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Author Topic: Looking for new partners (M for F characters)  (Read 975 times)

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Looking for new partners (M for F characters)
« on: January 04, 2018, 10:32:43 AM »
Hi, there.
Hello, and thanks for having a look at my little slice of Elliquiy.  I'm still fairly new here, but I've managed to lump most of my ideas into one place at this point.  Please do have a look around, and if you think we might hit it off, send me a PM.  Though some might seem fairly elaborate and specific, my ideas are meant to be conversation starters.  You can also check out my active stories for samples of my writing and posting pace. 

What I'm looking for
First and foremost, I'm looking for friends.  I've been at this long enough to realize that the best stories are written with people I can connect with OOC.  That said, I have no desire to cross boundaries or really even know anything super specific about the person on the other end of the keyboard.  I am, however, looking for someone I can exchange ideas with, and that requires a certain rapport beyond the normal transaction of concocting a story with a stranger on the internet.

Like anyone, I have a pretty busy life.  Stories are often my escape, so I'm looking for something that is mutually satisfying to my partner and I; a story that stays in my head in those in-between moments and preoccupies me during day-to-day monotony.  Moreover, I'm often inspired by real life:  That lingering smile exchanged while walking around town, the elephant-sized sexual tension at work, or an obnoxious and loud fan of the other team at a sporting event.  These are the kinds of random things I'd like to be able to talk about, as they often lead to incredibly fulfilling stories.

More Specifically...

Where I write
I prefer long-term stories in most circumstances, but I can appreciate well-written and engaging real-time exchanges as much as any other guy.  I'm particularly interested in finding a few good IM (Discord or Google-Talk probably) partners to write with when schedules overlap.

  • Right here! (Forum posts)
  • Discord
  • Google Docs
  • Email
The Basics - Please read
  • Communication - I'm a pretty laid back guy.  For me, the excitement in a story comes from writer synergy and realism much more so than it does any arbitrary kink. I'd rather find someone like-minded to create a story with than find a warm body who wants me to shoehorn them into my cookie cutter.
  • Plot & Realism - Maybe not totally plot, but some plot. In other words, a story has to make sense. Yeah, I can appreciate porn as much as any guy, but if I'm going to spend the time creating something with someone, I want there to be more of an underlying point than a simple sex scene. Expect to spend time talking with me about circumstances, characters, and what we each hope to get out of a story up front. It'll make the end result that much more satisfying.
  • Concise - Write to your heart's content, but don't ever strive for a certain length. Sometimes ten paragraphs fall out of my fingertips. Sometimes it's just one. Please don't feel like either of us needs to meet any literary minimum so long as we're moving the story along and creating something engaging.
  • Faceclaims - It's shallow.  I'm a neanderthal.  Don't care!  Character photos are a requisite with me, and I definitely prefer real women over animated women.  The visual reference goes a long way in a story's longevity with me, as I need do no more than a google image search in order to glean all kinds of inspiration.  There's a list in this thread of some of my favorite references, but it's not exhaustive.  There's also a gallery link in my signature with random faceclaim choices for both genders.

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Re: Looking for new partners (M for F characters)
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2018, 10:32:57 AM »
Full-on ideas, plot fragments, and stories that I've either retired or are currently in play.

Plot Fragments
These aren't really full ideas; just fragments meant to be conversation starters.  I'm as interested in these as I am any fleshed out idea below, so please reach out if something touches your imagination.

Gamer Girl Wanted
I've got a craving for gamer girls!  The premise is straightforward enough:  A female gamer hosts her own gaming stream.  She's surely a nerd but perhaps the sort that's used to attention.  After all, she willingly puts herself on a camera night after night to interact with people and do what she loves:  Game.  My character(s) could be anyone in her world; from random internet guy to that friend with a crush who helps her with the increasingly elaborate production as she rises to a level of reasonable (and lucrative) popularity.

