Another Life Is Strange request. Looking for Mark Jefferson.

Started by Old Lady Willow, January 11, 2018, 06:09:17 PM

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Old Lady Willow

Aright, as much as he angers me, I admit that a very big part of me is charmed by this guy.

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So I'm throwing my line out there. Is there anyone interested in playing him for a good old fashion manipulation roleplay? Or even just a short and chilling scene in the Dark Room?


First: All characters involved will be over eighteen, no exception. I am not willing to go any lower than that.

Second: Understand that Mark Jefferson is a very dark character. While there might be 'soft' moments in any given roleplay(in fact there should absolutely be soft moments, that's the backbone of manipulation), while he might even 'grow attached' to the other character, I am by no means looking for a romantic story. Remember that Jefferson is an evil man, and I do not want him to fall in love or change for the character you're playing against. Any relationship with this man is going to be unhealthy by nature, and I want that to be understood and taken seriously.

Third: I really don't care what your actual gender is.

Otherwise, I'm very much open to ideas, but here are a couple plots that come to mind to get the juices flowing.

Idea One


After the death of Rachel Amber, Chloe is frantically searching for her missing lover and friend. Jefferson notices her poking around the school, and chooses to intervene. What he finds is a very angry and very lonely young woman who has no one to rely on, and who is very unhappy at home. He decides to get himself another pawn by offering his time and care.

We can either focus on the relationship itself and end the story once it's formed, or we can go for something more long term and get into what happens when Max eventually shows up.
(Without time powers. Let's not cheat.  ;) )

Idea Two


A similar plot to the first one, but with the Chloe story the focus is how Jefferson is preying upon Chloe's need for companionship. In this one he'll be focusing on Max's need for approval and her desire to impress him.
This one I'll have to insist involve not just the formation of the relationship itself, but it's downfall as Max discovers who and what Jefferson is.