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September 26, 2020, 04:18:17 PM

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Author Topic: Recruitment:Sabrina's School for Special Students (pokemon superhero highschool)  (Read 7917 times)

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Offline pdragon

Hmmm, if you're all doing pokeman super heroes, maybe you should have a villain as well? Like a mimikyu inspired serial killer with the power to assume the form of other people so they can hide amongst the populace. And their most recent killing just so happens to let them steal the identity of one of the students in the school.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Also if you want images to appear consistently just set up an imgur account and upload all your pics there. Since it's a dedicated image hosting site elliquiy doesn't block it and links won't get messed up when you try to share them.

Offline Gardsorm

Wow, lots of replies since I left. xD Lesse...

@Hexed: Maybe do something a little less strenuous than metal shaping then? You already have steel body, I say focus on the electric aspects more. o= Personal thought anyway. Enough electric control to magnetize things but probably not enough to shape it to your will? It's a thought anyway...

And maybe, kinda sorta? Could be an emergency use thing, or it could be used in other ways. <_<; That's probably just me though.

Pic shows up fine!

@Angie: I didn't hear about any limits so you're probably okay!

@pdragon: I was waiting on making anyone in any antagonistic capacity until the game was up and on a more stable ground before figuring out how to exploit the super angle from non-heroic sides. That being said, I spy a sexy Mimikyu girl~ Just dunno whether to be happy or fearful. x:

Offline Rynn

I could easily be tempted into joining something like this? I might take awhile though since pokemon isn't really my forte, though from the sounds of it extensive knowledge of pokemon doesn't really seem neccessary. Used to love the first few games, but after awhile the enthusiasm to keep up just faded  :-(

Also, the first thing that popped up in my head when I saw this...

Offline Gardsorm

Brock used Hyper Beam!

Wow, it's been forever since I last saw your name, Rynn! I think the last time was during that old Pokken Academy game even!

But yup, extensive pokemon knowledge is not necessary beyond basic types. The typing and the powers they can potentially offer are all up to your creativity. o:

Like my guy, able to use powders and Meganium attacks (I opted to add the breed-only Vine Whip for reasons. *cough*)

Offline Angie

I could easily be tempted into joining something like this? I might take awhile though since pokemon isn't really my forte, though from the sounds of it extensive knowledge of pokemon doesn't really seem neccessary. Used to love the first few games, but after awhile the enthusiasm to keep up just faded  :-(

Also, the first thing that popped up in my head when I saw this...

You pick a type that looks cool, we can point you to the pokemon and moves you'll want.

Offline Rynn

Makes sense, since I haven't really been around much since I dropped out of Pokken. Came back hoping for something different... but seems like Pokemon's captures my interest again. I'm a petty person though, had Joanie not added the whole height thing I probably wouldn't have said anything. @_@

Thanks! I really appreciate the offer, and I might even try seeking out some help through the thread... but for the time being I think I'll try and work things out myself. Don't really like relying on others for help as my first point of call. Especially since it seems like I have a fair bit of time to piece things together anyway.

Offline Gardsorm

In retrospect, height is a fairly important detail to the visualization process. To the point where even if a sheet doesn't require it, I post it anyway. x: Though Snake was the first to invoke it here, so heh... xD
I think you'll be fine, you don't seem like the petty sort. o: And on that note it's great to see you back after a long hiatus then! Hope we can make this game fun for you!

Offline Angie

Name: Choko Hideki
Age: 18
Gender: Futanari
Height: 5'10"
Orientation: Bi, female preference
Description and Bio:

Choko's story is one half hers, one half her father's. Her father was once the leader of a Water based gym, but an incident over 20 years ago led to him being disbarred and banned from the League. No one is quite sure what happened, and a few consider it a grave injustice, but Angelo himself doesn't seem to mind. It's the secret stuff he doesn't tell people that ties to Choko, but without him saying anything, his part in all this is cloaked behind shadow. Her duel-gender nature was easily concealed (she tended to wear loose pants and boxers instead of skirts and panties)

He dedicated himself to raising his daughter, and spent many nights reading her stories of heroes of legend, heroes with strange powers they only barely controlled. The man was smart, as her water based powers (that is, the ability to shoot a blast of water out of her mouth so hard it can launch people a good 20 feet) manifested in her teens. She was briefly ostracized for her strange power, but that quickly changed when she managed to fight off a four man squad of very strong looking bullies-which landed her a week-long suspension (would have been a month but someone was feeling nice) and the cheers and adoration of her classmates.