Obviously, there's a lot of leeway in what we do with this, as the craving has more to do with a relatable and intelligent female lead than anything:
  • If I'm playing someone in her world, we might focus on her subtle transition into exhibitionism and this person watching or guiding that process.
  • Or maybe she falls for a guy in her stream, prompting a long distance romance that becomes a real relationship and eventually a cozy slice of life for us to enjoy.
  • I'll happily entertain ideas of some manipulative but sophisticated smut producer who slowly talks her into the world of drugs/sex/camgirling.
  • Anything in between might work, too.  :D

Random inspiration: 
Yuuie 1
Yuuie 2
Yuuie 3
Yuuie 4

Karrigan 1
Karrigan 2
Karrigan 3

Kasai 1
Kasai 2
Kasai 3

Story Ideas
Traditional 'ideas'.  Although I've thought through these a lot, I'd rather collaborate on anything.  That said, just about any detail in these ideas is up for debate, so feel free to reach out; even if something isn't exactly what you want.  Chances are, we can get it there.  ;)

Reverse Catfishing
Cheating, Threesomes, and most any kinks you might enjoy

I'm trying something a little different with this one.  While I'll propose a very defined female character, the important elements are in the situation itself.  Things like names, backgrounds, and even photos are less important, so don't hesitate to reach out if the idea strikes you whereas some of the minutiae does not.

Abby has a lot going for her:  Educated, level-headed, kind-hearted and well respected.  By most external accounts, she has lived the ideal life in her twenty-some years, and it shows.  Sure, maybe she harbors regrets here and there, but really- who doesn't?

The above in mind, Abby's life should feel fulfilling.  Although she might not be married, she's engaged and likely cohabitates with her long term partner, a charming and marginally older man (~5 years) -- Raymond -- who mirrors many of the positive traits that she embodies.  He is loving, well-respected, and a stable partner with whom she could likely see herself someday having children with.  Most importantly, he adores and dotes on her, offering up most any concession she might ask for.

So why, then, does Abby feel so unfulfilled?  Sure, Ray's hours sometimes impose on the fantasies she'd had of traveling the world with her partner, and they don't have as many spontaneous moments together as they used to.  Realistically, sex with him might not even be that great, but how can she be sure?  With relatively little experience, she's learned to repress some of her cravings for danger, spontanaety, and excitement. 

Unfortunately, those cravings aren't just going away.  If anything, they're becoming more intense.  The world, it seems, is conspiring against Abby and her relationship.  I envision someone who's becoming desperate to feel passion again; to break outside the normal box if only to feel as though she has lived her life to its fullest by the time she's old enough to look back with potential regret.  Not yet thirty, she's far too young to feel this boxed in.

Eventually, Abby has a transgression.  Hopping onto the Tinder-like discreet dating app started as nothing more than a morbid curiosity.  What kind of men would find her attractive?  What sorts of things might they say to her?  With absolutely no intention of engaging in anything beyond looking, Abby dives in.  And she's quickly swept under.

I'm looking for a good girl with a repressed and neglected wild side. 

At the risk of spoiling a bit of the fun, the idea here is that Abby's significant other will be a component of her blooming affair.  While he may not make it known for quite some time, I envision a crescendo that sees Abby's wild side fully awakened.  Her adventurous lover, working in cahoots with Ray, might eventually even suggest a threesome.  How profound might it be for that long-hyped meeting to beget none other than her very own Ray?  The twist would, of course, be a staging point for a new chapter in their relationship; one which unifies this wild child and all her desires with the hopes, dreams, and hard work of her former self.

I'd love to dive into this - Send me a PM if you're interested.  While forum play is ideal, I could see it working via Discord or a similar forum; even if only during key components of the build-up.

Her Wild Side
Casual sex, prostitution, pushing boundaries
The idea here is very straightforward:   Your character has listed herself on a dating app.  Think of it like Tinder; but perhaps with the twist that it's explicitly for hookups rather than something flooded with people hoping for love and long term relationships.  I'm most fond of an additional twist, that the app is geared towards matching attractive younger (18-30) women with potential sugar daddies, but the term sugar daddy often implies a large age gap.  Rather, I'd just as soon avoid age gaps and all the tropes that come along with them.  Our characters likely come from very different worlds given that they meet on an app like this, but there's no reason to limit ourselves to any specific dynamic.

