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Author Topic: The Rotten Scion & Other Bad, Unredeemable Men (M lf F,heavy story, dark themes)  (Read 474 times)

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Hello. I enjoy playing men with dark and terribly unpopular views toward the world, but aren't simply stereotypically Disney-level villains. They have biases and motivations, desires and dreams, and aspirations for the future. It just so happens that they're sometimes a little one-sided. See, the trouble with trouble is, it always starts out as fun...

This is a collection of the RP ideas I'm interested in playing.


- Villain dominant character for dark themes. Considers himself the good guy, and the hero of the story.
- Highly intelligent, aristocratic Sin'dorei that has always gotten what he wants. Unabashedly and proudly narcissistic. A slave to satisfying his deliciously hedonistic desires.
- Loves blackmail, breeding, coercion, humiliation, enslavement, forcible entry, rape. We're just.... 'playing.'
- A hardened rapist, conman, liar, and narcissist, but could be convinced to see the error of his ways...

- Prefer multiple, paragraphs. Very descriptive play, with lots of imagery and deliciously salacious details. But let's avoid needlessly pedantic.
- Interesting and alluring plots and storylines. A good background story and setting is like foreplay. Not mandatory, but isn't much better when everything's hot and slick and trembling?
- Be creative, the rape scene in the alley outside the bar is a reliable classic, but stale.
- Call and answer. I prefer playing with each post responding to the previous one and acknowledging the heartbeat, and then adding your own movement that propels the story forward. Too much or too little passivity is unsatisfying... let's find and hit that perfect medium.
- Cooperation. Let's not just railroad a bunch of kinks and throw it all together like a meatloaf. Let's play with the story and weave it together as co-authors, and make it satisfying for everyone.
- Please don't argue about semantics, grammar structure, syntax, or general pedantry. Language is for effective communication, which leads to...
- Be willing to communicate. If you don't like something, say so. I will do the same. And let me know if you love something!
- We are having a good time telling a smutty story and exploring an adventure. Please don't be, or make it weird.

The Rotten Scion

Born of immense means to a noble and ancient household, Saber is the favored and lone son of the Sunstrider family. As the last remaining scion of the family tree, his upbringing was spoiled rotten, with his every desire catered to and satisfied. It was an idyllic life as the young Saber learned political subterfuge and manuevering shifting allegiances. Governing came easy, as the youth found a natural affinity for dispensing orders and commands. Eager to heap honors and privilege on his young son, the elder Sunstrider gave Saber his own commission in the calvary, and a large manse on the outskirts of town with his own staff.

However, the maturing Saber soon found he had a distaste for martial honor and bravery; rather, he enjoyed watching his foes driven before him, their towns and villages sacked, their women raped and enslaved. War was only a means to an end, and that end was having others under his thumb, forcing them to acquiesce to his every desire. He soon discovered the allure of women, much to the dismay of the city. There was no mutual respect, or romance, or courtship. He used them to slake his desires, ruining them and their chances for marriage, as he brutally raped and seeded bastards all across the socialite scene. Yet the power and prestige of his family ensured that his reputation was always of a spotless, genteel, well-groomed heir to the Sunstrider name.

Is it possible to grow bored of an unending line of scared and cowed women, picked in their peak of ripeness to enjoy at his leisure? Of having his subjects and vassals quivering in their boots as they're invited to a banquet, and told to bring their daughters? Saber would tell you no... but there's no denying that at the bottom of his black heart, something yearns...

Out of the corner of your eye...

You catch a glimpse of the dashing young Sunstrider male out of the corner of your eye, discreetly glancing your way when he thinks you aren't looking in his direction. A gorgeous specimen of masculinity, tall and handsome even for by this establishment's impossible standards... you watch as the small circle of high class socialites closes around him, wine glasses in hand. His piercing emerald eyes twinkle with devilish mischief as the circle erupts into laughter... and suddenly, his brilliant green eyes dart towards you. His lips spread into a wicked smile as he catches you looking, dimples forming in his cheek as he gives you a sly wink. You can't help but feel an urge to drift your eyes downward, eyeing his strong, virile body, apparent even underneath his evening garb. He possessed a powerful, sculpted musculature that wouldn't seem out of place on a statue displayed prominently in Silvermoon. Your eyes flit back to his eyes, still watching you with amusement... as if he knows you were mentally undressing him. He places his glass on the table as he walks towards you, a coy grin forming on his lips...

