Twisted Fairytales (F for F or M)

Started by Kamiki, January 12, 2018, 04:44:33 PM

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Just a quick search thread after having been away for most of december and new year. Though I still have two important rps to respond to this weekend, for now I'm looking for perhaps one or two additional partners to kickstart a few ideas.

So to give an idea of what I'm looking for. Primarily I'm craving a few fairytale stories and looking to give them a new, darker spin, involving drama, twisted content and emotion. I'm aware fandoms aren't everybody's cup of tea, especially when it comes to innocent stories and fairytales, but lately I re-discovered my muse for them and I'd looove to rp in any of these universes. As far as my limits and roleplay information go, I'd like to refer to my O/O thread though I'd like to note that while I have a tendency towards darker stories they are by no means mandatory. I'm perfectly happy with a more vanilla story as well.

Also, as a disclaimer, underaged characters would either be aged up sufficiently, or the story itself would be set in a futuristic timeline to start with.

So concerning my ideas, here are a couple suggestions. I'd prefer playing the female heroines in any of my suggestions, and intentionally left my partner's role open so you can decide yourself what you'd enjoy playing most. Though I'd be more than happy to discuss and brainstorm of course:

- Anastasia (Probably my favorite Disney movie ever, lots of options here, either during the stretch after Anastasia's family was killed in the rebellion and she ended up in the orphanage, after when she meets Dimitri and travels to Paris, or even after that when the grandmother refuses to see her and Dimitri betrayed her, leading to her ending up stranded alone in Paris and having to make do on her own somehow.)

- Mulan (Lots of options here as well, though the best options would likely either be during the war if her side is losing, or afterwards when she has earned her reputation as war hero leading to glory hunters starting to chase after her. Or even something vengeance based with the huns.)

- Jungle Book (Maybe giving it a spin of my character being a female Mowgli who grew up in the wild as more of a wild child and has her first contacts with civilisation, like meeting an explorer or hunter or such.)

- Pocahontas ( Here I'd be interested in either playing Pocahontas herself or just depict the general setting of the settlers landing on the shores of native territory)

- Peter Pan (Perhaps my character could either be one of the lost children, a female Peter Pan herself, or a pirate girl of Captain Hook's crew who feels herself drawn to Peter)

- Cinderella (Various versions of this exist, but the one I'm referring to is the 1973 one, one of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen. If anybody is familiar with this and willing to do a story based on it, I'd absolutely adore that.)

- Ghibli's Princess Mononoke (Also a fantastic movie, lots of options here. I'd love to play San, either while she is still a feral wildchild near the start of the movie, or perhaps later on during the war or something along those lines. I'm sure there'd be plenty options.)

- Ghibli's Spirited Away (The basic idea I have for this is Chihiro returning after several years to find a world which has drastically changed from how it used to be. Though I don't really have many specifics beyond that.)

- Astrid Lindgren's Ronia Robbersdaughter (Another of my bigger cravings, a number of options here as well. Perhaps set after Ronia takes over her father's Robber gang, or perhaps something involving the law and feudal lord in charge of the area hunting after them, or just a focus on the Robber life itself)

- Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist (Here I'd love to play either a member of Fagin's gang, somebody like Nancy, or Bill Sike's thief companion)

Stories without proper plots yet:
- Lion King
- Incredibles
- Alice in Wonderland
- Beauty and the Beast
- Snow White
- Great Expectations
- Nausicaa
- Totoro
- Howl's Moving Castle

That's about it for now, pretty basic I know, but hopefully I can find somebody interested. ^^"


Ghibli's Spirited Away

Chihiro returns to find the bath house and ends up in a magical contract to serve once again.  Unfortunately for her the bath house is under the sway of a tyrannical being who's perverted leanings attracts supernatural creatures for services other than a simple bath. Yubaba is now little more than a joke, serving drinks in the bath house strip bar.

Forced to survive in this new world of dark desires Chihiro will have to buckle down and work but will she be able escape or somehow return Yubaba to her former glory?

pm if interested.