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Author Topic: Blue Angel (Superheroine-Looking for Dom/GM--Action/Superhero)  (Read 5194 times)

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Blue Angel (Superheroine-Looking for Dom/GM--Action/Superhero)
« on: January 17, 2009, 03:11:28 AM »
Name: Danielle Cunningham
Aliases: Danny Odyssey, Blue Angel
Age: 24
Height: 5'11"
Build: Athletic/Supple
Hair: Blonde, straight, curly, wavy...all depends on the day.  It normally hangs down to her mid back.
Eyes: Dark brown
Skin: Milky, with a slight sunkissed tan lines.
Typical Clothing: Typical clothing is hard to pin down for Danielle.  Being in the pornography industry often has her wearing spandex.  Outside of work, though, she'll be far more willing to wear tight jeans and a tight top, or leathers if she thinks she might be going clubbing.  Most people remember her for her roles in the films as superheroines, most people are used to seeing her in spandex.
Costume: Blue Angel wears a royal blue bodysuit that seems to meld in with her boots and gloves.  A blue, latex mask is worn over her features to help disguise just who it is that hides behind the mask.  The suit itself is a little more durable than spandex, to the point of stopping blades and bullets (though they still hurt).  The suit itself doesn't appear to have seams or zippers and fits to her body perfectly.  There's support for her breasts, and while it fits like a second skin, her nipples, camel toe, and buttocks are all smoothed over so that the suit doesn't appear painted on.
Orientation: Bisexual.  She doesn't mind sex with men or women.  However she tends to enjoy the company of women, especially other superheroines, rather than men.
History: Danielle didn't grow up in a particularly wonderful home.  Her father is a famous pornography producer and her mother is an actress in the same industry.  Her mother was never particularly famous, though people knew of her here and there.  It's not that growing up in such a home was necessarily bad, it's just that Danielle found herself constantly watching other men flirt and have sex with her mother.

To her parents' credit, they tried to shield Danielle from the industry as long as possible, but when she hit puberty and started to fill out, well they decided the best course of action was to show her how to have safe sex.  Show her instead of tell her.  It's not that this method was particularly horrible, but it led the young girl to hate pornography for a long time.  She wished she could have a normal family, though as she got older she realized she coudln't escape it.  Boys would ask her when she was going into the family business and she'd have to respond.  At the time it was "No way!", but as she got older she did also start to see the appeal in her parents' jobs.  Now, being their daughter, there's no way she could go work for her dad (that's just gross!) so she moved across the country to another studio.

Danielle could have been an A-list Hollywood actress.  At only 19, a year after starting in the industry, she found that money was readily rolling in to her bank account.  Nothing wrong with that certainly!  The plan was actually to do this for a while then head to Hollywood and pick up actress jobs here and there, able to support herself off of residual income for a long while.  However as her fame grew in the adult film industry, she found it harder and harder to leave it.  Eventually she started writing her own scripts, and even added a direction credit to her resume.  Danielle Cunningham had become top dog in the industry in just three short years.  Just at the age of becoming legal, she managed to surpass even her parents' studio.

Danny Odyssey (her stage name) had quickly become a success of gargantuen proportions.  The young woman's income was topping ten-million a year, her studio doing far better than that, and she was making Hollywood-grade productions for the Adult Film Industry.  To her, when she was nearly 22, disaster struck. 

In hindsight becoming a superheroine never was a disaster.  It just...was hard to comprehend.  The powers that be decided it was time that a crime-ridden city needing a superheroine.  Only, after you've been in superheroine porn for nearly four years you see superheroines as super sluts.  Becoming a heroine was something of a severe adjustment for Danielle.  Whatever higher powers there are saw that she still had a heart of gold.  Still could see right from wrong, and still had the ability to take those views and enforce them.  She gained the ability to turn into Blue Angel. 

It's an ability that comes in a lot of handy.  For one, whomever sees her transform instantly forgets the woman that transformed.  Giving her complete anonymity, even the mask protects her identity.  Only not in the typical way, most are used to seeing her with a mask, but this mask somehow is able to make people lose focus on her face.  They can see her just fine, it's just that recognition never triggers.  The next helpful thing about the suit is that...well she can transform.  No matter if she's walking down the street, driving home, or even the one being mugged, she can instantly change into Blue Angel with a mere thought.  Finally it gives her five times top human strength and speed, meaning she can run around a hundred miles per hour, and she can bench about three tons, and squat around six.  This makes lifting small cars a breeze.

Over the past couple of years Danielle, or rather Blue Angel, has found out several things about being a superheroine.  For one, it's time consuming.  She's had to delegate some of her studio to other resources, but in choosing well she's actually finding that she needed to do this long before now.  The studio is even branching off into non-pornographic directions, allowing her to play superheroines that don't get defeated all the time.  The second thing about being a superheroine that she's learned is that she IS, with no doubt, going to get groped.  She has large breasts, flat abs, a nice ass, and all around body.  The muggers, though molesters and rapists especially, have a hard time keeping grubby hands off of her.  Even still, she's finding that it distracts them for long enough that she can kick their asses all the faster for it.  The third thing?  There are such things as supervillains.  Supervillains might want anything from raping her, to killing her, to just robbing banks.  She's stopped them all, and gotten kidnapped very few times.  Fourth, there's a thrill in being in a tight costume and kicking ass.  She knew there was a thrill in getting her ass kicked (in a controlled enviroment) but she never suspected that she would find kicking badguy ass so thrilling.

