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Opening - Hitchhikers aren't all bad people, right?
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All she could be thankful for, was that with the window down, the wind coming in was enough to keep her alert as images kept coming in flashes, and the smell of every sensory overload was being blown out. It didn't mean that they didn't come back to Willow in full force of memory when she let it, but it was enough for now as she kept telling herself to keeping driving. Just keep driving.

She hadn't left right away, waiting patiently for her mother to return to their home, and perhaps that had been her first mistake. The hours had ticked away, power slowly started to deplete, and soon enough everyone was evacuating... Or worse. Willow decided, with way to many tears and horrible thoughts filling her mind, that it was time to go. She packed up what she could in the late evening hours, careful and quiet as if it was her first deer hunt with her father. Two full duffel bags of a first aid kit, clothes, some food and water, and a few odds and ends later, she made her sure to move her baseball bat to the front seat and took, with a strange unease in her stomach, two of her largest kitchen knives.

With her doors locked and a panic settling in, she had waited five more minutes in the driveway before finally starting the smaller suv and left. Green eyes only giving a quick glance back to her mother's home one last time.

Traffic was a mess and Willow could have only wished she knew a better route out as it seemed worse then any parade day she had ever seen. Taking some of the much scarier back routes, and after a person had stepped out and began towards her even cruising at about 30 miles per hour, she had done her best to leave as quick as she could without care of direction. She had hoped to take the only way she knew out of state and back to her father's, but at this point, it was just getting out of New York. With daybreak she found herself one of the few left to the roads she had managed to go about and with a glance down, thankful she had a little more than half a tank of gas left, as stopping seemed ill advised in just her simple slowing down to debate. That incident alone giving her a busted headlight, her adrenaline pumping, and leaving some crazed person behind with a broken foot and possibly a bit worse.

So now all she could do was keep the window down as, as free range as it sort of was, had found itself. Chipped purple nail polish covered fingers tapping to the wheel as she tried to hum some song in her head to keep her company and not how her heart still felt like it was trying to win a race under her light pink tee. A few heavy blinks and she was trying to do her best to stay away without having to pull over yet, wanting to save that until she felt a little better in distance. Eyes glancing into the review mirror and then back ahead without a second thought... only to narrow at the sudden figure.

Her free hand wiping up across her face and brushing back dirty blonde locks as if making sure she wasn't seeing things. Almost instantly her foot let off the gas and she left the vehicle starting to slow. She shouldn't stop. This wasn't right. She had already drove past to many others wanting to go ape shit on her car and possibly her, and yet she still found herself slowing. Her free hand clenching to her pants with a deep swallow as she finally used the breaks, just near enough towards him. Rolling down the window only a bit so he could talk and not actually reach in while the door was still locked. She had been raised to be kind, but perhaps this was pushing it.

Regardless, her voice came out, sounding dry, and if nothing else hesitant, but still holding the feminine tone with a lowly hidden accent or sorts. "You alright?"

Opening - Highschool something
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Perfect. No different way to describe it. Not that she would want a different way to describe it. The weather was perfect, and her routine was everything and then some of the norm. She liked, no, preferably adored, days like these. Eyes had beamed back at her in the large, sparkling, mirror. Light make up placed on the dark rings that rested themselves comfortable beneath the hues. Normal. She would be alarmed, even, if she woke up without them there. Course, giving a chuckle to herself, that would require she fall asleep to wake up. A sigh followed. She was losing it. Now she was laughing at herself. Chasity had to keep it together; no one was allowed to see her like this. She was from a dignified (as most thought it was) business oriented family. She and her brothers lived together in their own home, that many would believe as a mansion itself; they should see her parents’ home. And there were only two of them living there.

Her dark clogs seem very contrast towards the cleaned grounds as she realized she had made it to school without much realization. Of course when it was chronic, it was no wonder she made it without much thought. A smile plastered to her face however when her name was given a call and a group of girls gave a wave. The brunette acknowledge, jogging with little effort to them before hugs were exchanged and then the latest gossip. As part of the counseling slash welcoming and school newspaper committee, it was only natural they got word of things, like transfer students, before any other students. Sometimes even teachers.

However, that was here nor there at the moment. They had a new student. Something not habitual and it made her hand twitch into a fist. It wasn't that she hated them, it just was a little knack she had with the routine in her life. When things stayed the way they were she liked it, something new was thrown into the mix, it confused her. Her sleep became worse. Well worse than an already prescribed insomniac could.

After gossip she, with her group of girls, headed into the warmer building, dividing where they needed, only one still with her as they walked into the homeroom early. Both took their seats, the friend sitting right behind her by the window. Thus the class loaded and it was with the final bell that the door closed, only to be opened a second afterwards. A boy she didn’t recognize entered the classroom. He looked impassive to the eyes on him (and trust her, there were lots of eyes on him - particularly from the girls) as he moved himself in. The students said hello but Chasity remained quiet. Finally her eyes went to her notebook that had notes scribbled in it and became memorized by them once more. As much as she could when she wasn't trying to catch a glance at the new kid shamefully as well.

