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Author Topic: AdmerWills RP ideas. (Update 1/21 11:50 PST)  (Read 710 times)

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AdmerWills RP ideas. (Update 1/21 11:50 PST)
« on: January 18, 2009, 02:48:40 AM »
Incesty Goodness (in play)

You've been dating the nicest guy for years, high school sweethearts destined for marriage. He's handsome, smart, funny, a lot of what your looking for in a boyfriend, well at least he's 1everything that you want to want in a boyfriend. He's also very religious and thinks that the two of you should save each other for marriage, he even thinks that masturbating is "cheating god".It was only a couple of months ago that you cheated, you met an older guy, it was a one night stand, but he tied you up, hog tied you, spanked you untill your bottom was blue, then fucked you silly, you cried for days over it... but the strange thing was you weren't crying over the cheating or the pain... but rather the lack there of.

Over the past few months you've been looking at other outlets, other ways to express this new found sexuality of yours playing on the internet, and even went to a BDSM party, with a fake id that you had your brother made for you, claiming that you wanted to go to an 18 and over rock show. You made a few internet dating profiles and began to live a double life, not relay thinking about its consequences, simply "knowing" that you will grow out of the bdsm thing soon, and the wonderful boy that you love will marry you and never be the wiser.

I am a Nerd, a Geek, a dweeb, but I'm fairly athletic, I play football, I'm on the cross country team, do track ect... but am definitely a nerd, a couple of years older then you, and in college, having decided to stay local because the programs I want to go to are all available here and most of my friends decided to stay as well. I've had the occasional girlfriend, nothing very serious, it's only relay been recently that I've discovered my sexuality.I am a Dom, sexually. I'm not exactly the most Alpha male in society, not meek, not cowardly, but definitely willing to negotiate, talk things out, and not be overtly demanding, but, in my sexuality I want a total slut to do my bidding and love me for it.

Something that I was very conflicted about until recently, one of my friend's who happens to be a girl and I were talking and discovered this about each other, after the obligatory me hitting on her, and getting the "too much like a brother response", she pointed me in the direction of some books I learned a lot about he sociology, and terminology of it, and came to terms with my erotic imagination not having a lot to do with my real life persona.One day I'm surfing the Internet, and I discover your alt profile, while searching for someone to have fun with. Its you, it's a photo of you, and your even bound in it, a self tie, a stare at it a long long time, and even send off an email to it, not as me of course, and get a positive response to my profile that no longer has a face shot of me.

The next day, Friday , I'm surfing the Internet again, doing some research on my feelings and everything , my doors open, you walk by and see that I'm looking at your profile, you go to your room scared .You think and debate, and panic for the hour before dinner, it's quiet and awkward, but would be any way since tonight happens to be the night that mom and dad are heading off for a week long second honey moon, the two of us stand awkwardly in the living room until I hear the car pull away "Sis... I need to talk with you.."
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Re: AdmerWills RP ideas....
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2009, 09:09:07 PM »
The Pool. (Cheating BDSM Forbidden/impossible love ) (in play)

Tom Loved work. It interested him endlessly that people would pay him as much as they do simply to Consault them on manners that he always found some one inside the company that knew more then him about. He would show up after a referral from one of his former employers.. go to meetings.. and find the complaining smart guy , the one that had a three ring binder filled with things that needed to be fixed.. befriend him , sort the petty crap from the real issues.. and blammo.. Done.  His entire job was to do what his manager should have done years ago.

This case though.. This one has a lot of departments.. a lot of facets.. but he also has more then a year to come up with a report.. He sets up his new office.. gets settled into the Apartment. Small as always ... fairly bare, saving money. If this job Goes well he might just be able to retire at the ripe old age of thirty.. he smirked whenever he thought about that. On the outside, and at work he appeared much more successful then he is even.. driving an European Sports car.. specifically a lotus that looks a lot more expensive then it actually is.. as well as "Italian" suits hand forged made in Hong Kong. 

He did have a realy good eye for decore and quickly emptied his office over the weekend with no one around.. put in some bamboo floring that looked real enough to pass muster.. hung some drapes.. and put up enough bookshelf from ikea and a nice enough desk to make his office stand out amongst the others, stylish and smart.. even chose the right TVs that played the standard business channels.. liberal company, liberal town.. Bloomberg and MSNBC... He was in early wanted to make sure he parked close to the elevator. the bright red sports car screaming at everyone... Yeah it was going to piss a few people off.. one of them would probably come bitch him out about how much the company was waisting on him... and hed have his guy.

It was 9:25 A.M. when the first came in.. he smilled, and took notes listing carefully to everything he said " Let me just go over your points to make sure ive got them all" he would always pretend to miss one... and make a joke about i thought there was something else before getting into questions.. got his email adress.. handed out a business card.. smiled.. and researched the guys litney.. making sure to send an email as soon as there was enough to... but this was odd.. another one came in... one after another.. there all saying basically the same thing .. there all on different teams even.. Soon its lunch time... well close enough... And dicides to head off to the slave market.

