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June 24, 2021, 01:05:43 am

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Author Topic: Magicals Ideas (M for F)  (Read 540 times)

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Magicals Ideas (M for F)
« on: January 12, 2018, 06:35:34 pm »
I've had my eye on you...

Sarah (16 - 18) had lived her whole life next to her best friend, Rachel. Their families were best of friends and they often went on joint family vacations together. Some people even thought Rachel and Sarah were sisters given how much time they spent together, to the point of being able to finish each others sentences and thoughts. They slept at each others houses all the time, especially during the summer. Their birthdays were also a week apart as well so they often had joint birthday parties. Of course, their parents were best of friends as well and would often have dinner together during the warm summer nights over a BBQ.

Richard had watched Sarah grow up right alongside his own daughter. He had watched her blossom into a beautiful young woman and the innocent flirting of prior years had taken on a whole new meaning. Over the past year, the sexual tension between Richard and Sarah despite their age difference had been growing increasingly hard to ignore. Richard was starting to see Sarah as an object of desire and not just as another daughter. He has noticed the way she looks at him, the way she seems to dress for him, the lingering touches...

Sarah, of course, has long harbored a crush on her friends father. She has seen the way he has been looking at her lately and has found herself dressing to draw his attention and enjoying every moment she has with him. She has always dreamed of him being her first even though she knows its not a realistic dream to have - he is happily married and her second father after all! But a girl can dream, can't she?

It all comes to a head one day. Richards family has a heated pool. Even though the day is cold, the sun is shining and the girls want to soak in the hot tub and swim in the pool. Sarah gets Richard to rub lotion on her lithe body. That night, Sarah manages to snag the spot next to him on the couch, cuddling up against his larger body as things get cold once more. What will happen next?

DETAILS TO BE DISCUSSED. Looking for someone to play as Sarah. Ultimately, the events led to a very illicit affair to the two. How does it change family dynamics? How do they sneak around? What happens on vacations? And how long can it really last?

Yes Sir, Uncle Sam!

Sarah (16 - 18) had always been the shy, quiet type of girl. She did well at school and would be considered really smart if she applied herself even more. It seemed like she was just doing enough to keep good grades but not draw any undue attention towards herself. She was the same socially too - a small group of friends, but no boyfriend, wearing loose fitting clothes that didn't draw attention towards her from teachers or boys. She was the proverbial fly on the wall, always watching and aware but rarely partaking.

This summer her parents had sent her off to live with her Aunt and Uncle. Getting her away from home, they hoped, would open her eyes and make her come out of her shell more. Her Aunt and Uncle lived in a nice, quiet neighborhood near a lake, so there were plenty of activities for her to get involved in and potentially even get a summer job. Her parents were also hoping that she'd meet some boy who would help break her out of her shell as well. No one would ever have thought that it would be her Uncle.

Sam and his wife had never had children. For the last 10 years, they had had an open relationship - Sam's appetite for sex not having diminished with age, his wife understanding that she can't please him all the time. So far it had worked out with no complications or hints of jealousy. Sam went to pick up his quiet niece from the local pool, seeing her in a bathing suit for the first time. As conservative as it was - and unflattering as a one piece was - he saw that she was hiding a hot body under all those loose clothes.

From that moment, Sam started to press his boundaries with her. His touches lingered, he kissed her increasingly on the lips, he allowed himself to be seen getting out of the shower. She never seemed to push him away either. It only made him bolder, to the point where he would fondle her breasts while they watched TV together, french kissing her with his tongue. How long before she would give in to his ultimate desires?

DETAILS TO BE DISCUSSED. Looking for a bookwormy/shy/quiet/nerdy teen Niece.

My Brothers Wife

Andrew had loved her from the moment he had met her. She was the perfect girl. Beautiful, smart, intelligent, witty. She was everything he wanted in a girl. Of course, she didn't pay him any attention. She didn't even see him. But she was in college while Andrew was in High-School, the 'bratty' younger brother of her boyfriend. He had grown up always watching her. As he got older, she did start to notice him, her relationship with his brother getting more serious.

Of course, Andrew was soon in college and his own girlfriends, but he was always looking for her clone, the perfect girl, his own Sarah. Sarah and his brother, Richard, were in love of course. A few years after they graduated college, they got married and Andrew was heartbroken. Any chance he had had with Sarah was certainly gone out the window. But it did allow him to get to know her even more, making him realize just how perfect she was even if she was 3 years his senior.

But Richard wasn't good for her. He was a serial cheater. Andrew knew. Sarah found out, of course, but Richard - always the charmer - made amends. It hurt Andrew, knowing how his brother was treating the perfect girl. Andrew wanted to take her away from Richard, to show her how a man should treat a girl like her. And with the holiday season upon them, he was going to get his chance.

They were spending Christmas at his parents which meant that Andrew had to drive to the airport to pick Sarah up. Richard was unable to make it and would be flying out a few days later - rumor had it that he was spending that time with his 22 year old secretary instead. Sarah knew it and knew that this was going to be her last christmas with the family, a family she had grown to love. But Richard was a serial cheater. She wanted to start a family and he wasn't interested. And she knew deep down that he had had many affairs over the past few years.

Emotionally distraught, the snowstorm that hit just after she landed meant that Andrew and Sarah would be sharing a bed in a motel on the side of the highway, waiting it out. Perhaps their emotions and hidden desires would finally get the best of them afterall...

Sister Knows Best

Sarah (18+) loved to have sex. The only problem was that guys just didn't seem to know how to give it to her right. It was frustrating, never getting to cum having sex, or having boys not interested in 'returning the favor'. She soon found that porn and toys were her best option of getting off as they weren't greedy for their own attentions! Then, one day, she accidentally saw her younger brother jerking off in the shower. His cock was huge - easily the largest she had ever seen - and it got her to thinking. Something that size would always feel good and as far as she knew, he had never even hooked up with a girl before.

Andrew (16+) did have a solid 10 inch cock, but he was socially shy and awkward. He had few friends and no experience with girls beyond porn. He had to admit he found his sister attractive and had had jerked off to her having sex with guys in her room before. He had even fantasized about her as well. He had no idea she had seen him naked or jerking off in the shower. He also had no idea about her plan so was surprised when she came into his room and offered to teach him how to hook up with girls. He had no idea that SHE was to be the test subject!

It started off simply at first - kissing and making out. Then it progressed, to touching and feeling up. He was far too aroused to refuse her when she pulled down his pants or when she lifted her skirt. He wasn't allowed to stop until she came either. And his 'graduation' present from her 'school of teaching'? Well, losing his virginity to her!

[A lot to be discussed with this one - the sister will be the assertive one until she breaks him out of his shell as she teaches him how to please her. But then he will turn the tables and exert his dominance over her, and the knowledge of her need for him and his package.]