Instead, let's focus on your character.  While mine is likely a decent-looking well-to-do professional who's disillusioned with the dating market, yours can be virtually anything you'd like.  Here are a few potential concepts:

  • The ubiquitous broke girl - Maybe she's in college, or maybe the degree just didn't get her as far as she was hoping.  Regardless, similar frustrations in regards to the dating market mixed with the difficulty of surviving alone seems realistic enough as a motivator to lead an intelligent and perhaps repressed woman to such an app.
  • The betrayed spouse - Her husband had an affair almost two years ago, and the couple has been slogging through a hellish reconciliation ever since.  Perhaps her husband has been the model of sincerity through the course of their attempted recovery up until this point.  Despite it, she finds herself still holding onto anger and a fear of regret.  More recently, this repressed wife has come to realize that what she's really afraid of isn't so much ending up with a man who hurt her as it is depriving herself the opportunity for something exciting.
     Having only ever been with her husband, she doesn't even know if the grass on the other side is really greener, but she deserves to find out, right?  The husband need not be a part of this, but he could be.  Lots of potential drama in this one.
  • The coworker - Perhaps my character stumbles onto a familiar face; and she just happens to be someone he's secretly crushed on at work for months.  While he'd have never approached her directly -- she has a boyfriend, after all -- he can't resist the urge to swipe right this time.  How might she react to the familiar face?  Why's she on the site to begin with?

As you can imagine, these aren't the only roles that work with this story.  What appeals to me is the transactional (and somewhat impersonal) nature of the hookup as a staging point for something more.  Long term, I could see this sort of story moving into a loving long term relationship; or perhaps even a fun little experiment in pet or D/s play.  I'd rather not think too far ahead on those details until I'm talking with someone though, so reach out if you're interested.

Taken/Ideas in Play
Christmas Party
Office hijinx, Pet play, Adultery
He's the quiet, reserved technology manager who helps keep the suits out of trouble, and she's the soft-spoken, bubbly and sweet human resources representative he secretly crushes on.  They're both aware of one another, but there's no chance in Hell they'll ever end up together; until the company Christmas party.  It was totally a fluke that he drank enough to have the balls to flirt with her; even moreso that she, in a similar state of intoxication, found herself reciprocating with lingering smiles, wandering eyes, and playful touches.  But when he grabbed her ass?  She should've slapped him.

Instead, her heart skipped a beat.  What starts as a booze-fueled twist of fate quickly escalates into something sprawling and complicated, with our emboldened gentleman finding his heavy-handed tactics are met with broad acceptance from his H.R. conquest.  In most cases, a quickie in the break room should end up as a one night stand.  In this instance, my character decides to press.  Encouraged by his success and only too happy to see how far he can go, he embarks on an adventure with his newfound mistress, methodically stripping away her good girl reputation and replacing it with something lewd but considerably more honest and real.

I see pet play working very well here, with the female coworker accepting assertive direction and dominance eagerly given that she's married to a pushover.  In terms of specific kinks, I'd love to explore things like drug/alcohol use, prostitution, exhibitionism and more; all while savoring the drama that comes along with a workplace romance and two-sided adultery.

Branching Out
Threesome (MFM), Smutty, Possible Breeding
I'm looking for someone interested in a fairly smut driven story. That's not to say there's no backbone or reason behind the writing; simply that I'd like for us to focus our development in the realm of all kinds of kinkiness and fun. I'm looking for a realistic female character with a desire to explore emotional connections contrasted against basic, primitive desires.  Speicifcally, I'm looking for my character to share his wife.

Let's start with a happily married couple. They've had their ups and downs. They have a solid foundation and truly love one another. Otherwise, maybe they would've moved on by now. Maybe they're even thinking about it. A dead bedroom, waning mutual interests, and the threat of thirties are all starting to chip away at the couple. Put another way, their relationship needs a spark.

I want to give it to them in the form of a MMF encounter. I have plenty of ideas for how this might work. Having been married for most of their twenties, there have been plenty of opportunities for extramarital attractions and tension to develop. A work-spouse, a friend, maybe even a relative... there are plenty of ways to put this couple in a situation where the tension finally gives way to tentative exploration.

What comes out on the other side?  I'd like for the encounter to be a catalyst for the marriage to be reinvigorated; a way for the couple to learn things about one another that their stalled communications could never reveal.  With the right partner, I could just as easily go for an idyllic and smutty twist where they more or less maintain this threeway, with both men essentially treating the wife as their beloved little fucktoy or breeding partner.  Plenty of opportunities for all kinds of kinks.  Equally as important, however, is that the group finds this balance.  It's all about the female character and her enjoyment, but there might be connotations of D/s or just hyper-eroticised gender roles in general.

