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Started by Coottick, January 15, 2009, 06:38:26 PM

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Well, my games have died down a good bit recently, and my most active game I was slacking on for a bit myself due to the playing of WoW that got to be a bit much during guilds troubled times. But now that thats cleared up, and I'm sitting here bored a lot, thought I'd drop in and see if I couldn't spice up my day with another game or two.

1- Speaking of WoW...Found a very nice picture of a female Draenei Death Knight...So, thought it'd be fun to give the WoWverse a turn up for RP if anyone knows anything about the game. Don't have to be an expert, just some sort of an idea about how it works. This storyline could be very open ended and go many different ways. (Mul)

2 - Dreams are Alive. - Well, this is a actual game that I used to RP with someone on AOL. The way it went, the woman was pure, virgin, about twenty years old. She'd never had sex, nor seen a man nude in person before. Never even had an orgasm before. (These details aren't important and can be changed.) Never the less, a spirit comes to haunt her at night, as every time to falls asleep she is subjected to the sexual exploits of the spirit. This game can involve anything in the site rules, as even if she gets killed, it's only a dream, so she'll be perfectly fine when she wakes, as well as the next time they play. Limits will have to be set up beforehand in detail, as there would be a strong possibility for many things to happen. Sometimes, it could be gentle teasing, and soft lovemaking. Another, he could have her thrust against a wall and using her without her will. It all depends on how things work.

Final Fantasy - I like Yuna. Her innocence appeals to me...Something I'd be able to corrupt. Be it beast, bad guy, or one of her friends. Aries and Tiffa are also favorites of mine. As far as settings go, I'd be willing to try a lot of things with them.

Autumn Sativus

I like the second one you've posted there.Some of the details I might like to work around with but I'm greatly interested. PM or IM me if you'd like to try working things out.
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