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Author Topic: Borderless Hedge Knight (M for F)  (Read 681 times)

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Borderless Hedge Knight (M for F)
« on: January 23, 2018, 07:43:05 PM »

The Borderless Blade Dane of Kent

Freedom... Few people in this world are truly free. The Peasants are enslaved by poverty, and ignorance, the Merchants by Debt, and Commerce, Nobles by Legacy, and Duty, even the King is trapped by his Responsibilities to his people. It is only a man like Dane, a Bastard born of a Noble House that is truly free.

His father was Hubert de Burgh the Earl of Kent, a honorable man of political power and wealth. His mother a simple farm girl who met her liege and gave herself to his desires. As a result he was born, Lord Hubert a pious man saw the baby as a form of penance for his physical weakness and ensured he would not grow to be just another ignorant peasant. A rich track of land was given to his family and tutors provided. Reading, Writing, Math, Astronomy, Sword play, Riding, and Hunting, all the trades a member of the Gentry would need, but along with it was a heavy dose of humility. The constant reminder of what he was, and where his place was. His elder Noble Born brothers having already reached manhood paid little heed to the lad that their father had whelped indifferent to the education provided.

His Grandfather while a illiterate farmer was a keen businessman, he ensured the wealth gifted to the lad was well placed and well spent to support him and their family. When gifts were sent from his father they were inturn sold to enrich the farm, and secure Dane's future. On his father's death at 16 Dane was the First to swear fealty to his elder brother John, returning to his Farms as were his duties.

It was only a short time after that his Grandfather passed away leaving control of the now rich farm to Dane's mother and a deep well of money for Dane to draw up. His grandfather knew a Farmer's life was not for his grandson, nor was the path of a Priest as many other High Born's Bastards tended to do. No instead a fine blade was bought, a modest set of armor, and a sturdy horse. His grandson would be a wanderer, a hedge knight, he would be free....

It has been 15 years since he set out from his farm, and his life has taken many turns, fortunes, friends, enemies, births, and deaths. He has walked on the shores of France, through the forests of the Holy Roman Empire, Kissed the ring of a Cardinal who would be pope, bathed in the River Jordan, prayed at the Hill of Calvary, and sailed upon the Nile. He has been a Hero, A villain, a pilgrim, a scourge, a soldier, and a criminal... He has been free.

SL Ideas
1) Fresh on his journey across the lands he stops at Pevensey Bay the landing of William The Conqueror to pay homage to history's greatest bastard. While there he meets a fair maiden upon the beaches.

2) The French village of Rambouillet outside the Forest of Yveline has been under siege. The wolves of the forest have ravaged the lands and mauled it's people unchecked. Dane newly wandered into town sees an opportunity to help and enrich himself in the process. (Various people in the town that can be played)

3) Times have been hard for Dane, having lamed his horse, run out of funds, he is at his wits end on what to do. So now he preys upon travelers on the roads of France, Spain, and Italy. A Highwayman, a thief, a brigand, and a bandit. In the process he has gained a following and uses them as a lord. Undoubtedly he didn't expect in the start of his journey that he would be a Bandit Lord. ( Lots of ideas here, be a victim, be a ally, a hunter, a rival!)

4) Dreams have haunted Dane for months now, premonitions of danger and redemption. Finally he sees that he must leave his life of banditry and make a Pilgrimage to the Kingdoms of the Holy Lands to atone for his sins. Now he serves as a penitent servant to Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. ( Be a Nun, a noble in at service, a commoner, a Muslim, even a pickpocket.)

5) Dane has served for over 2 years within the Church and feels he has atoned his soul from his sins. After a bath in the River Jordan and a Prayer at the Hill of Cavalry. Dane goes to return to his people he had left to lead them away from Banditry and save their souls. Sadly on his return his friends, his woman, and their child had all been found by the local authorities. Their long dead corpses hanging from the trees. Now Dane prepares for vengeance. His soul be damned. (Be a survivor, a new face, an enemy, or better yet the wife of his new enemy).

6) Vengeance having been satisfied Dane sets forth on his journey once more the Holy See and Rome his new home he serves as a sword for hire among the many men of power within the city of vipers. (Be one of the many developing powers of the Italian Cities as the world slowly begins it's Renaissance, be a representative from the various Kingdoms seeking the goodwill of the Pope, be a member of a Secret Society for the Papacy who knows exactly who Dane is.)

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Re: Borderless Hedge Knight (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2018, 12:08:01 PM »
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