His Most Prized Posession
Sugar daddy, Pet play, Exhitionism, Threesomes (MMF and/or MFF)

He's a 30-something professional with a lot going for him:  Intelligent, attractive, a great high-paying job, and newly independent thanks to the recently finalized divorce.  His ex won't be a part of the story, but his past experience with her infidelity plays a large role in his new mindset.  I don't envision this character harboring any generalized resentment towards women, but he's absolutely going through the motions of eschewing his nice guy attitude in favor of something a little less likely to lead him down a road he's already been on.

I'm looking for someone to play this guy's younger girlfriend.  Where they met is up for discussion, but I'm particularly fond of them having been classmates.  My character might very well be a nontraditional student; a technical type with the experiential skillset required to afford him the job he has now, but the lack of a degree has his advancement opportunities fairly limited.  Attending classes with 18-26 year olds makes it easy for him to meet someone significantly younger, and it gives them plenty of opportunities, through things like study groups and other extracurriculars, to forge a relationship.

Your character is, of course, your own.  I like the idea of someone softspoken and quiet with a carefully guarded wild side.  Entering a relationship with my character affords her a variety of things that are out of reach to other students in her position:  financial independence, a mature relationship, and a very healthy/adventurous sex life.  For my character's part, I can see a desire to emphasize traditional gender roles that could very easily veer into the realm of D/s.  At that point, the usual suspects come into play:  Objectification, ritualization, and experimentation.  At the core of their relationship is love, but I'm really craving a couple who can examine their sexuality together through a romantic lens rather than a full-on romance.

Other potential kinks:  Pet play, Exhitionism, Threesomes (MMF and/or MFM)

The sky's the limit, so if these characters or this premise sounds interesting, please do shoot me a PM.

Jyn Erso's Bad End
Star Wars, Bad Ends, D/s
Staying true to the film, Jyn and Cassian successfully broadcast the stolen Death Star plans to the rebel fleet supporting them from outside Scarif's orbit.  Unlike the film, however, the pair didn't perish along with all their other comrades.  Rather than dying to the empire's decision to exercise a nuclear option on the compromised facility, they are captured.  Ideally, this is where our story would start.

(SFW) Animated Felicity Jones goodness

Jyn Erso awakens to a terrible ringing in her head while the sleek ship hull around her jostles with the turbulence of an atmospheric entry.  This shuffle quickly reveals to her that her wrists are bound overhead, latched together and bound securely to a beam on the unforgiving steel wall behind her.  It's impossible to know how long she's been unconscious, but her arms and wrists are suddenly throbbing as gravity's pull begins emphasizing her weight once again.  Then she spots movement and grows still.

Two male figures are situated across from her.  One, his back turned to her, addressing the other:  Tall, broad-shouldered, and short-haired, he's crouched over the other; who is crumpled and bound to the wall in much the same way as she.  Given a few moments for the haze to clear, it becomes obvious that this second figure is, in fact, Cassian.

"What are you doing?"  Jyn asks with a surprising air of stoic calm.

Not startled in the least, the figure with his back to her only goes on about his business.  Moments later, he stands and turns, setting a piercing grey-eyed stare upon her.  The guy's not dressed as an Imperial; maybe by design?  Some clandestine agent of the empire brought in to clean up after the huge shitstorm the Rebelion unleashed?  Or maybe a bounty hunter?  He has the chiseled jaw and hardened, leather-skinned features of someone who has seen plenty of time in the field.  Despite the obvious wear, he's not a day over 40.  His smile is surprisingly cordial, and his tone is matter-of-fact.  "I'm dropping your friend off."

Jyn, still visibly dazed, struggles with an increasingly high pitched ringing in her ears.  She was wounded when ferried away from Scarif, and no one has tended to those wounds in the days since.  A lack of food or water -- save from that provided by a small IV -- has her operating in an obvious lull, but after a few seconds, she goes on.  "What about me?"

The man's features harden, but for the brifest faltering moment there's a tiny crack in his otherwise steeled resolve.  "You're going somewhere else," he states, and then he turns to give a couple finger presses to a touch panel on the wall.  It's not obvious what he's done until, as he turns around again, grogginess returns in full force.  A small IV, tucked into the young rebel's wrist, pumps another dose of heavy sedative into her veins.  She stirs and murmurs, but sleep takes her over.