He seemed pleasant enough, but all new kids did. They didn't want attention, much like herself. Status, was something though, that about anyone in the school, couldn't get away from. She kept actively popular with everyone because it was good for 'businesses'. She kept the laugh to herself but a smile came to her lips quietly as she began to look out the window once more. The female would greet the new kid after class. No. His name was Lucas. Referring to him as “the new boy” or “the new kid”, or anything of the sort was just silly. They weren’t sixth graders anymore, after all (but boy, did they look like ‘em, whispering and looking at the poor kid).

The teacher had given him the book he needed for the class and also a list of items he may want to pick up. Mostly notebooks and pencils, normal things. It gave him little time for class however and the bell rang for them to switch. Closing her eyes a second, she waited while all the other bodies hoarded out quickly. Usually she was right behind, but she had to greet him, it was her job. With the dinky body she made her way to him like it was nothing. She hesitated but her hand shot out then with a smile on her face. If he only knew, she could pull off the same fake smile he could.

"Spaniel. Chasity Spaniel. Welcoming committee. If you have any problems please feel free to ask me." Her head moved slightly to the side in thought. "An odd time for you to be joining us, usually all registered people are months in advance. However we're very glad to have you."

Opening - Accounting is fun
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The slowest breath let out as Katelyn Tomey closed her eyes. Elbows perched at the edge of her desk but doing their job of holding her head just barely up in her hands. It had taken her five years after working her ass off in collage to finally get her own office space and another before she could even be counted as a liable accountant in the building. She had burned enough bridges and worked herself up in the chain to prove worthy enough to have as many accounts as she did now. Wooden Keg Tavern had been a favorite, only cause the old man was a sweet spitfire. And now it was all spiraling down as she had been told of exactly who would be taking it up in ownership. At first she thought it to be someone else by the same given name, but that only had lasted a short conversation and verifying of appearance. The one person she had linger enough in the back of her mind but had pushed down hard enough to only see him in the darkest of shadows of her mind when reminiscing.

Or at least she liked to tell herself. Some part had always found a slight fascination of her one night, and Kat did the best thing she could when it was over, try to remember it as just a fun collage night. It was easier when she had gotten married, but much harder when the divorce was rolling around. Of all times for Kevin to appear back into her life.

The knock drew her attention, a breath drawing in as her head raised up, her hazel gaze lifting to meet the door so the long, chocolate strands tumbled about mid back. Straightening her back in the chair to give a tug upon her chest in the deep purple button up, her black slack covered, legs shifting underneath her desk to twist her heels a bit more comfortable position. And just like that, she was taken back. It was sort of hard not to when, even after so long it was about impossible to forget the features that still held so brightly to his face. Kat gave a clear hesitation, before she finally pushed herself to stand up, lacing on her smile and adult responsibilities and acting like this was work as usual. Because, well, that was exactly what it was; even if it felt a little to familiar to be looking back into that green gaze once more. And her voice dropped to something much friendlier. "Well hello, Kevin..." Her eyes dropped down over him before yanking back up, trying to find her normal tone once more. "I heard we got a bar."

Opening - Nom, nom, nom braaains~
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New York City
10:47 AM
July 10th

The hum of the subway riding under the girls feet was enough to want to lull the poor thing to sleep where she stood. Having been out since early that morning, nothing but putting her feet up sounded nice. Especially since she still wasn't quite used to such the hustle and bustle of New York. Things were usually a lot quieter where she came from so adapting hadn't been one of her strong points. She would get better in the time to come if she was to start living there, she was sure, but thankfully, the subway wasn't going to be her normal route. Not even lunch and the thing was packed. She almost got a headache thinking of what the morning had been like. So many people it was hard to breath. The sound of her arrival stopped the thoughts though.

Giving a shift from one leg to the other, the small thud of her cowboy boot hit against the metal floor. Worn and faded jeans hugged against Lily's hips while she turned to see the time on the clocks of the subway. A purple flannel shirt was buttoned up halfway to show the beige colored tee underneath, her arm that wasn't hanging on to the bar, giving a small tug at it before brushing brown that hung lazily around her back over her shoulder. The squeal of wheels starting to slow down drew green eyes towards the doors she would be exiting slowly with the heard of people around her. Finally the stop completing and the sound of air releasing as they doors did, the rush started to pull one way as others hauled in at the other doors. Already used to how it felt to flow with such a tight crowd, she was basically swept out and to the underground waiting area. Sunlight shining just across the way to the stairs that would lead up to the even busier streets.

Feet had started that way when a loud crash was heard over the sounds of people talking. The subway starting to dull down in sound. Lily's eyes drawn straight up the stairs as people also stopped and began to look around. Murmurs started and then she felt it. The vibration under her feet as if something had just rammed something important. Somewhere deep inside, a pit was forming and the flannel clad girl knew something wasn't right. Then all hell began to break lose.