Angelo wanted her to have a good education, and luckily her graduation lined up near perfectly with Sabrina's school opening. Ever since she was young, he has been oddly protective of her, so letting her go to Sabrina's school was hard for him-and hard for her, as she is leaving her family behind very shortly after graduation. Still, she feels an eagerness to train her powers and become stronger.
Parentage: Feraligatr
Typing: Water
Powers: Torrent: When badly wounded, water based attacks are empowered.
Incredible swimming: She is a very fast swimmer, possibly faster in water then on land but she's not quite there yet.
Breath holding: It's not true water-breathing (though it may become that) but she can hold her breath for 15 minutes easily. Maximum limit is unknown but is definitely more than she may ever need.
Attacks: Water Gun (Ice Fang, Crunch, Hydro Pump)
Offs/Ons: ON: Shower scenes, messy sex, oral, large breasts/cocks, lactation (note that Choko is technically a virgin and doesn't know much of her own desires, except from certain mags she may or may not have read)
OFF: Bathroom stuff (despite being a water type she's not into golden showers), blood (scares her), humiliation, people who don't like futas
Likes/Dislikes: LIKE: Chocolate, warm baths, reading fantasy stories, the sound of a waterfall
DISLIKE: Spinach, extremely cold water, horror stories, the smell of pineapples

Joannie, if you'd like to involve Angelo, I can provide a full write-up for him and his story.

Offline Gardsorm

Oh wow she's a cutie. o: And props for using Feraligatr as your choice! All we need is a Typhlosion user and we'll have the Gen 2 starters rounded out. o:
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Offline Hexed

I think I got it all. If anything's missing/needs altered let me know.

Name: Amelie Jax
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual

Description And Bio:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Standing at 4'9" and with a slim build that doesn't show a hint of her 220lb weight she's a tomboy through and through. Her dark hair, tinged a bluish-grey is kept cut short in a messy style partially due to just how hard it is to cut.  Her eyes are an odd mixture of metallic orange and brown and her bangs hang down to partially cover them. Each of her hands bears a horseshoe shaped magnet mark that seems to go through her hand as it's on both the palm and the tops of them. The athletic tone of her body is at odds with her fairly wide hips and the almost head sized, for her,  mounds of her perky breasts.

A tomboy raised by a single mother she grew up loving sports of all sorts. At least until her tackles started cracking concrete and her jumps caught just a tad too much air.  Banned from almost all the sports and with just running left to her she turned to books to fill the time, most of her friends had been from the various teams she played on and they wanted nothing to do with her anymore. Even with the many distractions offered by books bitterness still did seep in but her growing powers nicely offset it. Flight is quite awesome for her, and she's taken to just floating about as she reads or does other lazy things. the offer to attend the school of fellow half-breeds has her excited, surely they won't find her so odd if everyone's different.


Typing: Electric/Steel


Dense as Steel:  A dense body with strands of living metal running through it. Grants a surprising amount of durability and strength but sets off metal detectors and doubles her weight.

Electromagnetism: Like a mini-magneto she can manipulate metal via magnetic force. Her range isn't the greatest, at fifty foot she'd be lucky to turn a door handle but the strength of her fields nearby is pretty decent. And due to the metal running through her body she can easily float and fly like her fully Pokemon kin.

Electric Vampire: Absorbs electricity, partially as food and partially to refill her stores of power. She is unable to naturally generate electricity on her own and while  she can store a fair bit she can be overloaded.

Attacks: Magnet Bomb/ Light Screen, Spark, Zap Cannon

Offs;Scat, Guro, painful things,
Ons; cuddling, blindfolds, groups.
Likes/Dislikes: Books, Games, Cats, Power outlets/Blackouts, Water, Sports,  Thugs.

Offline Rynn

Name: Maya
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 5’6”
Orientation: Bi-curious
Description and Bio: Sent to an orphanage during her infancy, Maya doesn’t know or care about who or where her real parents might be. From an early age she proved herself to be quite a problematic child; scaring her peers and terrorizing her caretakers with harmless pranks. Shirking the rules, and constantly disobeying instructions she spent quite a fair portion of her time in isolation... but during one moonless night she simply vanished without a trace. Leaving her caretakers uncomfortably puzzled, but also somewhat relieved. The authorities were of course sent out to look around for her, but by that time Maya had already skipped town, and started making her way to the next town over.

The nomadic life of a penniless street kid was... surprisingly easy for Maya; a whimsical child who cared little for the laws of society. Sneaking effortlessly into the homes of strangers, there was always an abundance of food for her to eat, and even a queen wouldn’t have the diversity of her wardrobe. Shelter was slightly more tricky as Maya had to make sure she left early in the morning, but for the most part she simply crashed on a strangers couch or picked out an unused bed after making sure it’s owner wouldn’t be returning for the night.

