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June 21, 2021, 09:15:23 pm

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Author Topic: Seeking Personal DM (NC: Exotic-Freeform Solos) - Currently partnered up  (Read 679 times)

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Greetings to you all!  I have just recently joined Elliquiy and I am looking to get into the gist of things!  So I will be brief with my introduction.

First and foremost, I am really looking for an active DM/Narrator who can run a freeform rp for me.  I know, it sounds selfish wanting to hog someone for myself and have them run a story around my character, but I have done this for a multitude of other partners as a personal DM myself, and I have really gotten to the point that I want to experience the other side for myself.  Alright so intro done, let's get to the meat and French fries!

I am primarily looking for a slice of life type story, preferably centered around a high school setting.  However, this is not just any old setting, rather a mixture of modern and fantasy.  I aim to play a dark elf character based on this reference image:  Beyond that, I am very open to discussion about more details of the setting, possibilities for adventure, supernatural, etc, any events that might occur, and any characters she might come across.  Along those lines, I do prefer an anime-esque feel to the story.

I tend to write at least a paragraph if not more, and typically I can pull out about 3 or so.  I would prefer a partner that can at least match that, though I have no problem with one who writes a lot as long as there is room for me to react and make decisions that can affect the plot in some way.  Anything less than a paragraph is VERY iffy for me and I would ask for more.  My apologies but I have tried maintaining rps with partners who only offered a single sentence and I just find myself quitting after awhile from frustration.

I always and without exception write in third person.  As a DM, this is probably the way to go as you should be playing multiple characters but if you can make it work otherwise, that is up to you.

In terms of activity, I prefer a more active partner.  I tend to spend several hours on the computer at a time, and will very often check about the site.  I would ask for at least one post per day, though more is definitely encouraged.  One every other day, at the very least.  I do not want this to come off as brutish, but I do need to have some interest in the rp, and once a week just is nowhere enough for me.  Obviously, life happens and maybe you cannot post for a week, that is fine as long as I am aware of it and I try to make my partners aware of any absences on my part.

First and foremost, I like story over smut, at least most of the time.  What I enjoy A LOT of is ecchi/fan service so even if there is no sex going on, groping, peeping, flipping skirts, etc are more than enough to keep me satisfied!  Here is a quick list of some kinks I would definitely be interested in incorporating:

-Light Bondage
Mainly gagging and binding.  I LOVE this in particular as when the character cannot use words, it is up to her actions, limited as they are, to be the driving force of the interactions which I find to be quite enjoyable.  Also, muffled moans are really hot, but that may just be me...

Romance is something that is common to the real world.  While consensual scenes are welcomed here and there, I like to explore some taboos that no one really wants to experience outside of a made up story.  So why not indulge in this?

-Clothed/Uniform sex
Maybe this is based on my actual fears of being naked (seriously, the only time I am ever naked is in the shower), but I very much enjoy sexual relations with the clothes on, or at least keeping lingerie on.  At least for my character, I do not have much of a preference for other characters.  I find sex with panties aside is really hot!

-Breath Play/Drugs
So this is a weird one for me.  I am definitely not a fan of bad ends.  That said, I definitely do not mind an unconscious character being used.  Again, this is the whole challenge thing of making a sleeping character interesting to interact with and as it is much harder, it is not something I would want to do overly often, but definitely a few times at least.  Along with those lines, I am not a fan of choking.  Rather, I enjoy cutting off the air supply over the mouth and nose until the character passes out or is about to.  Drugs to knock out the character are perfectly fine with me.

There are definitely a whole bunch of kinks in which I have no interest in incorporating, these are just some of them.  If you do not see something in either list, feel free to ask me about it.

For the protagonist in a story, it probably is not something that should happen, at least until the end of the rp.  Overall, I despise death during a smut scene, though under normal story pretenses, this is acceptable.

-Toilet Kinks
The only thing I want to deal with on a toilet is having sex over it.  When characters use the toilet, I do not need any details about it, please.

A bit of blood here and there isn't too bad for me anymore, even during sex.  But I do not want anything excessive beyond that, especially during sex.  Along those lines, I am not interested in excessive violence, cannibalism, etc.   

I actually do not mind anthropomorphic characters in rps (I am actually a big fan of them, including playing them, though I am not currently in the mood to do so).  That said, I do not want any animal genitalia involved in my scenes.

This is completely a personal choice.  I have no piercings in actuality and I just find them gross to be honest.  No offense to people with them, they are just not for me.  As a result though, I really REALLY do not want this in the rp.  The only exceptions would be coming across an indigenous tribe of trolls or something like that.

Absolutely, positively no.

I have be open to several mediums in my past experiences and attempts, but in the end, I have decided that I really need to keep the methods to what I enjoy.  For the roleplay story itself, it must be in a thread.  Any OOC communications should be in PM.  This is not something I am willing to budge on anymore, and I apologize if this is a deal breaker.

At the end of the day, I am really looking to sink my teeth in a story and keep it going.  Chatting is fine, as long as it remains light.  I am not here to talk, make friends, that sort of thing as a primary reason, I simply wish to have a very enjoyable, long term story to share with someone else.  And for the love of everything, please DO NOT ask me about what I may or may not be doing to myself or what you may be doing during a sexual scene.  It will immediately destroy my mood and probably cause me to log off for the night to cool down.  Any sexual interactions are for the purpose of the story, I am not here to cyber.

So just gonna change it up real quick down here to show that I'm not always speaking properly or poetically and that I'm not a hardass all the time.  I very much enjoy fun and silly experiences as well as the seriousness of the rp.  Hopefully, my tone above hasn't driven anyone away, but I have included a number of caveats simply due to wanting the perfect rp for me that can keep me going. 

If anyone has any questions or concerns at all, or is actually interested in playing with me, please don't hesitate to send me a PM!  Hope it was a good enough read to keep everyone entertained for a bit and hope to talk to people soon!

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