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June 29, 2022, 01:14:40 am

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Author Topic: Human in AnthroTown/FurTown (EX, slow-paced, Human x Anthro/Furry)  (Read 676 times)

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I'm certain that the title got your attention?  If so, welcome!

Those of you that know me know that I generally don't go for stories involving Furry or Anthros.  However, sometimes, I really get that craving.  This time is one of those cravings.

Story Synopsis:  Sometime in 2020, a small meteor fell to Earth and brought forth a disease that quickly began killing the human race.  Within a year, almost half the planet's population had died and scientists spent every minute they could looking for a cure.  None were found, but it was found that animals were immune to this disease!  So, after some fast experiments, the remaining humans on the planet were given a choice:  Either go into voluntary suspended animation in the hopes that a cure could be found in the future.  OR, give up their humanity by undergoing a physical change, taking on many physical characteristics of animals, such as canines, felines, avian, and reptiles.  Thus, less than two percent of the remaining humans chose to enter suspended animation while the remainder changed.

It is now two hundred years later and the world is full of the new dominant race, Anthro Sapiens.  It was about this time that the cure to the disease was found and it was decided that of the few hundred who entered suspended animation, they would slowly be released into the world as an Endangered Race.  As part of this, the Humans would be given homes or allowed to live with Anthro Sapien families, depending upon their ages.

My character (either male or female; 18 years old) would have just woken up as one of the first.  After a quick medical exam and explanation is given, they would be told that a family would be willing to take them in.  This family is located in a neighborhood where there are many Anthro Sapiens of their age who they can interact with.  Then, they would be transported to the new home.  What would currently be unrealized is that the effects of the Suspended Animation will cause the delayed release of a pheromone that Anthro Sapiens find almost irresistible that causes a reaction very similar to the heat cycles that Anthro Sapiens go through.  This pheromone will begin releasing by the time my character has settled into their new home.

Optional (but highly recomended):  Anthro Sapien society no longer has use for clothing, thus society is Nudist in all aspects.

A note about Anthro Sapiens:  Depending on the species, they are generally larger, stronger, and faster than humans.  By this point, there are hundreds of species and thousands of sub-species of Anthro Sapiens.  Anthro Sapiens are naturally more in tune with their instincts and begin going into Heat starting around when they turn 18.

This story will be roughly 60-70% smut and 30-40% story.  As noted, this will be an Extreme story and will include (but not be limited to) the following kinks:  Anal, large insertions, watersports, objectification, rape, breeding (note that Anthro Sapiens cannot actually impregnate a Human) and other things.  These can be discussed via PM.

ALL characters will be 18+ years of age.

That reminds me:  PM me, don't post here, thanks!