As she grew older and her other abilities continued to develop, Maya started earning an income of her own as a fraudulent psychic; at times she would sneak into people’s houses and hide something of importance, before feigning to be a crystal ball gazer that could tell someone where their lost object was hidden. While other times she’d haunt the dreams of some poor unsuspecting soul, turning up soon after to proclaim the individual cursed. She’d stop haunting him soon after of course... for a reasonable fee. It was ultimately her reputation as a successful psychic that caught the attention of the authorities. And after being exposed as a con-artist they forcefully enrolled her into Sabrina’s specialty school in the hopes that it would educate and reform her into a proper human being. Unfortunately success seems a fair distance off, but at the very least Maya seems to have settled to staying in one place for the time being.

Parentage: Mismagius
Typing: Ghost
●  Prison Dream: Allows Maya to enter a sleeping individuals dreams or redirect them to a dream world of her own creation. Maya however doesn’t have the ability to put someone to sleep.
●  Zero Presence: Lowers her sense of presence to the point of her being undetectable unless the observer is specifically looking at or for her. Essentially blending perfectly into a crowd, even when there’s no crowd. 
●  Intangibility: The ability to slip through physical obstacles with relative ease. The ability takes a brief moment of concentration, and contact needs to be maintained with the object.
Attacks: Astonish (Confuse Ray // Pain Split // Shadow Force)

●  Oral Sex: Everything from playful licks and kissing to rough oral sex.
●  Multiple Orgasms: Sensitive girls who are quick to orgasm, and guys with enhanced stamina and/or stay firm after climax.
●  Threeseome: Quite keen on trying this, happy to do MMF or MFF. I don’t mind being the accessory to a scene.
●  Public Lewdity: Embarassing others through flirting, teasing, expressing affection, or outright sexual harrassment.
●  Gross Kinks: Anything involving waste or fecal matter.
●  Gruesome Acts: Fine with roughness but nothing extreme like physical torture and amputation.
●  Non-binary: Only interested in male or female characters with corresponding ‘parts’
●  Body Modification: Kind of ties in with the last two, but not keen on unnatural inflating/expanding of body parts.
Likes: Darknesssss~, Causing trouble, Open spaces, Free-time, Listening to stories, Sugary Pastries, Hands-on Learning, Games with limited rules/restrictions.
Dislikes: Rules and Consequences, Concrete walls, Anything that involves a book, Being silent and/or still.
« Last Edit: December 31, 2017, 03:12:52 AM by Rynn »

Offline Gardsorm

Both of them look amazing! I gotta admit, as soon as I saw Amelie's weight, I was like 'Wait... Holy crap is that right?', then I remembered she was part Steel (I missed the Dense as Steel bit. x: ). Those powers are definitely gonna find themselves useful! Wonder if I should have Mich consider taking cooking courses...

Maya looks lovely! Also <3 Mismagius, easily one of my favorite ghost Pokemon. I love the bouts of mischief she got into and can't wait to see what else she gets up to as the game goes on. =p I might be able to swing Mich making her some sugary treats after some classes, though... Anything involving syrup might need some adjustment. x: Gaming also sounds like an amusing passtime that we can sort out when the RP comes up proper. o:

Sorry if I seem easily excitable, I just like setting some groundwork early so I know where to follow through later. x_x

Offline Rynn

I don't think anyone minds your excitement... even if it is a bit infectious  ;) Personally I think it's pretty sweet of you to be commenting on everyone's profiles as they come. Feedback is always nice and if this roleplay's going to take awhile to start up, someone needs to keep troop morale high, right?
I'm glad you find Maya lovely, though I'm considering rewording the gaming thing for clarity. Considering Maya's background she's not really familiar with computer games. I was thinking more along the lines of turning everything into a game/competition. I'm trying to think of the right concise words, but if the group is moving to the library she'd want to turn it into a game of who can get there first? (Probably prefer something more complex, but as an example I suppose it stands). Haven't decided yet on how she'd react to being baited with food yet, though the syrup sounds delicious both literally and figuratively speaking.  :D

I'll probably do the same as I get a better feel of the players, *grope grope* but for the time being there's something I want to mention since I don't want to ruffle any feathers just yet.... well maybe Joanie's but that's different
It's mainly directed at Yugishogun and Angie, but for the record I just wanted to state that I'd be perfectly happy to have our characters interact with one another. Maya's not the type of character to discriminate on things like gender... but unfortunately futanari's really aren't my cup of tea when it comes to sexual scenes. So... just wanted to say nothing personal, and I genuinely do look forward to seeing how our characters mesh in the roleplay.

Offline Gardsorm

I recently came back from a two month hiatus and I feel like I have to make up for lost time. xD Joanie was in another game where I was like this (come to think of it, two now before this one), so if you can overlook my being a bit of a spazz, then we'll be just fine.  :-)

I agree, I like keeping the morale up, helps people know there's still life and interest in the game. o: Also, I know you didn't mean just computer games with her profile! To me, when it comes to school life,  I can think of a myriad of ways to play games, even if some may come at the expense of others. =p Either way, I eagerly await to see what kind of games Maya has in mind for playing, and how many of us she manages to drag into the shenanigans!