Screams from atop the stairs echoed as more quickly joined much like a rave of fans screaming would. People around started moving as did she, feet already quick to begin climbing the cement steps. Not seconds of doing it where people running in every direction, the crowd practically shoving her up the steps if she didn't keep up. The daylight got brighter and soon was baring down on the girls face as she tried to see over the crowd. Only puffs of smoke could be seen from three intersections down, but her feet were getting ready for flight and stepping her backwards. Another crash made her head spin.

"What the hell is going on?!" came a scream only feet from her.

"Run!" Came another from some direction.

Chaos was ensuing it seemed and she was damn near in the middle of it. A thought flashed on her mind of getting home as her body was being pushed around in different directions. Then panic came and the brunette found herself squeezing between bodies that were plowing each way. People were getting out of their cars, others starting to rush into buildings. Lily merely was trying to get to the other side of the street. Finally she was out of most the people on the sidewalk and into the waves starting to pile in the street. Weaving around cars and trying not to get hit by quickly opening doors, she found herself in a diagonal line towards the corner.

Though crowded, she was now running down the sideway of the road that was between, well, whatever was going on. A shaky hand was pulling out her phone and she was quickly pulling up her friends number. Leaning forward a bit more, she was shouldering through hoards that were trying to figure in what way they should go when the girlfriend answered.

"Lily! What the hell-"

"I don't know!" she cut off quickly. "I'm on my way. Stay put."

"It's all over the news!" came a soft cry on the other end of the phone.

"What? Wha-- I can't hear you Soph!" Lily started louder as things began to grow about her.

"It's all over the damned news Lily!"

"Already?" Lily almost stopped in her tracks.

"No, somewhere do-wn--"

"I can't... I can't hear you... Sophie?!" She held her phone out and saw the call had been dropped. "Fuck."

The blood curling screaming was what actually stopped her. She looked around before climbing up on a car parked beside her, a few others seeming to get the idea even as bodies started to swarm around them. Another had climbed upon his taxi just a couple yards ahead and it happened. A person had come flying seemingly out of nowhere before body slamming right into his and knocking him clean off the taxi.

Lily's footing slipped a bit before she was jumping down and shoving over to press against the buildings wall. Now hauling ass as fast as she could to get to the clearing that was head. Breaking into it, she found it easier now that she was crossing another intersection and her pace picked up, boots slamming against the pavement as she did her best to keep her eyes forward.

"Don't you dare look back." she breathed out heavily as she kept running.

Gunshots. She pressed harder, her thighs starting to burn already from the sheer adrenaline and fear that was coursing through her. Turning a corner, she almost feel over the wooden caution stand blocking a hole being dug. Someone grabbed hold of her shoving her out of his way, to the ground. Turning to watch whoever it was, she went to open her mouth but it stopped as a body plowed right into his. Soon his curling screams happened as whatever had hit him wasn't leaving.

Eyes widened as blood began to fly everywhere and a growl like a hungry animal was heard. Scrambling to get up, it turned to look at her. Face deforming, the skin and blood dripping from its jaw. Lily was froze, her hands feeling behind her for something, anything. Then she grabbed the handle of what hit her fingers. Turning to grab it as the human, if that was what it could be called, got up to come at her. Turning around she had the shovel soon up as the body about pounced on her, the crunch of its stomach railing right into it. Arms outstretched as she turned her head. The weight pushing it to fall to the side so she could get up.

Quick but trembling hands pulled the shovel out before she let out a yell and just started to smash into it a couple more times for good measure. her chest, now having blood splattered about the shirt, heaved as she dropped the shovel and looked around frantically. Her mind wasn't working, it had shut down. A terror spreading her body as her feet were trying to work for her in place of no thoughts. She needed a weapon besides the shovel. Emerald hues crossed over to the mangled body and grew. The white uniform of a cop and sitting right on his hip was his pistol. Her body was moving as everything was mosaic around her. Reaching down, without a thought, she had the .40 caliber pistol in her hands. Dropping the clip into the palm of her hand to see it was loaded before shoving it back in, legs already in motion. Crossing yet another street, she wasn't even sure where she was going, but found doors to a hotel building and plowed in through the revolving door. There was no way she was going to make it back to her apartment and she knew that. With the gun at her side, she started for the stairs, hesitating, before looking behind the main counter and heading down a hallway, that way instead. With everyone in the building in so much hysteria, she wasn't even going to be acknowledged.

She pulled out her phone again to try Sophie. It rang only once before she picked up.

"Lily, oh my god are you okay?"

There was hesitance before she answered with a, "Fine."

"The news, the... Lily, these things..." her voice drifted off before restarting. "Where are you?"

Lily began to glance around, actually unsure of where she had strolled into.


"I don't know." She answered sharply.

"You don't know?!" Came a tone of disbelief.

