, 2018, 03:14:38 PM

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Alec Lifestar

Hello everyone. New year, new story, or so is my thinking here as I entered the new year with some delightful stories, yet also with cravings that had gone tickled without having been completely satisfied in the recent past, and now I finally got around to give it another try to indulge in them.

To sum it up for starters, I am once again looking for a fantasy setting, with a princess and knight pairing and a cross-over of romance and BDSM elements for smut content and some adventure in the story department.

Starting with the setting, I am strongly looking for a low-fantasy variant with a Nordic theme. Think some Viking influences, or Skyrim-ish or Rohan of LOTR. Think vast hill lands, chill winds that make men huddle around their fires and think of the hearths of home, long winters that breed stories to pass the dark hours. Could include a pioneer aspect as in where their kin has arrived only recently in these lands for some reason, and is only now rebuilding their existence there, or could be a long-established culture. Also, at least in general I am imagining a largely (exceptions can be discussed) gender-blind culture that does not prescribe too much of a typical behaviour on either sex, owing to the frontier-like lifestyle that demand everyone do their part. Likewise, I see aristocracy in this setting as not too removed from the common man, with privileges, but close ties to those beneath their station still.

As for the characters, I am looking for what may be a staple for those that already know me. For the female character I’m looking for, I’d like a princess of said kingdom. Heir apparent status is open for suggestions either way, if it need play a part for the plot at all. Personality-wise, I do like a sweet, yet open personality, can be somewhat tomboy-ish, say, as for a certain adventure-prone character. I’d prefer a not too naïve character when it comes to the awareness of physical love, but am fine with emotional inexperience. Appearance-wise, I do like a somewhat tomboyish look again, as in a rather toned than curvy figure, and equally at home in a hunter’s jerkin as in a court robe, probably slightly more in the former.

For my own character, I imagine him a knight of the realm, about the same age as the princess. Specifically, I’d love for a common backstory of them, which usually takes the form of their growing up together before he leaves for his family’s fiefdom to train as a knight, and being reunited with his childhood friend only at the onset of the story.

For the relationship dynamic, and leading over to the kinky stuff already, the lead dynamic I want to be a romance. Fairy-tale, best-friends, high-school-sweethearts (without a high school), so better not click reply if you’re not okay with a fair amount of mushiness 😉. There can be a certain amount of awkwardness, as well as a moderate amount of sneakiness about it, though I would prefer it not go all-out forbidden romance in the truer sense of the word. Some awkwardness is fine as well, but the effort and initiative should be two-sided.
Kinky-ness, as for the dominant/submissive dynamic I’d like to see in the pairing, can then build upon that foundation and can be either completely due to personal preference or can be to some degree be ‘institutional’, i.e. the result of some sort of ancient law, tutelage or remains of gender-specific roles as agreed upon according to individual preference of my partner. For kinks specifically, then, I personally prefer a heavy lean towards the psychological side of BDSM over the physical one, i.e. servitude, mild humiliation/embarrassment and training aspects over punishment and pain.

As for the story part, I am open to various options there. As I do like some world-building, I could see them somehow end up being responsible for establishing a new outpost or settlement if we were to go for the pioneer approach. Another idea would be some sort of ‘coming-of-age (mind, all character age would be 19+ years)’ journey, or some sort of being stranded in the wilderness and having to rely on one another as their relationship is budding. Same could be achieved by some sort of kidnapping story and the following rescue that leaves them fending for their own.
One particular, recent interest there would be some sort of ‘home-building’, specifically, where they would create a literal dwelling for the two of them, such as a log hut, and make that their home, possibly with implied overtones of that being something that is usually reserved for more ‘formal’ couples than they are (yet).

If I’ve piqued your interest, I’d love to hear from you and engage in discussing the possibilities there and see whether we can come up with a story premise that we’d like to do together that tickles both of our fancies! Looking forward to your PMs 😊
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