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Paladins wants... a new try

Started by Paladin, January 17, 2009, 11:42:35 PM

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Greetings Everyone. I am looking to join agame but I don't really know where to start. I have played Normal Roleplaying games but these have tended to either had the sex blacked out or PG-13'd so this is rather new. If anyone is looking for a new player that they don't mind giving a few tips to then Pm me.

I'm up for anything super Herosih or dark heroish.


Ok I need a better List

Angel x Demon

Angel/Demon Hybrid x Female

anything Vampire.


Also I have no idea what I am. I guess for now you could label me a switch.


You're best bet would be to read through some of the posts of those who already have some actual games laid out, and see if you might join them, or, write up a bit more detail for your own suggestions, that might enable someone to have a better idea as to what you're looking for, and what YOU want to play.
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Also it might be worth writing up a list of ons and offs. You can see them in a lot of people's signatures. Mine or Aysleen's for example. This will let people know what you're interests are and help judge if they'd be compatible. Have a look at some and see what sort of things people mention, it'll help you construct your own list.

Finally, an important thing to specify is what gender combinations you're looking for. Are you looking for a male-female scenario, or would you prefer male-male or female-female? You should also mention how you feel about people playing characters of a different gender to their real life gender.

This way, people who look at your thread can know if they should bother applying or not and it saves them from wasting their time if you're not interested in playing with someone of their gender.

The more specific you are, the more responses you'll receive.
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I have a small list of O/O but I'm fairly open to most stuff I probably do need to sit down and think on that though.


Ok things added to my list I'd like to try.

Angel x Human,
Demon x Human,
Vampire x Immortal.
Dragon x anything else.


I suppose I wouldn't mind helping you get into things here.  Take a look at my search thread:  Sweet Seduction and see if there's anything you like.  If there's not, we can always work on something with the pairings you've put up.
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I would suggest getting a little more in depth.  Not only here in your roleplay requests, but your ons/offs as well.  I would be more than willing to help you, but for the fact that I'm not on often enough. 

Perhaps also a roleplay sample would help?

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Ok I am finding that there is not much I won't do, or that I don't like

I found some new ideas for scenes.

Android x Human
Assasin x Target


Ok another Idea I'd love to try.

An Alien princess is told she must find and marry a being that is not of her race. Reviewing the species she can pick from she finds a race from a small backwater planet called earth and upon further investigation decides that they will be the species she picks her prince from. She observes the planet and its people finally picking out one human to take as her's. Then she has to go about figureing out how to get said human.

I of course want to play the human.

This RP is now open again.


Ok After playing Halo Three and getting both endings I think Cortana LOVES the chief. I want to continue the fight that ends after Halo 3. The last scene you see on the legendary ending is the part of the ship they are on heading for an unknown planet. What if theres still something out there to fight and a whole nother story to develope both in combat and between the two of them. What if Cortana or the AI gained access to an andriod body at some point? I of course want to play the chief or chieflike guycause he's just a complete Badass.

I would actually love to do something similar to the halo series and novels but with its own characters.


Hmm how about a..

Woman xBeasty
WomanX Lycan
WomanX Vampire

or something of that sort. Any male creature will do.
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Hmm Ican do a vampire or Werewolf. I've done a couple of Vampire situations but never been the vampire in them yet. Its your choice mylady.


Another Idea I had. A Paladin who has lost his love due to a terrible sickness end up losing his faith and hope. He wanders the land for many years in a  great depression as a broken hero. One day he saves a Woman from something Evil and she travels with him. She falls in love with the Paladin but he can't see beyond the sadness he still feels. It will be up to the Woman to bring him back to the light in any way possible.


What a sweet idea.  :)  If you can't find anyone to play it with you, I'd be happy to try.
I'm feeling a little bit better!  I might not post with the frequency I used to for awhile, but at least I'm not as bad as I was.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Ok Folks I think I'm finally ready to try the whole Student/Teacher bondage thing. I ofcoures want to be the student and I'm looking for a Female teacher. Is anyone interested? This could be any mix and race thing as well. I like Vampires and Fantasey so possibly enen like a sucubuss for a teacher would be really naughty.


Ok I had another idea while working at the comic book shop this morning. Theres a teeage boy who has had a rash of bad breakups and so he has lost all intrest in the oposites sex. On his 18th birthday he is given a present by his grandfather. He is told to keep it safe and guard it well. Opening the present he finds an amulet. His grandfather tell him he is the next in line to be the guardian of the amulet and what it suposedly contains but he is not told what it is the amulet contanis within its dark red depths. One day the amulet is cracked in a fight at school. The teen is heart broken for it was the last thing his grandfather gave him before he died a few days later. He heads home late that evening after bascketball practice. On the way he feels like he's being watched and followed. Something creeps him out and the normally unafraid teen runs for his life only stopping when he makes it home and to his room. He prepares for bed as normal but when he gets out of the shower theres a red haired woman waiting for him. She has batlike wings. She explains she is the queen of the sucubi and was locked away in that amulet by the teen's ancestor many thousands of years ago. The crack allowed her to manifest in the real world but she can't be free unless hebreaks it completly. She thinks the teen is cute and will give him whatever he wishes if he will just free her.

Suddenly an Angel apears and warns him that if he breaks the amulet he will unleash the queen to do whatever she wants unless the boy can reform her, but the queens says all she want to do is go home where she belongs. Who will the confused teen believe, and will he hold out agains a sex demon who's determined to ultimatly make him hers, but can't really do anything to him unless he frees her more. What will the demoness do when she finds that her advances to not interest him because of his past and all he wants is a true friend. Can she change her ways for a mortal or will they both be lost?

This one is open again.


Ok Folks, I'm gonna start throwing up RP ideas here again just to see if I get bites. If I do YAY! If I don't Oh well.

Vampire RP. I love Vampires weather Modern, or Fantasy... No Twilight Vampires... I don't do sparklie.

AVATAR... Either events during the movie, or Maybe set soon after. Human and Native relations, Interrealtions... ect. Workable on this one.

I will add more to this very soon.


how would you feel doing a vampire rp with me?  I think we can come up with a few ideas?

Perhaps vampire x human female  or vampire x vampire

let me know :)
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