Lily was in the kitchen and searching for something, finding a cart, she flipped over a towel to see the symbol.

"The Mark hotel I think." Started the brunette, glancing around now before spotting the knives and heading straight towards them.

"Mark? I'll be there-"

"No!" came a hoarse voice as she picked up a hefty looking cleaver. "You stay put, you hear me? Don't come out of the apartment and lock the door. I'll come to you."

And so no more arguments could be said, she shut the phone, putting it back into her pocket. Holding the knife in her left, she kept the gun in her dominant hand before starting out a set of doors and then another, finding herself back outside. Looking around to assess what was going on, even though she wasn't sure if anything registered, she finally started off towards her apartment building.

Reply - That club scene though
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At the time she wasn't sure if the pat on the back had helped or not, cause it had sure felt as if it had just made her hesitate drinking longer even in those few seconds it was in her mouth. A barely audible cough had a admitted though before gave a laugh to show it was alright. Waving a hand that she didn't need anymore however. His fingers coming to her neck making her smile while trying to pinch his hand there from the sudden tickle. So when he ordered again she was curious, though that was when she decided to pull him away. However, he took them himself and only left her with a satisfied grin at his reasoning to why as she began to pull him to the floor. Only a moment after finding at least a little bit of spot to move, she already was into it and her body sort of morphed right into it's own spot and blended in.

Though she had been taught the ways of dancing slowly, a club was good if you just had rhythm alone. And she had rhythm. It was like the music came right through her shoes, to her toes, and made its way through her body. Every sway and every arm movement matching the beat almost timely, and she was sure she had only heard the song once before. Every time she would turn and shift, coming back to face her dancing partner would be a smile and she couldn't help but grin back. He was always fun to go out with. Never seeming to have a worry about what they did. It was like nothing got to him in these places. And perhaps it was the alcohol talking, but she could understand that one easily. She got going before she started to get touchy feely. And though she completely trusted Zach to act like a gentlemen if she got as such, even never having seen her that way before, she didn't trust herself to be a lady. Which, in some ways, perhaps would have been a good thing if he was into her as hard as she was beginning to see she was into him.

The music started sliding right into something else and she faced him, her own face giving a bit of surprise to hear such an old song, however it was all she could do not to grin widely at the school girl look he had already on his face. And though it was hard to hear, reading his lips was hard enough and she burst into laughter already feeling wherever this was going to go was going to be enough to make her actually need another shot. And he stepped back to suddenly do something she could only remotely remember as some kind of shake. He had tried showing it to her once and she had laughed him off saying if she would do it her boobs would get in the way. However he slid right into another move like this was the most popular dance and she could only give silent laughter, putting her hand to her mouth as she watched him. Giving a shake to her head, she took a step towards him as he was already coming close as well. Her hips starting to sway again a little more dangerously with the feel of his hand on them only did she laugh again as he made the gunshots. Her hand landing on his chest gentle though it was meant to be sort of a slap for how funny he looked when the song ended.

Drowning out the DJ, she went to speak but found her hand on his arm and he was tensing up. It was then she realized that whoever had been calling Charley meant him. It confused her a moment, wondering about his last name. He was swirling around suddenly, her eyes widening a bit as she followed slowly to move around and peek about, seeing who seemed to know him so well. She rarely met any of his friend considering most were her own family. He never seemed to mention many outside of them. She was mildly curious. It was then she saw the blonde woman before them. Her blue eyes glanced from her to Zachary in question, but his only look seemed that of despair. She wasn't sure what to make of the situation yet with such confused signals and only chose to step up more into the picture of conversation to see how things would pan out.

Finally after a moment of small talk, he mentioned her name. Chasity wasn't sure but she thought she felt her face light up in a spiteful manner. Only cause she knew from their talks just how annoying this girl seemed to be to him. Plus she always teased him about dating her. Yet another girl he said nah to. And she cute. Chasity took her in quickly, though her voice was getting rather annoying. Or maybe it was the way she was talking. At Jessica's surely comment of Chasity knowing all about her, she smiled politely but shook her head, seeming confused. The verbal slap came right with it. "I'm sorry no. Zachary hasn't really ever said anything about you." He then tried to intervene and only seemed to make things a bit tense as music slowly started back up. She was all for him sticking up for himself but she didn't want him looking so mean. He had to go back to his living place, she, however, did not. Her mouth opened as he was already speaking, though he seemed heavily nervous and she sort of felt pissed at the girl before them. Wither it was her fault or not, she wasn't sure, even so she didn't realize she was so worried to how this girl was making him. Nor did she like it.