So the idea here is pretty straightforward.  While Cassian is on his way to be tortured and interrogated, Jyn is about to be delivered into a different fate.  There are two options:

Bad End - This is very straightforward.  Given the personal nature of Galen Erso and his daughter's betrayal, Emperor Palpatine and his agents want nothing more than to delight in the knowledge that this proud and capable young woman is reduced to absolutely nothing.  She'll be ferried around by this bounty hunter as a perpetual servant (and payment for his taxi services), and from time to time he'll drop her off for punishments.  I like the idea that she might develop a sort of subservient relationship with him.  Her life outside his ship will suck, but their time together might actually be kind of nice; provided she behaves.

Said punishments are not overtly violent; but rather meant to inflict as much psychological torment as possible.  Things like:

  • Being delivered to a room full of former Rebellion-held prisoners full of anger towards the rebellion.
  • Dressed up and thrown into the middle of a lavish, drug-fueled dinner party for the Empire's elite; touted as the whore of the rebellion.
  • Provided to the highest performing Empire commandos as a reward for exceptionally decisive blows against the rebellion.
  • Regularly bred and taunted with the inevitable fact that her offspring will be trained as Empire agents.

Slightly Better End - Jyn is talented and capable, and the emperor sees her defiance as a challenge he'll happily accept.  Discreetly, she is delivered to a clandestine agent of the empire, an expert at breaking defiant prisoners and turning them to a favorable outlook.  Much more obvious D/s relationship here; with the end result more a Stockholm Syndrome that sees Jyn become one of the Empire's deadliest operatives.

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Re: Looking for new partners (M for F characters)
« Reply #2 on: January 04, 2018, 10:33:04 AM »
Favorite Faceclaims

I want to do something graphic and fancy with this, but in the interest of getting the info out here, I'll provide a simple list for now.  These are by no means the only faceclaims I'm interested in, but they're among my favorites.

  • Kristen Bell
  • Carlotta Champagne
  • Kelen Coleman
  • Gal Gadot
  • Eva Green
  • Katherine Heigl
  • Bryce Dallas Howard
  • Scarlett Johansson
  • Rosie Jones
  • Sonam Kapoor
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Blake Lively
  • Jena Malone
  • Alanna Masterson
  • Kristen Stewart
  • Milana Vayntrub
  • Emma Watson
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Re: Looking for new partners (M for F characters)
« Reply #3 on: January 11, 2018, 09:19:46 AM »
Active Stories:

Inactive Stories:
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Re: Looking for new partners (M for F characters)
« Reply #4 on: January 30, 2018, 10:16:51 AM »
Quite a few updates this week.  Added a post with links to current stories, tidied up my listings, added a little visual inspiration, and updated my intro thread with immediate cravings. 

Chasing Star Wars stuff pretty hard these days.  I'll probably only start one more story, and I'd love to find a fellow Star Wars fan with a desire to write the incredibly capable Jyn Erso.

Oh, and I added Gamer Girls Wanted to my plot fragments area.
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Re: Looking for new partners (M for F characters)
« Reply #5 on: February 10, 2018, 08:01:40 PM »
Couple more plot additions.  Brainstorming something that's pretty much stolen from Black Mirror's USS Callister, but not quite ready to post that yet.  All the same, would love another partner!

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Re: Looking for new partners (M for F characters)
« Reply #6 on: March 11, 2018, 01:20:45 PM »
Looking to establish one more regular story.  :)  I just added His Most Prized Posession to my list of ideas, and I updated the Gamer Girl Wanted plot fragment with some more thoughts.  Send a PM if interested!


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Re: Looking for new partners (M for F characters)
« Reply #7 on: May 05, 2018, 06:20:04 PM »
Posted some updates today.  :)  Added Her Wild Side to my Story Ideas.  Craving a few IM partners, as my schedule just got a lot less crazy.  Shoot me a PM if you're interested!

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Re: Looking for new partners (M for F characters)
« Reply #8 on: June 26, 2018, 01:47:14 PM »
Added Reverse Catfishing today.   Catching up on stories and have shifted a few stories to inactive, so looking for perhaps one more.  Shoot me a PM.  :D