Friends: Tyler (Christina Milian), Erika (Beyonce), Jackee (Meagan Good).  All three work with Danielle and are incredibly close friends.  These three even know about Danielle's secret of being an actual superheroine.  Eventually these three will become Teal Angel, Violet Angel, and Yellow Angel respectively.
Family: Jeffrey Cunningham (Father), Lana Cunningham (Mother)
Occupation: Porn Star. Actress. Director. Producer.  Owner of Odyssey Films.
Income: $10+ million/year
Abilities: Danielle- Transform into Blue Angel.  Blue Angel- Can bench 3 tons, lift 6 tons over her head (throw up to 4), and run about 100 mph.
Skills: A-List Actress.  Fighting expert.
Darts- Her suit isn't impenetrable, in fact darts or needles can slip right through the thin material and into the flesh beneath.  For Blue Angel, these normally contain anything from aphrodisiacs to knock out drugs, to poisons meant to kill.
Gas- She has no gas mask as Blue Angel, which means she can be chloroformed, or otherwise dosed with gas to achieve a goal.
Injest/Topical Poison-Same as the above, except these apply to pills or something slipped into her drink (if one can convince her to drink), or something that can be rubbed into the suit/her skin.
Blunt Force- While bullets and blades will be stopped, the blunt force from said objects (or fists, bats, chains, whips, pipes, etc.) Still hurt her as it would a normal woman.
Unmasked- She's somewhat famous and her mask only protects her identity so long as it's not removed.  Once removed anyone can recognize her...

Danielle Cunningham (Danny Odyssey) AKA Blue Angel

Arch-Nemesis: Hypnotica aka Lana Cunningham

Powers: Ageless.  She never really seems to age beyond 30 or so.
Skills: Hypnotism.  While she doesn't have any powers in the area, Hypnotica has taught herself to use common hypnotic devices to hypnotize people.  While this may seem trivial, she can force hypnotism on anyone by just showing them a spinning, black-and-white swirl.  Often she displays such things in an office to draw curiosity to them, say they're just toys or gifts, and then as a heroine (or female cop) draws close she'll turn it on and snare her prey.
History: Hypnotica has gone off the deep end.  After actually being kidnapped by a supervillain, something in her snapped, and she became the villain's pupil.  Blue Angel quickly resolved the situation and rescued her mother.  Hypnotica, however, doesn't know that Blue Angel is her daughter, and would love to get her hands on the blue-clad body of the superheroine.  Now, on the side of being a porn star, takes up the role of being a hypno-therapist/supervillainess.  While playing this role she lures the women into a false sense of security, and often uses her "toys" to trick them into getting hypnotized. 

Note!! Hypnotica and Blue Angel haven't met.  If they did, then Hypnotica would have to trick Blue Angel into being hypnotized.  Otherwise she will get her ass kicked so fast she won't know what hit her.  Thus it creates the balance between the two.  Also of note, if/when Hypnotica unmasks Blue Angel, the fact that Blue Angel is her daughter will NOT deter her.

Weaknesses/Limits: Hypnotica can create a powerful hold over someone.  However she can only plant keywords (or key-actions) into their brain for later use.  She can't tell them to squawk like a chicken and expect them to do it more than once.  A keyword will get the prey to do it once, and then they'll revert back to their normal personalities.  She can also only program the subject with a maximum of three keywords.  So if she actually got a hold of Blue Angel, this might become a list of things that she'd program into her brain:

"When I snap my fingers, you will have three massive multiple orgasms.  When I blow you a kiss, you will allow the first male thug you come across to orally rape you, or force you into an orgasm.  And when I tell you sleep, you will pass out."

Upon each command Blue Angel would have to obey but only the one time.  So if Hypnotica snapped once (and Blue Angel would have to see that it's Hypnotica snapping) then she'd have three massive multiple orgasms...then "wake up".  However when she comes around, Blue Angel would be incredibly tired from the orgasms.  If Hypnotica were to say "sleep" and Blue Angel heard her, she would immediately pass out as if she were hit over the head.  This might last thirty seconds, but after that she'd wake up (assuming there's no additional chloroform or some such) and be ready to fight.  Finally if Hypnotica were to blow Blue Angel a kiss, nothing immediately would happen, not until she comes across a thug.  She'll try to fight, and while she might be defeated, unless he tries to orally rape her, she will continue to resist.  When a male thug orally rapes her, she will be broken of that hynotic spell as well. 

Only when all three are spent can Hypnotica re-trick, and re-hypnotize her prey. 

Also, Hypnotica doesn't know how to fight hand-to-hand. 


Possible Plot: I should note that while I've come up with Hypnotica as a possible Arch-Enemy of Blue Angel she doesn't have to be used.  If you'd like to come up with something and pitch it to me, I'm fine with that (as with any arch nemesis for that matter!).  A Hypnotica plot could be potentially cool, though keep in mind that while Lana is bisexual, Hypnotica is full on lesbian.  A plot could involve Blue Angel coming up against her and having to defeat her, or it could include her friends becoming the other Angels.  Or both! I'm fairly open on this one in terms of plot.  Obviously while the incest angle could be cool (her dad is really a creep too!) we could also work out something else where a gang is trying to take over the city, or a friend gets kidnapped, or maybe even Danielle meets a guy!  I'm pretty open to anything, like I said, just shoot me a PM if you're interested in playing with this (or any other) character!

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Re: Blue Angel (Superheroine-Looking for Dom/GM--Action/Superhero)
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2009, 07:55:31 AM »
I like the genre, PM me with more details about what are you looking for