Either way she found herself stepping close to him, her left arm going just barely behind his to bump their hands, and her chest turning a bit towards him possessively. She would say it was to move out of the way of the person that had just passed by. Her chest swelled a bit and she cocked her hip slightly at his freeze up. Her words began flying and she couldn't even remember if she knew she would regret them or not. "Girlfriend." Her hand shot out in a confident manner she usually radiated. "Chasity. I don't think we've ever been introduced until now!" Her grin was that of a animal with prey in sight and she knew that was from her up bringing if nothing. The girl seemed a bit thrown off then and shook her hand sheepishly. "Oh I didn't ever think he had a..." She wouldn't say the word and Chasity raised a brow almost in a ticked manner that she wouldn't. It irked her even more when the girl gave her a one over, judging what she must have assumed was competition. Chasity could have laughed. This girl looked like she had rolled out of bed with the large teased hair she had on and the booty shorts and halter top she had on. Chasity wasn't sure if it was a popular look now or not, but she wouldn't 'degrade her class to show more ass'. As her mother always taught her. However, with that thought, she never really got to what type of girls the man beside her liked. Somehow though, she wasn't very nervous about not knowing anyway.

"I'm surprised he is with someone-" Chasity cut her off with a shrug not even wanting to hear the rest of that sentence. If it was to downgrade him or her, she really wasn't sure she could keep her cool then. "I never come over, we don't like to keep the neighbors up as we are usually night people." And she left that to be taken however it was wanted. But to make it in a direction she did want it go, her right hand closed their distance and she found her palm gliding across Zach's chest. A cat like smirk appearing on her lips. "Now, if you'll excuse us, I also think I see some of your girlfriends calling." Only one finger lifting from the firm chest she was leaning easily against to point past the crowd. It only took the turn of her head to glance and she was pulling Zach away from the situation as quickly as possibly. Her blood was pumping and she wasn't sure she could have handled that any more ladylike if she had tried at this point. She also didn't realize how much her hand was shaking from that girl so easily eyeing Zachary over. She didn't like her at all and if she had any less pride, she would have probably socked her there. No girl fight slaps enjoyed. She found the bar and her fingers went up for two. "Patron." She would regret, but right now she didn't care. They got poured and as quick as they were set down, she had both and one after another they were down, now showing one hadn't even been for him. He felt her tongue run along her teeth and she made a face before speaking. "I didn't like her one bit. Zachary please don't date her..." She laughed shaking her head and asking for something girly to chase the patron she had just downed.

Reply - Ah look, a prostitute thing.
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Even flowers could grow in concrete it seemed however. Or least when well taken care of. The last drips of water pitter pattering into the pot under the glass held over it that was now empty. Beautiful pink flowers that resonated the same name as their owner, already seeming happy and awake from the drink they were receiving. Opposite of the yawn that escaped bare plump lips. A hand not bothering to cover or be modest as she was alone. And she strictly could see the sense to care. The empty run down dump apartment that she did manage to live and barely afford wasn’t that bad. It wasn't that she couldn’t use a roommate, (though she much preferred the quiet living to herself) it was that you couldn’t trust the scum around the place as far as you could chuck them. And while Lila may have been able to throw a few -- being as skinny as they were --, the crack heads, cocaine addicts, dealers, and killers, were not someone she would want to even get close to.

Course a laugh could easily be tossed saying she was such a hypocrite for if she didn’t throw them, she would sleep with them. She might give the plain excuse that it was different, even if the fiery red head knew otherwise. She risked her life every night she went out to sleep with someone. Crazy wives, jealous girlfriends, just creepy old men. It didn’t matter, all she saw was dollar signs. When anyone became professional in her… line of work, looking over the very blatant details that screamed at you in the face, became a simple thing to ignore. A ring was a ring, no matter the finger it was placed on. The tan line that many held, was just a tan line. Pictures of children or other woman in wallets were just that, pictures. Emotion wasn’t a strong suit in the world she lived in. Not many things were in fact. Clothes were material, phones, friends… All sat on the same dusty shelf that emotions did. Not touched, not bothered, not even dusted.

A sigh escaped the lips where the yawn had been moments before as bare feet padded across the room to go get dressed. Not that there was much to do. She was shaved, showered, and only had her arms left to moisturize. Which she was doing now, running one little hand up the opposite arm, nimble fingers curling around to make sure she got every inch. The unscented lotion still carrying a smell of something sweet. Something she liked in her dark little world. Just like her flowers. Little things made her ecstatic. No. Scratch that. The red head was always unenthusiastic, but very happy. Not ecstatic. She was doing what she knew she was going to do since school. Now she was just getting paid better for it. That made a twisted smirk appear at the corner of the pretty little lips that she was applying light lip gloss to, giving them a sparkling shine under the dim lights. Next coming the high black stilettos. A short black skirt already placed on her hips, zipped up the side and curling right under her rump to show the perfectly round bottom.

It didn’t take much to aid the top half, with the ample amount she had going for her up there. Hands came up to shift the chest a bit to get comfortable in the bra and clingy blue top. While she would try and bring out her features, she didn’t think it mattered anymore. Bright carmine locks that hung down her back was enough to catch attention. Thankfully, for the plain brown eyes she bore didn’t do much for her. So other than hair and dressing slutty, well it was all her. And she had it.

