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December 16, 2018, 12:29:00 AM

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Author Topic: Vampire the Masquerade / Vampire the Requiem [an idle chit chat thread]  (Read 1040 times)

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Re: Vampire the Masquerade / Vampire the Requiem [an idle chit chat thread]
« Reply #25 on: December 20, 2017, 09:14:28 AM »

It's kind of nice to know that Brazil isn't actually too different from where I live in the USA when it comes to tabletop rpgs and what's in and what's not! And for Gangrel in VtR--I like them, but I sort of struggled to play them well back when I did play VtR. I have a friend who swears up and down that they're the best, though, so the nice thing is that VtR typically has something for everyone. ^^

Several streamers here are from a group which we can call "Cool kids". They are always following gaming last tendencies, they are gaming mechanics literate and probably you can spend the evening debating with them about game groups social contract and how it affects the narrative.

Every GM is going to customise the world to suit their game. At the end of the day, if you don't like Thing X, rewrite or ignore it.

Of course, but I know some GMs which take the world as it is on the books as a bible and they become zealots about the world.

Very cool about the human Masquerade character--I always think mortals are really fun to play in VtM games. I think playing a mortal really highlights the horror of the genre--not to mention it does open other avenues of play since mortals can be awake during the day.  ;D

I like this idea too. It i too easy to lose the horror perspective when you are the monster or in a safe position. When you play as human you start to feel fear again.  Actually I want to play as a Dampir at a VtR game. I just read the Half Damned book and the Dampir concept sound too cool t play as one.

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Re: Vampire the Masquerade / Vampire the Requiem [an idle chit chat thread]
« Reply #26 on: February 17, 2018, 06:16:25 PM »
Let me slightly Necromantically bump this thread (Nagaraja for the win!).

I started rping, in general, with VtM back in 1997 the month revised/3rd came out. I had an amazing used bookstore near me that a nerd one day offloaded all his 1st/2nd edition stuff. I got four huge tubs of WoD material for around $200 thanks to a very lenient parent and a birthday/holiday present exchange. As a kid of 11 this stuff was insanely cool. Then I grew out of many phases (lords, I actually enjoyed the Samuel Haight storyline the first time I read it. I was 12, this is my excuse). But as years ground on and I played with people who weren't just my friends I saw more things. I eventually became the "always" ST of my group and I enjoy this because I do get to customize things. Tzimisce being alien "vampires" from a necroplanet ala Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand? Gone. Tremere antitribu? Still around. Instinct that doesn't make you Frenzy at the drop of a nasty word.

I think, especially with what you love, you need to be critical. The World of Darkness is over twenty years old now and has had so many different hands writing it that so many things have happened. Werewolf-vampires, mages that drop nukes from the ghost realms, whatever seemed edgy or cool or perhaps was cool in one campaign and taken to the extreme in any other. I also see many, many, many recurring habits of characters being made.

You're in the Sabbat and you're only JUST now a True Sabbat? Of course you have Obtenebration 5 after 1 year dead and are the star of Abyss Mysticism. *eyeroll* You got embraced as a Tremere five years ago and have 23 points of rituals? *eyeroll* Your Malkavian is a MILF nympho who wants adolescent sex slaves? *mega eyeroll*

I am personally a Sabbat fanboy because, as someone mentioned, I don't generally go for the "I'm immortal! Woe is me I am super powerful and have the most abundant food source on the planet! NOOOOOOOO!" lines of vampire. I quash combat wombat Sabbat members as quickly as I can or let them face the consequences of their actions. You challenged another ductus to Monomancy? They've been at this longer than you, you're probably dead. You want to diablerize your way through a Camarilla city and come back stronger? Vampires have Auspex. You want to sodomize someone until they die on the street? While the Sabbat was originally borne from the tongue-in-cheek play on "TTRPGers are Satanists" from the 80s it has grown immensely. Paths of Enlightenment are philosophical wonders to go down; they are not "I can kill and not roll Conscience/Conviction!" modifiers.

That said, I've had plenty of fun games. I've played in plenty of fun games. I also don't like limiting people's clan/bloodline selection too badly because of the unique ways it can play out. I'm not stupid and say a Salubri could practice openly with so much sentiment against them or that a Samedi can slam dance in a mosh pit with nothing going wrong, but I rarely find problems with Daughters of Cacophony or Nagaraja, for example. Though I swear every game of mine has someone wanting to play a Baali spy for some reason. And, I love the Baali since the Hive path inclusion, but they are hard to play and generally killed when they are learned of - or by their own masters.

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Re: Vampire the Masquerade / Vampire the Requiem [an idle chit chat thread]
« Reply #27 on: February 17, 2018, 07:49:59 PM »
I have to admit that I played vampires who wore sunglasses at night, wore black leather trench coats, and carried around katanas longer than I should have and long after I knew better because, well, it was still fun for me.