Some End of Year Fantasies

Started by Jester, December 20, 2017, 05:42:10 AM

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Awkward Family Affair
Awkard Family Affair
I am flexible on the relationship between the two characters. We could have

1. Father/Daughter or step variants.
2. Brother/Sister (Would be very cool!)
3. Husband / Sister in Law. (Would love this pairing)
4. Another combination

The key is the risky situations the pair get into. Such as

1. A night on the sofa - Watching tv together as a family our characters are on the sofa and playing with each other quietly leaving rather embarrassing wet patches.
2. Bed time - Sneaking into each others rooms.
3. Crafty blowjobs - Can be caught any time
4. Going to Church - Sharing a car to church gives them some time alone but should they be fucking in church?
5. Shopping - A trip to the shops means some fun in the car park.
6. Sunny Day - With everyone outside they have some time along but how long?
7. Handjob in the back seat
8. Impregnation
9. Caught and what the consequences?

Over 30 and on the shelf - From caterpillar to butterfly
(Seeking single frumpy woman to turn into a sexual beauty! - Possible Extreme)

She was over thirty and past it. He could tell she had no self confidence and very little self esteem. She did nothing with her hair, she ate badly and dressed in clothes for comfort and not fashion. But the world had missed her beauty. They had missed the shining personality inside and the beauty that could be raised with a little work,attention and effort.

I want to play this ladies landlord who owns the house that she currently rents in. He see's her boring drab life and seeks to bring some excitement into it. So when tragedy befalls he seeks to help her. He helps her both financially but also sexually and helps her open up and turn into the butterfly that she really is.

She will be surprised at first at his interest and desperate for help she finds herself experieincing a world she never knew existed.

In return for his help she finds herself

1. Providing sexual services
2. Changing her image and wearing clothes he provides.
3. Dealing with the shock and surprise of her family and friends. .
4. Watching her landlord have sex with other people.
5. Answering the door to strangers and doing as they ask..

And so on...

I quite like the idea that she becomess besotted with this man who has seen through her frumpy shy exterior and she is prepared to do anything he asks.

1. I like the idea of her being prepared to change her physical appearance e.g. Becoming dressed and looking like a tart or perhaps a boy?
2. I want her to be prepared to humiliate and embarrass herself in front of work colleagues, friends and family and prepared to lose them.
3. She has a sexual awakening with nothing be too taboo.

So at the end of the story she is very sexual person getting involved in lots and lots of sexualy deviant activities!

Daddy's religion
A small church in a small town. It felt normal to go to Church every sunday and at Christmas as well. And for children it was just like every other religion.

But after sixteen the religion's secrets were now available to sons and daughters of the family.

Your mother and father would no longer hide the truth from you. No longer would they need to hide from their own children. Sex would become more open and obvious. They would no longer hide from their children and it would get rough. Because a wife in God's eyes is just a slut and whore.

A man is all powerful. And a Father and husband can be denied nothing...

This is your awakening......and you slowly realise that

1. Dadddy loves rough sex now he does not need to be quiet...
2. Daddy has affairs as you catch his sister in law sucking his cock.
3. Your sisters is now expecting her first child out of wedlock...

And mummy wants to talk to you about sex......

Am looking to teach a daughter abouyt her daddy's religion.....

The Black neighbourhood - Dad and Daughter

Terry Smith had managed to escape his abusive wife and the divorce had been drawn out, expensive and very upsetting.  He had kept custody of his sixteen year old daughter and together they had managed to find an apartment far away from the his wife and her mother.  The apartment was not huge but it would do. 

Based in the middle of a rough neighbourhood Terry fears for his daughter but there is little he can do.....

Its not long before his daughter has attracted a lot of black male attention and is slowly being turned into the "blocks" slut and whore and their is very little Terry can do expect watch and listen...

I am looking for someone to play the innocent daughter who is seduced into the dark world of the rough neighbourhood. A world of drugs, gangs, black men and rape. Will she survive or will she bring her dad down with her?

My bi guy (MMF and MFF)
I am looking for a male or female player interested in playing either role.

I am wanting a yung couple to begin experimenting with their bi sexual sides.

She would begin by

1. Using toys on him.
2. Dressing as a boy for him.
3. Using a strap on him.
4. Encouraging him to have mmf threesomes.
5. Finally get him a male lover.

I would love the girl to get a real thrill in turning her partner gay.

Maybe we could have her experimenting with women as well?

A wife, her lesbian lover and her husband
She had always been a faithful and loyal wife. She had the perfect marriage in so many ways and loved her husband very much. She never wanted or expected anything else and  never expected to cheat or have an affair.  If she had met a man she would probably have never considered it but because she met a woman...... That was different.

Can a woman have a female lover and keep her husband happy at the same time? I am looking for someone to play the wife and someone else to play the lover while i will play the husband.

The wife and lover could meet

1. Through work. Business colleagues that spend long hours together and slowly fall for each other and enter a torrid affair.
2. Friends - They have been friends for a long time and slowly cannot hold back their true feelings for each other.
3. Lust - A series of accidental but flirtatious meetings at the pool, at a bar and the two of them cannot keep their hands off each other.
4. Pregnant and lonely - Two pregnant (one maybe?) women spend time during the day and find themselves drawn to each other.
5. In - law love - His sister spends a lot of time visiting and staying over and slowly a relationship grows between his wife and sister.
6. Gym buddies - Working out and getting fit is hot and streamy work and so much time training with hot bodies meant something was bound to happen.
7. Golf Competition - Both keen golfers they spend a lot of time away together at compeitions and love blossomed in their hotel rooms.

Note - Husband involvement - I realise that lesbian players/characters will have little interest in a husband. I am a big fan of cuckold play and would enjoy the torment and humilaition of a wife having a lesbian lover. It is also a huge turnon and exciting at the same time especially knowing your loved one is happy even in the hands of another person.  I would like to discuss the possibility of him having some action in some scenes. But this we should all discuss.

Addicted to cum - Men are ready to help
Imagine waking one day with a thirst that you could not quench. A need, a habit and an addiction all in one. You feel your skin getting clammy yet dry, your breathing becomes difficult and you begin to get dizzy.

The doctors cannot help not diagnose the problem and many of your friends and family think you are making it all up.....

Then one day you realise what is wrong. A chance encounter with an ex-boyfriend and all of your symptoms are gone. You cannot believe but you are....

"Addicted to Cum".

This is a story of how you try to live your life without letting your friends, family and colleagues know about your illness or addiction. Somehow you have to carry on with your life while also satisfying your addiction. And sometimes you may even need to satisfy it 3 - 4 times a day?

How could you do this?

1. Tire out your husband / boyfriend?
2. Make a load of different fuckbuddies but try and keep it quiet?
3. Hire a regular gigolo for your lunch hour?
4. Seduce the boss and pounce whenever you have the need?

Some deductions you have come to:

1. Cum on skin is not effective unless its covered all over your face.
2. The same man's cum becomes less effective over time...
3. Swallowing cum really helps but only after swilling it around.
4. Unprotected sex is the best at beating the addiction and even better when its with more than man.
5. Animals won't tell anyone how often you have sex with them....

Anyway if you are worried you have the same condition then please get in touch.... Men are ready to help.