Closing the door, she made sure she had her protections and a little cash stuffed into her bra. Walking down the steps on her two story building, her lanky legs shined back at the lights as she made her way to her usual spot. Each girl took areas. It helped with regulars. And knowing who was helping what girls that were new to the gig. The dim lights flickered as she rolled her neck, trying to wake herself up. She had only been up a while, much more the nocturnal animal and while people may have thought about it or not, sleeping with people all the time was tiring. You built great muscles and had a good body, but you became tired a lot. Maybe tonight would be slow even though she needed cash. Rent was due soon. Another soft sigh passed her lips as she came to her wall, shifting a leg, she leaned back against it to wait for her first pray of the night.

And it didn’t take long at all.

Having heard the footsteps, her head slowly raised, caramel eyes barely drifting over the figures clothes, much more taking in the confidence that radiated off him. And something else. His entire body screamed power, a sense she never got from even the rich idiots that came about sauntering their cash to the girls. Well whatever it was, she figured she may as well try her luck. Pushing off the wall with her shoulders, she came slowly to him, her eyes obviously sizing him up. Some guys liked it, some guys didn’t. She was sure she looked lustful doing it either way. Walking around to his side she slowly smirked up at the figure, a hand going to her as it struck out a bit, taking in the strange haunting green eyes. “Hello… Are we looking for a treat tonight?” she cooed softly to him, tilting her head.

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His gaze finally found hers and she felt a small twinge of pain at the look that crossed his face. Something of a completely pissed off and disgust she could only assume. So the joke had went a little harsher then Ria had completely planned. Of course, a harmless joke like this was certainly the least of the worse things she had done in her past ventures. Plus the feeling of his hands on her thighs had her figuring he wasn't going to take it so terribly now. It was a soft touch and his voice had only come out in a small whisper as if to ask that she was serious? However, she couldn't have been more wrong.

The child like tantrum that was about to be huffed out took her by complete surprise; which gave him enough to shove at her stomach, the softness of the mattress pressing her back to stumble and fall to her bottom so her breasts gave a gentle bounce and a small 'umph' escaped her lips. His next words only drawing out soft laughter from her lips suddenly. Sitting up more fully as he fell to bend at the bedside and lay his head there like he was praying for it all to be a dream. Ria's hand covered her mouth as she continued to chuckle while he sat there, but the female finally decided to try and bring it back to what everything was a moment ago. At the very least, try to make the poor guy feel better once more.

Swinging her legs easily under her, she was on all fours and crawling over to his head that was laying down. Making it to his side, her head pressed near his, lips finding the acute jaw line drawing to the side and started to press kisses along it. "I'm sorry..." She muttered in a seductive apology. A hot breath brushed against his ear and just behind it as her teeth came out to bite ever so gently against the bottom lobe before nibbling at the tender flesh under it. ".. want me to make it up to you?" Even in the fit of happiness that had came from her teasing, Ria was certainly still in the mood to keep things going. Perhaps it was that she had just taken his virginity and couldn't help but explore more of what the boy would, and wanted, to do? It was like going against everything bad. Ria was certainly bad. At the very least she would be in his parents eyes, but she didn't really know that.

Nimble hands crawled towards his forearms before gliding up to his muscled shoulders and towards his back before stopping and dragging her nails softly back up and over his shoulders again. Then her hands would grab as if to merely guide him and not actually grab harshly. Ria may have wanted some, but if he wasn't in the mood she wouldn't force him. The brunette tilted her head before brushing back some hair with a small push of her head and leaned down so she could try and see his face, her bottom cheeks swaying in the air behind her now like a puppy that wanted to play.

Teeth brushed over her bottom lip before letting it go as a small smirk appeared. "I'll even be on top this time."



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❛ -- pairings/settings/whatnot

- fairy tales

- arranged marriage

- crime syndicates stuff

- song inspired things

- apocalypse whatevas
(zombies, wastelands, icelands, the world just starting to go to shit or has been for awhile, you name
it, I'll probably dig it!)

- openings
(That's right, send me just an opening of something be it from a starter that never got going, or just a
ramble to something that felt right. I'll either lead from it with how I feel, or you can send me an OCC
with just a bit about it. Either way.)

- A Quiet Place / Bird Box like
(Basically apocalypse with a a twist of sorts, something that really hinders the way survival takes place.)

