Naamah's Redemption

Started by BlackStone, December 18, 2017, 04:59:14 AM

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Nathaniel Edward Wintre nĂ³ Mandrake is the most celebrated courtesan in living memory.  Ever since his debut he had commanded interest in him, restoring notoriety and prestige to House Mandrake.  As Dowayne of the house, his fame and influence among the Court of Night Blooming Flowers is second only to the Dowayne of Cereus House.  Yet it nearly was not so for Nathaniel once had fallen in love.  He had been prepared to walk away from the only calling he had known in his life, to become hers as she had become his in the bed chambers, surrendering her body, mind, and her love to him.

It was not meant to be.

The sister of the Duc de Kusheth, first cousin to the Queen herself, YC had always been considered a match any major house in Terre d'Ange would make and come out the better for it.  For the longest time however, YC had the eye of the most desirable courtesan, proudly displaying his lover's token and having him upon her arm at court functions.  Then she was asked to risk and sacrifice herself.  A plot against the throne, and the Queen asked YC to become her agent.  She asked YC to make a sacrifice, and marry a noble whom was thought to be at the head of the plot.  YC had been sworn to secrecy, and could tell no one, not even the man she loved.  The sacrifice was almost too much to bare, as YC was asked to become the new ambassadress to Aragonia, it thought her husband's influence would be dulled and thus his allies forced out from the shadows. 

It cost her the man she loved.

She could not take Nathaniel to Aragonia, her husband refusing to be considered a cuckold to the Aragonian court, so YC broke off her relationship with Nathaniel, returned his lover's token, and left Terre d'Ange, for her Queen, for the country she loved. 

Now YC husband is dead, caught smuggling weapons and he lost when the privateer's ship he was on was sunk by the Aragonian navy.  Her duty done, she returns to Terre d'Ange, her enforced exile over, and the hateful marriage she hand been forced to endure finally ended.  Yet had it all been for naught?  Was her one chance at love gone, or would the Companion's take mercy upon one of their scions and let Love as Thou Will flourish again?  Could she make a man fall in love with her again when there were so many others commanding his attention at court? 

This is a story I never had a chance to finish and so very much wish to do so.  There still would be court intrigue as the plot to remove a Queen of impure blood from the throne is still alive.  The original name of the character was Angelique, but it is negotiable.  My On and Offs are in my signature block below, as well as links to my current and previous writing efforts here on E!.  If this concept of romance and intrigue interests you at all, please, message me and lets plot.


Looking for some to give this plothook a go.


Jacqueline Caery was the first author I read who artfully blended a vivid and rich world with what was at the time of taboo mature content as Dominance and Submission and forced sex, sex for some form of gain.  It was unlike anything I had read before and opened my mind to there was a means of incorporating mature content such as she had done and still tell an engaging story.  I want to share my passion and familiarity with this world with someone out there, a writing partner who would want to weave such a tale with me and be in it for the long haul, and not only for a page or two of posts then disappearing off the face of the earth.  Samples of my writing are in my signature block below.  As you can see by some of my writings, I am in this for the long haul, with my longest running story going on for over three years.  I am very adaptable and can write to your level of comfort and content.  Very much like Caery, I believe mature content can be molded and shaped as a means to advance the story or help refine character development, and not be all there is to the writing effort.   If this story effort strikes a cord with you, please do drop me a line so we can discuss.  I would love to hear from you.


Another bump for a story which would be pairing intrigue, drama, and eroticism all into one story, a deft weave which would be of both plot and rich character development.