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Started by ReijiTabibito, December 25, 2017, 02:09:56 PM

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I own a lot of RPG books.  The ones that I use semi-to-very frequently, I keep a digital copy on my computer in order to have ready access to it.  These books are all PDF format.  I used to use Adobe's PDF program until it was just running too slowly for me (I have a 4yr old laptop that was initially set up for Windows 8 and then got press-ganged into Windows 10), so I looked into alternatives and after trying out a few, settled on PDF X-Change Reader.

Every so often, the thumbnails for the books would reset and I would need to spend an hour or so manually going through the folders and having Explorer recreate the thumbnail icons.  (This was on the Large Icons setting, FTR.)

It's stopped being 'every so often.'  I'm fairly certain it has to do with the most recent Windows update I had to my computer a few days ago, but now the thumbnails are resetting at least once a day.  I've tried a couple of tricks suggested to me via Google search - such as deleting and rebuilding the cache, and I even left open the main folder that holds all the subfolders for my books (I categorize by the RPG they're attached to, generally speaking) since I did my last rebuild last night around midnight (apx 15 hours ago).  Occasionally, I would jump into one of the folders just to make sure the thumbnails were still there.  About 3 hours ago, I got up to do some stuff around the house...and when I came back a couple of hours later, all the thumbnails were gone.  Again.  For the third time in as many days. 

(FTR, I switched my folder view over to Tiles - in Large Icon mode, if the thumbnail isn't processed correctly, it renders as a tiny icon, which causes problems visually.)

I'm in the process of working on getting a new computer - this particular laptop has needed...I won't say replacing, but it's been clear for me for nearly the last year and a half that it can't really do what I want out of a computer anymore.  Between that and the fact that I can do a lot of my portable computing needs on the iPad I've owned for the last two years, the portability I needed out of a laptop is a lot less of a priority now, and I still plan on keeping it around as the situation demands.  But that's mainly a long-term solution, as I'm working with a few hardware experts I know to custom build the replacement.

What I'm asking for right now is a way to spare myself having to go through my book folders and have to rebuild my thumbnail cache every day.