That's alright, I feel. It's good you gave a quick heads up, because nothing is worse to a game's fun and survival than drama. I sort of the same way. I don't mind interacting with futa characters, friendly or sexually, but I do respect when there's obvious directions they want to go and I won't force the issue. So while I know Michael can be friends with Sakurako, he won't ever be able to get with her like that. Lamentable, but not a deal breaker for me. o: Interactions with players are more than just sexual, after all. (That's also what I meant by mostly straight for his profile, but I should just fix that to straight).

For the record, Maya would probably be less thrilled when she finds out where it comes from. o: (no, don't worry, not from there!)

Offline JoanieSapphoTopic starter

Joanie, waking up: I wonder if I got another post or two, better go ch-   

I'll have a proper look through in a little while.
Couple things first, though. The first, you've already pretty much done on your own anyway, but just toget my word in on it - I've been in a game where I've had characters blanked by some people because they didn't want to have sex with them and yeah, none of that. Making it clear you don't want sex with their character is fine, but deciding not to interact at all for that reason, really not. Sex isn't the sole reason to interact with characters.

Also, pdragon. I want a Mimikyu in this game, but ... it was going to be on the lighter side of things. I'm not sure about the straight up murdering. Villain-leaning characters could work, though.

Offline Gardsorm

Aye, I agree completely with the sentiment. If one's only intention was to bang a given character but refuses to interact with them becausethey can't, then I definitely feel that's a problem. But I think the lot of us are open minded and friendly enough to avoid that. :3

Offline pdragon

It's all good. I was just throwing out a silly idea mostly as a joke, I probably wasn't going to follow through with it anyways. Y'all have fun with the game.

Offline Gardsorm

Aw, alright. D: Still, great ideas all the same!

... *Saves Mimikyu girl pic for later* Maybe if I get over my inability to play lady chars, I'll probably use her. <_<

Offline JoanieSapphoTopic starter

It's all good. I was just throwing out a silly idea mostly as a joke, I probably wasn't going to follow through with it anyways. Y'all have fun with the game.

You can still play! The Mimikyu identity thief could totally work!
I mean, if you want to. I'm not saying not to.

Offline pdragon

It's alright. To be honest I wasn't really able to think of any ideas I particularly liked the first few times I checked out the thread, and the mimkyu serial killer idea just kinda came to me as a random silly/morbid curiosity while I was looking through gijinka pics. Unfortunately it's pretty much the only idea I came up with that I'm interested in enough that I would actually play it, but since it's not a good fit I don't want to force it or anything. So I'll have to withdraw interest for this one, but no hard feelings or anything.

Online Yukina

*catches up*

Angie: Glad to see you. :)

Pdragon: Best of luck in your future rps

Gard & Rynn: Perfectly fine with me. :)

Rynn: Would you still be up for giving Sakurako embarrassing dreams? :)

Offline Kathyan

I don't know if I'll be able to join but this is what I had in mind

Parentage: Hypno
Typing: Psychic
Powers: Mind Resistance, Implant Suggestion, Chaotic Reversal/Reflection
Attacks: Hypnosis, Confusion, Skill Swap, Wake-Up Slap

Offline JoanieSapphoTopic starter

Hypno girl, you say?

And you definitely don't have to worry about doing it all now. I'm not going to be accepting people/starting stuff for at least a week, probably two.
« Last Edit: December 31, 2017, 10:49:42 AM by JoanieSappho »

Offline Rynn

As things stand at the moment I'm okay for interactions with any of the posted characters. Can't really think of a situation where I'd outright refuse to interact with someone, but if that were ever to happen I'm sure the feeling would be pretty mutual. I do have to mention though that not all characters are equal in my eyes, as there's obviously some characters I'll be more interested than other. I won't be shunning anyone or quickly dismissing an approach if it happens... but at the sam

With that said though, I will point out the obvious and say I'll be more inclined to interact with certain characters more than others. I won't be shrugging anyone off, or quickly dismissing an interaction. But I'm not going to pretend that I won't be prioritizing certain characters over others. I'm all for inclusion and all, but interacting equally with everyone is just exhausting and unfun. Sex isn't the only factor, but it's a factor nonetheless  :P

It would depend on what you're thinking I guess? As I said earlier I'd be happy to have them interact, but if by 'embarrassing' you means something sexually suggestive, I'm afraid not. I suppose we could work something out privately and have the actual scene fade to black if you're wanting to use it as part of Sakurako's experiences though. But anything beyond that would be thrown into my pile of Offs.

Offline Thunder Splash

Things are getting a little crazy over here on my side, and I’m not sure i’ll be able to dedicate the time i’d need to to this rp, and I want to focus on my rp, so I think i’m gonna bow out. Sorry guys, but have fun!