"It's Just a Pill" [BON]/[NC-H]

Started by Temptress, January 15, 2009, 02:10:18 PM

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Ok heres the pitch, a doctor has recently created a sex drug, a potent blend of different hormones and chemicals. After some controlled trials, she decides to how well it actually works, so she hires a pair of interns from the local university. She gives a large dose to the male, and restrains the female, and watches the results.

The effects of the drug would be things like, increased sensitivity (so the patient orgasms much quicker), lack of self control, greatly increased stamina (depending on the dose, the man could go for hours at a time without needing to rest), increased sperm production, and anything else that sounds appropriate. SIde affects may include exhaustion, and therefore passing out.

I would be playing the female intern, who is (initially) restrained and I am looking for a male to play the part of the sex-drugged intern. The story would be in first person, and I would prefer it if the posts were of a decent length, so if I get multiple applications, then I may be looking over previous works. (hehe, this sounds like a job interview. Don't worry I don't bite, thats your job)

Expect the following from this; Copious amounts of semen, multiple orgasms and light bondage. After the restraints are removed the drugged up male (you) will be free to do whatever he wants, so I am looking for a strong, dominate person. Also I have no quams about a woman playing a man etc. So if it interests you, ladies feel free to apply.

Please PM me or post here with any interest.


I'd like to express my interest in this.
Ons and Offs
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I am disappoinment width you're grammer.


(still new around here) Is it common for girls to play guy roles, or guys to play girl roles kind of thing? Sounds kind of like an interesting idea, have never been able to play as a male lol but seems like a neat idea.


Jenny, it happens. Usually it's guys playing guys, but yes it happens


sometimes yes, some girls play guy parts, but usually they do gay characters