____❛ -- modern

Bedroom Hymns
- high end escort x mystery man
    The world of escorts is a simple one, the more you pay, the better service you receive. The ladies of
    Luxury Skies Elite Companion are well known in the hushed whispers and one of the top sites for wealthy
    men to look upon first. One day a new client emails the main lady to hook him up with one of her best
    girls, and bids a high amount for just meeting her. He gets emailed back a profile page, (which I have sort
    of setup ) and we can adjust together. Pleased, he sends a meetup time and place and the games begin.
    (Whatever the reason or mystery about him is up to play. Mob relations? Dark fetishes? Lonely? Needs
    married to inherit? All of the above? Up for discussion. )

What Kind Of Man
- collage student x multiple men
    What better way to get through collage then by the help of others money? And not just the government,
    she didn't even need that. No, this was a play all it's own. It had started one night she dared to venture out
    and snag herself a handsome older man. And it went tumbling from there. In exchange for arm candy,
    sexual needs, and just company, she's got a few older guys on the hook. (How many is up to you, I figure
    two or three mostly.) All different and yet all willing to pay her for her time. But what happens when a collage
    boy actually starts to get a bit close? Does she really want to give up everything she has for what only could be love?

I Can Do It Myself
- daughter x mothers boyfriend
    No surprise their mother ended up like this. The floozy that she is. Waking up alone, broke, and all
    money taken from their house with a note stating their mother had left with a band or dude to support
    their 'future'. She shouldn't be surprised, but what the hell is she supposed to do now? But what's this?
    A knock on the door from her mothers, now should be, ex boyfriend says he'll step up and help? They
    don't want their dirty money or their help. She'll be bratty if she has to get the point across.
    (Enter a 'daddy dom' sort of relationship and his little brat. I'd really like to explore the actual ups and
    downs of a BDSM relationship and add in whatever may be needed with the age difference and them
    developing something of real feelings.)

Finding Home
- runaway girl x police officer
    She needed to get away, leave, and never look back. With a thought for a better place for her if she
    managed this simple run away in mind, one cold night after work, she finds herself running out of gas and
    parked in front of someones house she thought was away. Woken up to the tap on her window by a man,
    she is asked if she needs helped. Thus ensues the notion of him building a rapport with the girl he is sure
    is a runaway and wondering if he should call it in or just see how the first day goes after helping her. Maybe
    she'll return home? Or maybe he'll figure something else out, be it turning her in or helping her find her
    way and perhaps finding himself in it as well.

Lover to Lover
- girl x best friends/brothers(?)
    She wasn't the best person and she could wholly admit to that. She was a bartender, working her life
    into something of a dead end. She seemed alright with it though, helping one night partying/mixing drinks,
    and while on the midnight hours rolled in, her and a stranger found themselves into the throws of passion.
    They never asked names or information, but left the beauty that had been to that one night stand. Fast
    forward a month and she's dating another guy, a frequenter in her bar and someone not fully content on
    trying to live life to the fullest either. Well he invites her out to dinner with some friends and she comes to
    surprise when who is sitting across the table other than her dream one night stand?
    (Kinda vague, or I guess very open, he could get her pregnant and she not know it yet, her current boyfriend
    could be slowly turning abusive, or a drug dealer. Could just be a fight of two friends. Who knows. Totally open.)

Sleepless Nights
- mob bosses daughter x dealer/bodyguard
    Being the Don's daughter is tough enough, throw in quirky little traits, one including being basically
    a full blown insomniac, and it's hard to make friends. Thankfully, things just seemed to click between her
    and him, they meet up at strange hours, text each other and he's probably a bit worried people might think
    things are becoming more then just 'friendly' between them. Which isn't far off, he just knows with his
    position in the family there isn't a way that her father would accept them being together.

Between Two Lungs
- girlfriend x ex boyfriends older bro
    Well, after breaking up with her cheating boyfriend, she gets smooched by her ex-boyfriend's, slightly,
    drunk older brother. Surprised, bewildered, and somewhat flattered, this girl isn't sure what to do at first.
    However, a plan hatches in her mind. Older Brother doesn't like his younger brother, and is willing to help
    her with her spontaneous scheme. Of course, that's the drink speaking on Older Brother's part. They decide
    to date - well, pretend to date - to get back at the cheating ex-boyfriend. Of course, the next day sober, the
    brother realizes his mistake, since he has a crush on another woman, and tries to talk her out of the agreement.
    Yet, older bro is a softie towards woman's ways, and when she pulls the watery puppy-dog eyes on him, he
    decides that maybe this plan will work for him, too. After all, the girl he likes is easily jealous, maybe now that
    he's off the market, she'll want him!

- slut(?) x virgin
    Living a pretty sheltered life makes it hard on a young boy going to college, so when his parents kick
    him out one rainy night (reason to be made up), he is stuck walking the streets getting soaked to the bone.
    Until a girl comes across him on her way back to her place. Without a thought, the girl offers him a place to
    stay and brings him back home. Then it hits him, having had a class or two with this girl, he has heard plenty
    of rumors about her. So how will things go from there for the virgin boy?

Lost Stars
- celebrity x security guard
    Being in the light is stressful, from the pressure, schedule, and crazy fans... and one night, she brings
    herself to the ledge of her hotel room, going to jump. Her mother had been able to talk to her until a police
    officer showed up. He coaxes her before finally reaching out and stopping her from falling. After learning
    of her situation, the stress, possible stalker, and mere turn over rate for the amount of work time put in, the
    police officer gets put on her security detail as a bodyguard.

