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Author Topic: Seeking Taboo Themed Relationships (Open to All)  (Read 787 times)

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Seeking Taboo Themed Relationships (Open to All)
« on: January 26, 2018, 05:51:47 pm »

-I will be playing Male Roles - I am seeking partners of any gender for Female roles.
-I am looking for quality of posts, in the 2 - 4 paragraph range.
-The more open to kinks, the better!
-For more details on plots/pairings, please PM me!
-For games with multiple characters, or M/F/F+ I would also be willing to do a plot leaning F/M/M+ for fairness.

-Additional ideas can be found in my ON/OFFS

Plot-less Pairings:
Father / Daughters Friend
Boyfriend / Girlfriends Mother (or Sister)
Girlfriend / Boyfriends Father (or Brother)
Wife / Younger Male
Bride / Grooms Father (or Best Man)
Groom / Maid-of-Honor

Code: [Select]
[b]Plot Name:[/b]

[b]Plot Synopsis:[/b]

Plot Name: Conquering the Family
Seeking: Sisters + Mother

Plot Synopsis: Andrew had a family fetish. Being the youngest of 4, and the only boy, it couldn't be helped! Despite his genuinely shy, nerdy demeanor, all of his sisters were smoking hot like their mother. He wasn't really sure how he fit into the family and very much felt like the black sheep of the family. While each of his sisters had had more relationships than he had fingers, he still had never had a girlfriend! Where his sisters were beautiful and charismatic and outgoing, he was shy and reserved and spoke few words. Of course, all of that was about to change!

His room was next door to one of his more outgoing sisters. He had taken to jerking off while listening to her getting hammered by her latest boyfriend. But tonight, tonight was different. The house was mostly quiet late at night and another boy sneaked in to her bedroom. Andrew could hear some moans before he heard some shouting, clearly some sort of argument, and a door slamming. The guy had left. He heard his sister calling out a few times before she fell silent.

After a while, Andrew decided to check in on her. He opened the door to find her bound to her bed, naked, aroused and blindfolded. He debated what to do and decided to have a little fun. If he only touched her a little and didn't say anything, she would think it was her boyfriend and no one would ever know! Of course, touching led to more and he soon had his sister moaning. [Further details to be discussed, including how the other sisters and mother get involved!]

Plot Name: The Babysitters Club
Seeking: 16 - 21 Year Old Girls

Plot Synopsis: Richard hadn't gotten any action in quite a while. His wife had gone frigid on him and was not interested in sex any longer. They had arguments more often than not these days and even the babysitter was sensing the tension between them. Out late again, Richard and his wife return home. His wife, partly drunk, goes straight to bed, leaving him to deal with the babysitter. The girl had always found him attractive and saw that he needed something tonight. One thing quickly leads to another and they end up having sex on the couch, and again in the backseat of his car once he drives her home. Its mind blowing, for both of them, and she assures him he still has the mojo - and she has some friends who would benefit from experiencing it too! [Looking primarily for the babysitter, but also some of her friends with varied experience who would benefit from NSA sex with an older man]

Plot Name: The Family Pet
Seeking: Teenage Daughter - who can't say NO. She will have sex with all the males of her family, even potential for gangbangs etc.

Plot Synopsis: Sarah is the youngest of three siblings and the only girl. She is generally shy and quiet though has developed into a beautiful young woman. She has never had a boyfriend and frequently visits her Uncle, who lives just an hour away. She has always liked the way he treats her and they seem to have some common interests. Once a month, she even spends the weekend with him, staying in his spare bedroom while they play video games, D&D, and other geeky things.

This weekend, she arrives early, and catches her Uncle in the final throws of fucking a college-aged girl. She had no idea he was seeing anyone - because he isn't...her Uncle has never married because he enjoys sex too much to settle for one person. He has long had a thing for Sarah as well and asks her if she wants him to treat her like he treated that girl. And Sarah says YES...because she has always been a pleaser and can never say NO to anyone.

Plot Name: The Sexual Exploitation of a Married Woman
Seeking: A married woman with a seedy past

Plot Synopsis: Mrs. Carter never thought her deeds done in college would come back to haunt her. Now in her 30's and a well established teacher at a local High School, she is shocked to find an envelope on her desk. It contains pictures of her from her college day, in lingerie, nude, and, well, having sex. There was even a thumbdrive with a video of her doing some pretty depraved things with a guy in front of other people! Her husband would die if he knew about such things.

She is even more shocked when she discovers her blackmailer is one of her students. She is soon enthralled, however, rediscovering her sexual side, revealing her true desires to her younger lover, before embarking on a sexual odyssey she had only ever dreamed of in college!

Plot Name: The Exchange Student
Seeking: A Young, Naive, Trusting Japanese Schoolgirl

Plot Synopsis: Richard led the Student Exchange program and always had the most beautiful foreign girl stay with him. He always picked ones that had trouble with English and no state-side connections. And that was so he could take full advantage of her, exploiting her sexually for his pleasure. If she was really good, he would share her too - with some of the other teachers who were very familiar with his exchange program and what it really meant.

He always started out slowly, from touching and kissing - secret rules that no one talked about, and had to be followed in his house or when he commanded them - before working towards groping and actual sex on a regular basis. Of course, it didn't just happen in his home. He took advantage of her at school as well, sneaking around, getting off on controlling her. Some of his former exchange students, years later, would come back and visit him, missing the way he had treated them. Who was going to be his next Japanese Schoolgirl?