You've heard a lot about him already... this was the type of blood elf your mother had warned you about. You know he has no moral qualms about using his sharp tongue or stunning looks to get ahead, and when that fails... his conscience wouldn't blush at the notion of forcible entry. He was more powerful than he was wealthy, and, judging by his exquisite outerwear, he was extremely wealthy. You know he's had his pick of the litter for as long as you can remember, tearing his way through harems of beautiful debutantes, leaving nothing in his wake but broken hearts. Rumor had it he's grown weary of the typical young socialite women that fold too easily, crumbling like dust in his firm hands.

You can feel your heartbeat racing, your hair standing on end as he draws closer, every detail on his gorgeous face coming into view, a mischievous smile framed by high cheekbones, long, dark hair cascading down to his shoulders.You can even smell his masculine fragrance...

Every shred of logic in your body tells you to run, run far away... but tonight, there are far more powerful forces dictating your choices. You try to remind yourself of all those reports of young women, their cocktail dresses torn down to their ankles, bruises covering their exposed bodies, left unconscious in the park until the next morning. But he had never been convicted, no matter how many times he was accused! Your mind wanders to all those tabloids you couldn't help but quickly glance over in the marketplace... but the headlines still lay emblazoned in your mind.

"...When Push Comes to Shove, He Loves to Bite..."

"...A Masterful Lover, or a Savage Rapist?"

"...Three Ladies Who Tried to Change Him and Failed..."

All those lurid details, all the smut fit to print... you can't help but wonder what is true and what is fabricated. He bites, loves being bitten... hard. There was something incredibly erotic about the thought of him tracing the tip of his warm, coarse tongue along your hot, sweaty skin, surrendering to his strong, powerful arms wrapped around your body. More than once has he been accused of being so gripped with passion, he grabbed his woman by the shoulders and roughly shoved her up against a wall, pinning her frail wrists with his hardened, muscular body, grinding lewdly against her soft, feminine curves... Just the thought of a woman that would resist him, squirming and thrashing in his grasp, wrestling against him, biting and kicking... You decide you can't just close your eyes and melt to his every desire... however much it sets your imagination aflame with all the delicious, tasty possibilities. A mental image sneaks into your mind, his hot, thick juicy cock twitching in the air, a devilish expression on his face as he looks longingly into your eyes. You can feel the throbbing tension in the air, how badly he needs his twitching shaft buried deep inside your hot, moist little pussy, a fistful of your hair wrapped around his hand as he jerks it back, groaning as he slowly sinks himself deep inside, every inch of skin on your body tingling as you feel yourself slowly submiting to his savage style of seduction...

You unconsciously lick your lips as you see him standing across from you. You can change him... you are the woman that will turn his life around. What will you say?

Related ideas in the same setting:

1. The Arrangement -- Saberoth's fiery days of ravaging loose women and chasing tramps is over -- his noble parents are threatening to cut off his money if he doesn't marry the sensible, innocent girl they've chosen for him. He begrudgingly meets her at the altar, but little does she know what's in store for her...

2. The Seductress -- The Silvermoon bar is Saberoth's favorite haunt, and he's made his way through several of the women there already. But one day, a mysterious new face appears, and he can't help but be captivated. See the RP description above.

3. The Ride of the Silvermoon Brigade -- War threatens the city, and desperate times calls for Silvermoon's playboy to be drafted into a regiment of blood knights. He finds himself drawn to the feisty hellcat of a sergeant in his company, her commanding personality vitriolic to his...

4. A New Pet -- Saber's taken up the fashionable hobby of collecting exotic pets. Of course, no ordinary snake or ferret will do. He craves the most dangerous plaything, and what is more dangerous than woman? He'd put on his hunting leathers and summon his courtiers for a grand safari. They'd track through the wilds and forests, in search for an especially elusive prey. Or perhaps through the winding streets and narrows of the city, searching for the perfect specimen to add to his collection. Of course, as a newcomer to the hunting profession, his ideas of taming a pet are quite... crude.

Other ideas, different settings:

1. A New Bride --
Having won a vicious and protracted war against an Elven kingdom, a human prince is eager to exact retribution against his enemies. After razing the Elven capital and woodlands and enslaving its populace, the merciless warrior takes a beautiful Elven princess as his new bride. Knowing that she was the spiritual and ceremonial leader of his enemies, he is determined to crush her will and bend her to his perverted desires. He has her bound, blindfolded, and caged in front of her people and marched like a filthy mongrel to his base camp, where he intends to ravage her to the dull night glow of her smoldering city.
Breaking the defiant princess will involve plenty of violence, beating and slapping, savage and brutal rape, chains, collars, and plenty of filthy language. I'm looking for a princess that can struggle, thrash, and fight back without submitting easily.

