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May 16, 2022, 01:40:59 pm

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Author Topic: Horizon Zero Dawn (F for M writer gender unimportant)  (Read 489 times)

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Horizon Zero Dawn (F for M writer gender unimportant)
« on: December 20, 2017, 04:50:08 am »
Hello there! Wow first time ever putting up a request board here. Normally I’m just a lurker, weird. Anyways I’m Lu and I’ve been here a hot minute(chest out my posts yo...ok yeah, not that impressive) but am struggling to find a recent craving. So here we go!

Surprise I am looking to play Aloy! Woah, what?! You WANT to play a canon? Yes indeed my fair friend! Be not afraid for I am not mad. Perhaps a little actually. Where doe that leave you dear lurker of this thread? Take it or leave it I have a little list of pairings for out astounding little red head. For you see...I am a sucker. Honestly while I LOVED this amazing girl with her sassy, fiery personality and awesome strength I felt a bit sad that there was some heavy-ass flirting...but that’s where it ended. Cock tease much? Clit tease? Something like that. So here is a list of potential beau’s for our outcast turned brave turned seeker turned OMG SPOILERS! No seriously...if you haven’t finished the game you should probably clear out now as I intend for this RP to take place after the conclusion of the game but before the DLC. So with each pairing I’ll give a quick “what should we do with them” quip but if you have ideas of your own I would love to hear them! Onward to the beaus!

Nil: Call me nutty but I could see something with him and Aloy. Maybe some simple adventures and killings. Lots of killings because, of course, it’s Nil. Take out a massive group of bandits, maybe find they’re doing something crazy with machines. Action, adventure, fighting, all that good shit. Could be fluffy romance, could be rougher stuff, drama too.

Sun King Avad: Probably more of a fluffy, drama filled thing. Though Avad isn’t exactly a pussy either. Maybe they travel together so he can meet with the Nora and offer true peace and alliance. An uneasy one to be sure. Though if they start catching those feelings(what am I saying? IF? Pfffft) what then? Would the Carja accept this? Sure Aloy pretty much saved them but, seriously, a Nora? Action, drama, fluff, happy.

Varl: Ehhh this one is more iffy for me. It was teased for sure but Varl is kind of stumpy to me. Little going for him personality wise. Probably lots of hunting and such. Action, adventure, fighting all that noise.

Your OC: Ok so the deal with this...I’m really looking to fulfill those teases the game put out. HOWEVER...if you can come at me with an OUTSTANDING character of your own make and likely some plotage to go along with him...I can be swayed. Just please understand that I’m going to be super picky about this.

Some quick things about Lu and her styles!
-Usual offs(vore, scat, gore, watersports, pedoshits(seriously...pedophilia is gross), incest, beast, anything wicked extreme)
-I play true to a character so don’t get butt hurt if Aloy isn’t all “bone jumpy” at first.
-I post from my phone and iPad(yep I drink that apple juice) so please forgive minor word errors. Autocorrect is not my friend.
-I’m on daily and you can expect a post at least every day if not multiple a day.
-I love constant/frequent OOC even if it’s idle chatter and it helps us center what is going on in the RP.
-Sorry but threads only...PMs get too cluttered looking here. I reserve PM for OOC...I could be swayed for email but...I’d prefer to keep RP here.
-I’ll match you post/length/writing wise. If you stalke me hard enough you will notice that trend. If you write long, flowery prose I’m there. If you write short, sweet, and to the point I’m there too. I can range from 2 short paragraphs to 3k words for a particularly long winded post (Seriously, check out “Stolen Hearts” if you don’t believe me.)
-Please contact VIA PM. Can’t promise I will check this board again.

I think that’s all...if not that is what OOC is for! Yeah! Have a good one!
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