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Author Topic: New Arrivals At Pleasant Beach (closed for now)  (Read 688 times)

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New Arrivals At Pleasant Beach (closed for now)
« on: December 25, 2017, 02:09:06 pm »
Hey all!  I'm back after a bit of an absence due to finals and then some medical stuff--still reacquainting myself, since I hadn't been here long, so bear with me.  Anyway, I've been overcome lately with a huge craving for a certain concept, which is big enough and specific enough that I figure a dedicated thread is best.  Take a look!

Welcome to Pleasant Beach
Pleasant Beach is an affluent gated community in beautiful southern California.  Home to just over a thousand residents, it's set up to be nearly self-sufficient, with K-to-12 schools and a varied complement of businesses and amenities.  Many of the locals work from home.  All to the end of creating a living environment where people rarely have to leave if they don't want to.

This is because Pleasant Beach isn't just any ritzy neighborhood.  It was built to cater to a very specific lifestyle--one which would find little acceptance outside its gates.

For one thing, Pleasant Beach is a nudist community.  There's no rule against clothes, but practically no one dresses for anything unless they have to go elsewhere.  The local climate obligingly makes this possible year-round, with few exceptions.  The liberal attitude goes beyond nudity, though.  The founders of Pleasant Beach wanted to build a community free from all the oppressive taboos of modern society, where people could be free with their bodies and live without shame.  And, as they saw it, the category of oppressive taboos extended rather beyond nudity.

Public sex is commonplace in Pleasant Beach--virtually no one thinks anything of it.  The locals proudly cultivate an atmosphere of sexual openness, where sex can be talked about freely in any setting.  Very few residents are monogamous, at least not sexually--people are careful with the distinction between romance and sex, and while few couples will object to sharing casually, fewer are open to having multiple consistent partners.  Permissive attitudes leave people with little hesitation to engage with someone they've just met, with little preamble.  Several kinks that would be quite unusual elsewhere are practiced openly by some in Pleasant Beach.  The most common is incest, with a good number of families choosing to be sexually open and drawing no judgement, though it's hardly the norm.  Another is bestiality; the local off-leash dog park is famous as a spot where those with a taste for it can get very close with the community's pets.  Again, this is far from common, but in keeping with the ethos of free expression without shame, people talk about it freely and aren't judged for it.

There are a few important limitations still enforced.  The mission of Pleasant Beach is to provide an atmosphere of freedom, not pressure.  People are careful to respect consent and not coerce one another into anything (though as most residents either chose to move in with eyes wide open or were born in the neighborhood, this is rarely an issue).  As well, no one under 16 is permitted to participate in anything.

The residents of Pleasant Beach are well aware of how unconventional their lifestyle is, and the different views held outside their circle.  Even those born and raised in the community inevitably grow up knowing how things are elsewhere, though most will probably find others' inhibitions strange.

So, how do we fit into all this?
Well, this part's a little more open.  I have this setting I want to explore, but there are so many possibilities for scenes and stories to write in it.  The biggest idea I have in mind is for one of us--probably you, but I could see myself playing either side--to play someone new to Pleasant Beach, who's managed to remain ignorant of what they're getting into until they move in.  I think it would be especially fun if this were a whole family.  We could see how each of them react when they realize what's up, how they adjust and take to it differently.

If we go this way, we could potentially start right as they arrive, exploring their experience from square one.  However, I think it could be fun to start a little further in, when they've settled in a bit and gotten used to things.  I admit, I envision this being a mostly smut-focused roleplay, so this approach appeals to me because it lets them get right into the interesting stuff (of course, even after a bit of time to adjust, I don't imagine everyone will be one hundred percent on-board with everything that goes on, so there'd still be tension).  Anyway, there's all kinds of fun situations we could write about with these new arrivals exploring Pleasant Beach and getting to know their neighbors.  I have some ideas, though they'd depend on what you had in mind for your characters, so we'd have to talk about that.

Like I said, the thing I think would be the most fun is if the new arrivals are a whole family, since that'd give whoever was playing that side lots of options in terms of stuff to get them all into.  Or we could go that way, but split both the family members and the locals between us, giving us some more options for having characters in each group interact with each other (probably ideal if you wanted to go the incest route, which I think would be fun, but it's not a requirement).  If you wanted to play just one main character as new, that's fine by me, but I would like this to be the kind of thing where we each write multiple characters--probably sharing lots of the secondary ones, writing whatever we each want for them as the scene demands to keep the pace up.  If you wanted to write the newcomers as the family option, and prefer to have a single focus among them, I'd be most interested in that being the teenage or college-age son, but we can discuss it.

So, that's my idea.  If you're interested, PM me and we can talk.  Happy holidays! ;D
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