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Author Topic: Mordheim (me and Ithyiri) IC  (Read 527 times)

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Online Chrisking777Topic starter

Mordheim (me and Ithyiri) IC
« on: January 28, 2018, 02:02:17 PM »
Jinto Skynker was leading his warband of six Skaven. the silence of the Mordheim was unnerving to the rats until they started hearing the sound of battle. Jinto paused and listened then sniffed the air "this way-way." he said flatly. The Skaven had drawn their weapons Thanrin the poison wind globadier had his warplock pistols, the two warp guards had spears and shields at the ready, the three vermin-kin were a mismatched sort with Fetch wielding a dagger and sword, Brazen armed with spear and shield then Itchit armed with a mace and shield. they all wore light armor and helmets except Jinto who drew his weeping blades as they saw the Cult of the Possessed attacking the Sisters of Sigmar Jinto wasn't thinking and threw himself into the fray. stabbing the nearest cultist while his Warband followed suit taking out the cult with speed and ferocity. The sisters were cornered with an inn at their back with the back half collapsed, most of the sisters were down except one who was trying to keep the cult away from her fallen comrades. Jinto and his Warband easily outnumbered them but thought a moment as he held his warriors back. Jinto then flicked his eyes at Thanrin and said "see what you can do for them. no kill-kill" he hissed as he kept his eyes on the one sister still standing.

Thanrin saw the fallen sister things where all still breathing and set to work on treating them with the help of the other Skaven.                 

Offline Ithyiri

Re: Mordheim (me and Ithyiri) IC
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2018, 02:25:45 PM »
Heaving with the effort of fending off the possessed, Ellone re-tightened her grip around her heavy hammer and shrugged her shield up to brace it against her shield in preparation for the next series of blows. Her stance was weakened, but she’d die before she allowed that thing touch Celestanon, the fallen sister she stood protectively over. She tugged the hammer back, ready to swing wide when she heard new commotion on her flank. Her eyes flitted to the side and watched as a wave of Skaven warriors washed over her enemies and began dispatching them.

For the briefest of moments she was thankful to the ratkin, thankful her enemies were being dispatched; such hope washed away when she realized that most likely she traded one enemy for another, a fresher and unwounded enemy. The cultist before her was put down and her eyes met Jinto’s, smoldering with fervent desperation; she would strike if she needed to. But the order to tend to her sisters caught the maiden off guard and her shield slipped from her arm, clattering to the ground. “Why..?” She questioned, still holding the hammer tight.

The remaining sisters were weary, wounded, but they would survive their injuries with some care and reprieve from battle. The cult had been sloppy, dropping the victims but not finishing them in favor of dealing with those still standing. No doubt the finish them all off after the battle had been won.

Online Chrisking777Topic starter

Re: Mordheim (me and Ithyiri) IC
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2018, 04:06:02 PM »
Jinto cocked his head to the side before shrugging and kicking one of the cultist's body. "sloppy. fools to think-want Mordheim." Jinto then ordered his rats to carry them inside the inn as they were out in the open. Each rat helping a sister inside. while Jinto and Thanrin carried the most wounded one with fetch watching the street. once they set Celestanon on a table, Jinto went to check the streets as Fetch had a nasty habit of taking junk and other shiny objects. Jinto saw and of course, Fetch was taking stuff from the bodies and ignoring the weapons and armor. Jinto went up and smacked fetch on the head seeing he was taking worthless stuff again "stupid-stupid, fool-thing. you take weapons, armor, nothing else." Fetch started to speak but a glaring from Jinto shut him up and started gathering up the weapons and armor.

Thanrin in the meantime was doing his all to help Celestanon get to the road to recovery, the others were treated and would be ok after rest. Celestanon, on the other hand, was badly hurt and it was amazing she was alive at all.

Jinto and Fetch returned with everything the cultists had on them and put it in their cart before returning to the inn and parking their cart in front. Fetch then went inside and was followed by Jinto.  Fetch took a seat and and began to sharpen his dagger. he also admired the junk he had collected when Jinto wasn't looking. the two warp guards started searching the building finding alcohol and some food and started bringing some of it to the sisters and their comrades. Jinto in the meantime was keeping an eye on the streets not likeing that they would be lingering here for a while 

Offline Ithyiri

Re: Mordheim (me and Ithyiri) IC
« Reply #3 on: January 28, 2018, 05:10:18 PM »
Ragged herself, Ellone could only watch as the ratmen hurried her sisters into the would-be cover of the inn; it wouldn’t hold well, but it was better than sitting on the streets. When two moved to help Celestanon, she was quick to stagger beside and watch. No answer from what was their leader, but that didn’t surprise her nearly as much as their dedication to helping out. She briefly looked over the others as they were tended to, but kept the majority of her attention on Thanrin and what exactly he was doing to her friend, her leader.

