Looking for a writing partner ((F and M))

Started by EnchantedDream218, January 23, 2018, 04:54:36 PM

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I'm looking for one partner that's willing to write with me and someone who I can feel comfortable with. It's been about a year and a half since I wrote anything and I'd like to find someone who I can feel comfortable with. I'll be willing to give this my all and post back each day. My time setting is Eastern time. We can always manage to work it out where we can meet up and work together to make the storyline work. I have a few idea's inside my head and as of right now I have one storyline inside my head.

I'll need someone to write as a male character as an alien hybrid. He falls in love with a female and never knew anything about love before. So he's sort of clueless on what to do and doesn't understand the basis of human emotions. Slowly his heart begins to open up with the woman he falls in love with and the love making is very intense, to shocking since he's capable of controlling her emotions through touch, kiss and knows exactly what she's thinking about.

She finds him to very handsome, interesting, weird and mysterious. The more she hangs out with him she can't help herself to want to see him more. Ends up following him around outside of School and wondering what kind of things he's up too since he's not like most males at her School.

Time Setting: High School. It can be in any year you'd like. Just talk to me over pm's about what time period you'd like. It has to take during High School years since it's the peak of both of their sexuality and when they both discover themselves.

I'd like both characters to get to know each other before anything sexuality happens. I love the storyline more than anything. Please talk to me if you'd like to discuss this storyline with me and like to add a few more things to it. I'm open to work with you.

Alien Hybrid: Tall, handsome, quiet, mysterious, dark eyes, dark hair. Tries out for sports to try to hide the fact that he's different from the outside world. He;s drawn to her. She's a kind human and unlike the other humans at the School. The moment she helps a kid up, he immediately falls in love. However it's very hard for him to show her. So he studies Sex and reads Erotica novels. He's placed on earth to see if the world should be destroyed or not since humanity is starting to crumble. Once he meets her, he has a change of heart and wants to save her from the world destruction and the cruelty around them both.

Main Female Character: Quiet, Beautiful, Blonde hair, blue eyes, short, shy and enjoys reading novels in the library. Deep down she has sexual urges, but keeps them hidden from society. He awakens her urges anytime he's around her and finds herself thinking of him in many sexual ways. At night she hears a humming noise not realizing it's him trying to communicate with his race. Often wears very classy and elegant clothing and modest. Falls in love with the Alien Hybrid when he looks deeply into her eyes and a overwhelming affect impacts on her since his eyes are able to pick on brain waves and chemicals in the body.

One Image I found for the Male Alien Hybrid ((You can send me another one if you'd like.))

Female Image I found for the Main Character ((We can use another one if you'd like.))

Please pm if you'd like to roleplay with me! :)

My List=)

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