Thief's compassion (M looking for F)

Started by Sgt Knockboots, December 20, 2017, 10:23:52 AM

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Sgt Knockboots

Its been a while since I've last RPed and am looking to get back into it.  I may be a bit rusty when it comes to writing so you'll have to bear with me while I shake off the rust.  But, now I've got some extra time and I'm looking to polish a skill I've neglected.

I only have an idea right now and its not fully fleshed out so I'd like a partner to try to flesh it out with me.  Its going to take place in a fantasy world (GoT or Lord of the Rings style world) where my character (human) is a traveling thief who is just trying to survive day by day.  He is a master thief with a charismatic side but is naturally an introvert.  Some may even call him rude at times.  When it comes to dealing his stolen goods though, his charm turns on.  As he is rolling up his latest stolen art piece, he notices a door that has an intricate lock.  Nothing peak's his interest more than a seemingly impenetrable door.  It took him some time to pick the lock but nothing would surprise him more than finding a girl (could be a different race if you'd like).  Seeing her in chains, he reluctantly frees her.  When they make their escape, he tells her to go one way and he'd go the other but she follows him anyway.

From there, I got nothing in mind.  I'm hoping if it peaks anyone's interest, we could work this out together.  I'd prefer to do this in PM or over an IM client but if you insist, I'd do it on the forum too.  Send me a PM!