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June 29, 2022, 10:38:21 am

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Author Topic: Tastefully Perverse {Lit Switch F for M}  (Read 876 times)

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Tastefully Perverse {Lit Switch F for M}
« on: January 09, 2018, 07:28:52 pm »

Hiding in Plain Sight
You are awfully pretty to be a pirate, aren't ya?
Life on the open seas presents a chance for freedom and prosperity that is not easily found on land. Especially for a woman. Except, pirate ships aren't really safe or welcoming for women either. That is unless she didn't look like a woman...

Other ideas, if pirates aren't your thing: Revolutionary War soldiers or sheriff of a Wild West Town.

Hell Hath no Fury
I want to take everything away from him.
A mob boss' wife is tired of being mistreated. Whether it is the late nights, the endless cheating, the drugs, and drinking or even abuse, she doesn't want to put up with it anymore. But she doesn't just want to leave. No, she wants to take everything from the man, to see his empire crumble before his eyes. She wants him to hurt. So, teaming up with either an investigator/detective (either private or cop/FBI) or possibly a rival mob boss or one of her husband top lieutenants, she sets out to destroy what he has built from the ground up.  It's a dangerous game, and someone is going to get hurt.

Across Eternity
We will meet again.
Reincarnated romance, in the vein of  Hawkman/Hawkwoman from Legends of Tomorrow, or preferably Fei and Elly from Xenogears. We can either play out each incarnation of their romance, or leave them to flashbacks, and focus on the most current one.

Variant 1: One of our characters is immortal and spend their time seeking the current iteration of their lost love. This plays out a bit more like Strahd/ Tatianna from Ravenloft, but it can be romantic or dark, I can go either way.

Is it a blessing or a curse?
A young and extremely devout priestess/nun is manipulated by a well respected older priest into sleeping with him under the guise of worship. Unexpectedly, she does in fact come into contact with the divine during the experience. From there, various groups would be competing to cultivate her gift, which can vary from the wealthy patrons of the city requesting something in return for their sizable donations, the priest introducing the nun the hierarchy pf the church, to earn accolades and promotions, or the royal army seeking God's Favor in the coming war.

Church inquisitor
Confess your sins.
My character is accused of witchcraft and/or heresy. Your character is an inquisitor who is rather adept at getting his confession. I am expecting some rather brutal sexual torture as YC M.O. I would prefer that all torture utilized is sexual in nature, to some extent.
Twisted Camelot
The king is a good man, but not a good ruler. His queen is devoted but unhappy. The knight knows how to solve both of these problems.
A dark twist on the King Arthur/ Guineviere/ Lancelot love triangle. This can play out in several different ways: A jealous and ambitious knight wants the power that the king has, and the woman on his arm.

Or we could go the Lady Macbeth route, where the Knight and Queen are already involved in an adulterous affair, and she encourages him to kill her husband so they could be together and she can rule.
Or we can start before the marriage even begins. The knight is in charge of bringing the King's betrothed to him for the wedding, but he decides he wants her for himself instead. From there it's an elaborate ploy to win her affections and turn her against the king before she marries him.

Think about what you are giving up
After breaking up with her long term boyfriend, a young woman is having a night out with a couple of close male friends. An evening of drinking and dancing gets a bit out of control, with the trio heading back home together to help their friend get over her relationship by getting under one or both of them. All in good fun, right? Then the boyfriend is back in the picture, trying to repair the relationship on bended knee with a proposal. So the woman gives the elationship one more chance, but she can't forget the incredible night she spent with her friends. Nor will they let her forget, as they continue to tempt her into more and more depraved acts, awakening her to her promiscuous side. Can she stay loyal to her fiance? Does she even want to? This rp could stay lighthearted and fun, or get into some rather dark areas, up for brainstorming.

Desire and Deceit
Didn't you know that Drow politics are dangerous?
A drow matriarch falls out of power when she is unable to birth a daughter. Years later one of the women responsible for usurping her position decides to take her son as her mate. How does the son respond to this traitor? Does he help her in taking down the rest of the women who usurped his mother, or does he try to bring her to ruin?

Or something else with a Drow Domme and the perilous politics of the underdark. Not picky. I love Drow, I love politics, and I am willing to play the domme.

Second Chance
Do you remember who killed you?
The prince is killed on the eve of his coronation, but, anticipating such an outcome, arrange to be resurrected in a new body before hand. Returning to the kingdom with a new identity and an outsider's perspective, he begins to investigate the murder. The current suspect is his lover, and the head of his personal guard. Can he clear her name and find the real killer before the rest of his family meets the same fate?

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