2. Screamer --
He had been following her performances for the nearly three years. He watched as she went from a fledgling singer in a garage band to a celebrity songstress. He was entranced with her soft, honeyed words, the way her melodies made his heart lift. He lived to hear her beautiful, sultry voice. Then the day came when he learned she would appear in concert in his town. He had everything planned out. That night, she wouldn't appear at the venue. She'd be crying and whimpering, chained to his bed post. He'd defile her until he heard her sweet, delightful screams echoing in his room. He craved to hear her whimpers, her sweet sobs as she begged him to stop. The delightful shriek as he buried himself inside her. He'd rape her until the only words on her tongue was his name.

3. The Demon's Bidding --
A magess, bored and lonely on a rainy night in her tower, summons a handsome incubus to keep her warm for the night. Little does she understand the demon's seductive power, ensnaring the cocky girl's mind with his sly tongue, bewitching her with his honeyed charms. Believing she controls the demon, she becomes intoxicated by her demonic lover, who satisfies her mind and body in ways no mortal ever could. Like an addict thirsting for the demon's heart-fluttering embrace, she's surprised one day when he withholds his charms. She must perform the demon's bidding in exchange for fulfillment. Slowly, the demon turns the magess into his pawn, slowly at first, until he becomes the true Master.

4. BDSM Gone Wrong --
She had responded to his ad, finding his strong, dominant personality attractive. She was naive and innocent, and eager to taste life as a submissive. Her world was quickly turned upside down when she moved in with her new Master in an isolated woodland cabin. At first, it was everything she dreamed of: mind-blowing sex, obedience, complete surrender to a powerful man. But then she had doubts as he began beating her, forcing himself on her, cutting off communication with the outside. She tried to leave, but he wouldn't have it. She was his prisoner now, psychological as well as physical as he abused and shackled her, brutally raping and violating every night. She was nothing but a cheap, disposable toy to him now...


5. The End of Days --
It's the immediate aftermath of the most devastating all-out war the world has ever seen. Cities and countries have been completely and utterly decimated, reduced to irradiated and diseased smoldering ruins. Any semblance of governance has collapsed, replaced by strength and ruthlessness. In the days immediately after the cataclysm, the scores of survivors try to band together, attempting to find shelter, food, water, and safety in the desolate wastelands.
But one survivor in particular has trained for this day his entire life. He is ruthless, merciless, and the most prepared with a stocked underground shelter. He isn't quick to share his bounty, however, his priority to kidnap enough women to repopulate the world. This time, in his own image.
This is likely going to be a very dark and gritty RP that involves ruthless gangs, brutal rape, rampant violence, bondage, enslavement, and risk of pregnancy. Being very descriptive and being able to play more than one character is a plus.

6. The Changeling --
One of the crew on a deep-space research station has been infested by a parasitic alien. The alien is able to transform between its alien form and its host body, retaining all of its human attributes such as memories, speech, and reasoning. The station's own version of HAL alerts the scientists to the intruder, but they don't know which one of them is the parasite. Terrified, they band together, clinging to their weapons as misfortune and chance slowly separates them one by one...

7. The Inner-city --
A nice, young pretty little thing, probably in her early 20s, has a flash of inspiration and decides to open an inner-city dance school to provide troubled youth an outlet for their aggression. She's a feisty and confident little thing, with just enough bite to talk a good game, but she's wholly unprepared for just what life in the inner-city is really like. The local gang enters her life easily enough -- an after-hours offerance of 'protection'.
But as they learn just how soft the little beauty is, their demands grow larger and larger by day, until they have no problem humiliating her in front of her students, groping and fondling her in her costume, until before long she's splayed lewdly against the glass of her front window, her hands pinned over her head, her screams and bawling silent to the neighborhood crowd gathering outside, watching her pained, weeping expression as she's violated in broad daylight.

8. Hell --
Sentenced to an eternity of hellfire and brimstone for her crimes, her first introduction to the underworld is being ferried across the molten caldera, to the walled city of Dis. The fallen angels guarding the city walls are expressionless as they admit her into the metropolis of sin, where heretics, blasphemers, seducers, and thieves congregate. The denizens are quite eager to sink their teeth into the fresh meat. With nowhere to escape, there is no solace in Dis, except to venture into the lower depths, where unspeakable horrors await.