He always called it that the Secretarial pool... no were on earth would you find more submissive people almost all of them smart.. just here for whatever reason.. and those reasons just so deliciously nudging them to the life style . He loved it, and he loved them all... Walking in he was instantly struck by the varriety that this market offered.. over there were the perky popular ones... they got emotional and would sometimes let the boyfriend know to hurt him... too much of a pain in the ass... Ohh.. a gothy one those are always fun... a couple of mature ladies... but definitely sexy... walking through the rows.. barley hiding what hes doing.. looking them up and down.. judging them.. but more judging what theve chosen to do with what they have.. much more important then anything... wanting one thats already involved.. not wanting to fall in love.. wanting perhaps a married one this time.. not break up the marriage.. but perhaps give her a year of sexual abandon a few hours a day... perhaps one that never got to sow her wild oats... a Milf... perhaps.. then I notice You....
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Re: AdmerWills RP ideas....
« Reply #2 on: January 18, 2009, 11:55:25 PM »
clock work Keys (steampunk goodness... options) ( open)

He labored over her for nearly 18 years, since he turned 18. not all day every day, but little by little... studding the work of other masters, the clock work apprentice began shortly after he started his apprenticeship .. hed built other machines before.. some for war.. some for use.. even a couple intelegent machines before.. but nothing of this complexity , her skeleton was made of bronze, highly polished, she had skin.. heated .. it even surved a purpose.. oil from her motors would run under the skin and radiate out.. she wasn't covered.. no far from it just some parts.. on the front.. parts that he hoped she would allow him to touch. Yes he could build her to simply serve.. many had before him.. but he intended to give this clock will... it hadn't been done in generations.. but he found the right turning chain.. and it looked right... it was from the sirens house.. an artifact that he placed in her mind as one of the many many routines... he polished her gears.. some silver, some copper.. showing through many parts of her... he ran the test chain through her one last time.. perfect.  taking the.. well i suppose you could call it brain.. it took up more of her than anything put the perpetual motion generator and ran most of her body with its complex actions. locking it in place ... he takes the eyes.. not wanting them to be in place till just before she would become... hopefully alive.. placing them in then putting on the wig.. and covering her in a leather sheet.. having given her a sense of modesty.. I start to raise the platform .. disconnecting the temporary power.. to start to wait for a lightning bolt to activate you.
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Re: AdmerWills RP ideas....
« Reply #3 on: January 20, 2009, 04:35:52 PM »
Revenge of the MILF (very open)

(Fem Dom, switch Milf)

She was divorced. It was a long and embittered divorce, one that was always coming but no one would have suspected a five year legal battle over the division of assets. Sure   early on she tried dating a little but it always seemed the same old things she knew she was looking for something different, something exciting . Her son was still in high school, but had mostly older friends mostly in College who would be over quite a bit and now that the house was fully hers, they would be over quite a bit more . One boy was always particularly helpful, and hung out with her in the living room.. yeah he was duing the internet thing with all the others downstairs.. but he seemd to legitimately enjoy her company.  Soon things in the basement begun to get serious as the group of friends started landing a couple of programming contracts.. and in weeks turned it into an office .. They were all over quite a bit.. getting projects done, and working like a well oiled machine . One night she gets a little drunk, and is more then a little horny.. her vibrator just isnt doing it for her right now...  and she wants to be in control, and she needs it now.
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Re: AdmerWills RP ideas....
« Reply #4 on: January 20, 2009, 04:46:45 PM »
Back from spring break, very broken. (un)  (open.. and unsure about)

His little angle turned out to be a slut. He didnt mind , in fact he was happy for her in many ways, getting to live a life more closley resembling what he had wished for himself. She was much younger then he was when he became aware that she was active, though he never pried into finding out the circumstances. He never chasitised her for during the fun things that she like to do.. only things she failed to do, she was free as long as she kept up with her chores and her grade. Even gave her a bit more of an allowance and made sure that she had any contraception available to her that she was willing to use. She went off to college, and remained close, even as He and her mother got a divorce, It was a planned one, we didnt stay together for our daughter, But with her gone. there was just enough missing that we decided to go our own ways . The parents didnt even get lawers involved and for a wile shared the same house, but then mom took a job in Europe and got involved in a world wind romance over there.  It was her sophmore year that it happened, she was in mexco over spring break. She would have given herself freely to avoid what happened, but thats not what they were after. Her mother visited the hospital several times, but she remained in a comma for that period. IT was months later that she awoke hooked up to equipment in her old room. ITs not like in the movies.. awakening is slow.. and you don't relies whats going on for a wile .

Hours later dad comes home, she can here him. the first thing he does is come and check on his little girl, he sees her moving "Amber!" and rushes over, kissing her cheek.. tears in his eyes "your awake"
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