Love In the Dark
- beauty and the beast idea
    A young woman is the daughter of a landowning Earl. A lady with the wit and beauty expected of
    someone in her stature. Her father, however, is a horrible leader to his tenants and those around him,
    and sees no other option when they are in huge debt to sell his land and tenants to someone else, but
    his daughter has to be included with marriage. A marriage by proxy it would seem, meaning she never
    gets to stand before an alter and is brought merely to the new mans home without a second thought.
    He seems to keep himself shrouded and away, coming out more at night and never wishing to be with
    her very long. When he comes to the marriage bed, he makes sure she barely touches him and she is
    (There could be many reasons why, some with magic reasons, some without, plenty of options. This
    would be a play where we would focus on their exchanges at night when they could speak to each other
    and then her relationship with his servants as she tries to unravel the man she's been forced to marry.
    And while this is in modern, it can be fantasy of it's own reasoning as well! )

Family Games
- half/step sister x half/step brother
    Ever since their mother got a new arm candy things have been tense, specially since the new arm
    candy brought in a new addition to the family and her step-brother is everything that her younger brother
    doesn't need as a role model. So sticking up for him as much as she can, she just wishes the party boy would
    get off the kids back. However his attention is then all on her.

Training the Devil
- collage/highschool athlete x student manager
    He was the best, even if he had never been spotted yet. He built his own team from the ground up, the
    special skills they all possessed to make a strong team. But maybe no one had noticed because he was a
    demon leader, but they stayed nonetheless, pushing themselves to become better. They needed a manager
    though, he couldn't do it all. So imagine his surprise when there is a little scout peeking in on some practice.
    Dragged out to the open, its found that she knows quite the bit about what's being played. So will she help?

- recent coma patient x delinquent
    They hated them, from the day they met them, they didn't know why, but they let the other person
    know. From harmless banter, to cruel practical jokes. She, the victim, took it in stride and maybe it pissed
    them off even more. However after an accident (car crash or something) leaves the victim in a coma, the
    bully has to find other ways to release anger (Fighting in school, drugs, etc). Till placed on community
    service in the recovering facility that their old target is now in. Now out of a coma and on recovery, she spots
    him (cleaning, serving food etc) and suddenly only wants to be with him, unknown to her because she can't
    remember anything.

____❛ -- fantasy

Breath of Life
- princess x mercenary/bandit/outlaw
    In the land of (something or other) times of war and peace were all to common. Allies tried to build,
    sometimes in success and sometimes in utter failure. This particular kingdom was going to try it's best to
    gain land and power with the marriage of their daughter to a prince of a neighboring kingdom. The
    arrangement had been made and she was being sent to prepare for the wedding itself. However, it seemed
    a night of rest spent in a forest would spell trouble as a group of bandits come to lay claim on what they had.
    Unbeknownst to them, or planned, that they were aware royal would be part of their treasure. So kidnapping
    the princess, the leader can decide what to do with her. Things always get interesting with a spoiled, yet rich,

- witch x mercenary/hunter/etc
    A witch is being strung up on the outskirts of town. While it's not for the reason she believes it to be,
    it's still the point that she is about to meet her maker. Along comes the other main character of this story.
    A man who feels the need to stop and save her. After doing so, she owes him her life, so we go from there?
    (Pretty open and rough idea with plenty of things that could come about.)

Heaven or Hell
- priest/ess x witch/wizard
    A tyrant is running lose, people are dying as if a plague were spreading. Surely enough it will come
    to their city. But how to stop it? Send the two best known fighters around to try and gather a group of
    fighters willing to take them down! A God fearing priest/ess and a thought to be dark magic witch/wizard.
    Perfect combo.

You Sure Are Looking Good
- red x big bad wolf
    Red had been told countless times to stay out of the woods after light fall, however, it's where her
    house was and her grandmothers, residing just far enough outside of town. On evening on her way home
    from grannys, she comes across a male (he could be in normal form and transform like a werewolf, or
    we could fly with wolf attributes, ears, tails. I'm not really into beastiality or furries) injured and almost
    looking on the brink of death. So not very easily, she drags him home to her little cottage in the woods to
    nurse him back to health though all the warnings, in herself, and from the words of the Hunters around,
    tell her not to. She knew what he was and everyone in the town and surrounding ones hunted them.
    (Plot can go where the wolves are becoming extinct or just having their own war against the bands of
    Hunters. It could be a big plot with churches against these demons, or anything else.)

By Dawns Light
- vampire x human
    They come from a long line of hunters, but have never believed too much into it since they were
    constantly sheltered and not fully trained as things had seemed to settle. When attacked one night at
    her house, however, she's got to learn their family's dark legacy. And to make things worse, the person
    who protected them that night is what they should have normally hunted. So why are they hunting their
    own kind? And just what other crazy things are hidden in the dark?


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