“Ellone?” One of the sisters under the care treatment of the others coughed as she propped herself up.

She pulled away from Celestanon and hurried to the place where Ishina had been laid out and crouched next to her. She reached and clapped the slightly older women’s cheeks in her hands. “It’s okay Ishina, I’m here.”

“Where is Celest...anon?” The elder woman choked on the dryness of her throat.

Ellone’s features went flat and she looked to where she’d been. “Rest.” She turned her attention to the skaven watching over the woman and offered him a nod. “I’ll find out what’s going on.”

When Jinto and Fetch returned, Ellone rose and strode to the skaven leader. “You there, ratkin,” She directed at Jinto, “You’re the leader of this… group?” Her nose wrinkled. “I am Ellone, second in command.” She allowed the formality to end, her shoulders slumping as she looked at the table where Celestanon was, “For now, I speak for my sisters. Why… Why are you helping us?”

Online Chrisking777Topic starter

Re: Mordheim (me and Ithyiri) IC
« Reply #4 on: January 31, 2018, 01:05:41 PM »
Tharin had finished his examination of the leader of these sister things and it looked like he would have to operate on her. When Jinto returned and before he could reply to the sister thing's question. " I got good news and bad news which would you like to here first?"

Thanrin carried on suddenly "The good news is she will live. The bad news is I have to operate there a few arrowheads in her that I need to remove or she will die and to top it off she may have an infection as she getting early signs of a fever. your orders, my lord?"

Jinto started pacing and then turned and said: "no plan B. do it." Thanrin nodded and called the two warp guards and started getting his instruments out as they started opening up her clothing so Thanrin could work on getting the arrowheads out.

Jinto then turned to Ellone "I am not helping you cause I want to. If them chaos-things weren't so sloppy I wouldn't be helping you. I don't mind that they were attacking you but I hate that they were sloppy about it. now tend to your other fellow-things. your friend on the table is in good hands."

the two warp guards held Celestanon down and kept her still as Thanrin got the arrowheads out one by one. after almost an hour on the table, Thanrin was finished and had disinfected the wounds. he was closing them up as one the warp guards put a cold wet cloth on her forehead.

"all done. now we have to keep an eye on her for that fever and hope it doesn't get worse." Thanrin said as he finished up his work. he started washing his hands in a small bucket.

Offline Ithyiri

Re: Mordheim (me and Ithyiri) IC
« Reply #5 on: February 01, 2018, 01:35:29 PM »
Ellone listened in to what this ratkin medic had to say about Celestanon, and worse she had to trust his words because she knew no better, and neither did anyone in her company. Without getting any say in the matter she listened as the order was given to do what needed to be done, which she ultimately agreed with but not so much having the authority stripped away from her. Still what was she going to do? Acting out could see everyone killed in a few moments.

Jinto’s explanations for his actions weren’t in the least bit assuring, and put the woman on edge. She nodded, and then left him be to tend to the others. Her first stop was back to Ishina, whom she filled in on Celestanon’s condition and spent some time getting her comfortable and resting. The older woman responded by spending the time pseudo-napping; next to Ellone, Ishina was the best off.

Next up came the sisters, Galea and Alena. They were forward guard, and both had taken a bad beating, but they’d be alright in the long term. Ellone shuffled across the room to where the skaven were tending to them. She didn’t interfere, but did take note of what injuries they had. Finally she stopped at Lethine, who had forsaken any help from the ratkin, and helped her settle in so that she could rest.

When they were all taken care of Ellone went on her own, sitting in a corner where she could watch and apply what she needed to herself.

After the hour had passed and Celestanon was cared for, Ellone listened to Thanrin’s explanation and she turned to Jinto with a bit of exasperation on her features, “I appreciate your assistance.” She admitted, even if such a thing was difficult. “But what now? We can’t stay here, and Celestanon can’t move. The others, maybe.” Ellone evaluated the situation. “What are you and yours going to do?”