A College-Romance/Sexual Exploration Game. Two college students who start dating, both relatively new to actually having sex. They will be exploring each other, their kinks, social media, angst/drama. Other elements can/will compose of: public sex, risk of being caught, porn video, cheating/adultery, first time, etc
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Re: Seeking Taboo Themed Relationships (Open to All)
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2018, 02:06:33 pm »
The Exchange Student

Richard loved teaching history to high school students. He loved opening their eyes to what he considered were important events and people that had shaped the world into what it was today. Richard also loved the foreign exchange program at the school and had eagerly signed onto it. He lived in a modest house and was single, so having a student stay with him for the course of the semester or year (depending on the program) was really no big deal. Besides, he had always had a thing for Japanese Schoolgirls. Their culture made them very subservient, almost like the 1950's Housewife image in the United States. Plus, having sex with them was always amazing!

Richard was part of a select ring of teachers who enjoyed fucking their students. It was a little harder to pull off with the local students, but the foreign exchange...well, being in a foreign country, unaware of its customs, and with broken English, it made the girls very easy to seduce or coerce into sexual relationships. There were always 3 or 4 of them at the school and the teachers would hold a special party for them at the end of each month, usually involving a night of group sex with them.

Suki was one such girl and had been the one chosen to live with Richard, a man old enough to be her father. Everything was so new to her that it was easy for him to convince her that what he was doing to her was right, not wrong, and was expected. She had been raised to please men, to become a good wife that saw to the attentions of her husband once she got married. Living with Richard was like a test or a learning experience for her. While she thought it was unusual to be kissed on the lips by him and to share his bed every night, he was her elder and knew about these things. She thought that the sex would only happen in his home, but since she was a student in one of his classes, she saw him during the school day too. And the party at the end of the month left her head spinning as she was passed from man to man and watched her friends being treated the same way.

DETAILS TO BE DISCUSSED. Looking for a meek, submissive but kinky Suki. The main focus will be 1x1 sex, but there is plenty of room for gangbangs and bukkake too.

My Brothers Wife

Andrew had loved her from the moment he had met her. She was the perfect girl. Beautiful, smart, intelligent, witty. She was everything he wanted in a girl. Of course, she didn't pay him any attention. She didn't even see him. But she was in college while Andrew was in High-School, the 'bratty' younger brother of her boyfriend. He had grown up always watching her. As he got older, she did start to notice him, her relationship with his brother getting more serious.

Of course, Andrew was soon in college and his own girlfriends, but he was always looking for her clone, the perfect girl, his own Sarah. Sarah and his brother, Richard, were in love of course. A few years after they graduated college, they got married and Andrew was heartbroken. Any chance he had had with Sarah was certainly gone out the window. But it did allow him to get to know her even more, making him realize just how perfect she was even if she was 3 years his senior.

But Richard wasn't good for her. He was a serial cheater. Andrew knew. Sarah found out, of course, but Richard - always the charmer - made amends. It hurt Andrew, knowing how his brother was treating the perfect girl. Andrew wanted to take her away from Richard, to show her how a man should treat a girl like her. And with the holiday season upon them, he was going to get his chance.

They were spending Christmas at his parents which meant that Andrew had to drive to the airport to pick Sarah up. Richard was unable to make it and would be flying out a few days later - rumor had it that he was spending that time with his 22 year old secretary instead. Sarah knew it and knew that this was going to be her last christmas with the family, a family she had grown to love. But Richard was a serial cheater. She wanted to start a family and he wasn't interested. And she knew deep down that he had had many affairs over the past few years.

Emotionally distraught, the snowstorm that hit just after she landed meant that Andrew and Sarah would be sharing a bed in a motel on the side of the highway, waiting it out. Perhaps their emotions and hidden desires would finally get the best of them afterall...

Something Old, Something New

Andrew loved Sarah. She was beautiful and quiet and very innocent. They had been dating for a month now and she had finally gone down on him. It was nothing special, but she certainly put the effort in. Then she asked him if he ever watched porn...he reluctantly admitted that he did and was surprised when she asked if they could watch it together. So they did and Sarah began to mimick what she saw, going to town on his cock while watching the porn. It seemed to work and she made him cum in half the time as before.

This became the thing to do and they started to get to it once his parents left, only for his parents to return a short time later. They asked to see what movie they had been watching and turn the TV on. Andrew had thought he had closed the porn but realized to his horror that he had not! The porn resumed playing and his parents went down and sat on the couch, starting to watch it. And as they watched it, his mother started to fondle his father! He was so embarrassed!

Sarah whispered into his ear that they should go sit down too. So they did and soon Sarah was fondling him. Then his mother pulled his fathers hard cock out and Sarah did the same. When his mother slid onto her knees and began to give head to his father, Sarah once again followed the same actions. As wrong as it was, it was also pretty kinky, having his cock sucked by his girlfriend while his MILF of a mother sucked off his father!

DETAILS TO BE DISCUSSED. I got this idea from a kinky literotica story I read. There are a LOT MORE DETAILS to go over in this one.
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Re: Seeking Taboo Themed Relationships (Open to All)
« Reply #2 on: February 07, 2018, 08:35:34 am »
Reactivated one idea, added several new ideas.