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Author Topic: Looking for partner for Darker stories (M looking for F)  (Read 1115 times)

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Looking for partner for Darker stories (M looking for F)
« on: December 12, 2017, 03:29:45 pm »

Welcome to my add and my search for some new writing partners and fellow role play enthusiasts!
I'm very glad to join you here on Elliquiy. (Though I still have to check the spelling of the site every time I type it down.  ;) )

About me!
I've been around and about for a good while when it comes to RP and found a fair deal of fun and good people around to RP with. But after a slight break it is time to find a few more playmates to experience the rush and pleasure of exciting ERP with. So, I am looking for both long term and short term partners. Both first and third point of view is fine with me although for many scenarios third works best, especially longer stories heavy on plot and story.

I usually write multi paragraphs as I like detail and passion in my RP and even though I can adapt to my partner in many cases, I rather not go below two decent sized paragraphs. A bit less is okay if we actually play over IM but when it comes to posts, email and forum RP then I want something substantial and detailed to make my creativity flow and my muse happy. That is when I write best and have the most fun. I love a good back and forth where both influence and drive the story and characters and as such I enjoy discussing whatever plot/scene/setting we are currently enjoying OOC.

For setting up scenarios, scenes and settings I always prefer to have a good back and forth between us so that we can set something up that both will enjoy. I love find creative ways to weave plot and story into something that is something unique to us both and that we both can be engaged with.

Mostly I'm interested in playing by post or e-mail. But if we are online at similar times I might consider in-game or by IM as well. Living in GMT+1 so keep that in mind. Not used to playing by posts on the Forums but if you have an idea that pulls me in and we fit well in our writing then I could be persuaded to do that as well.

The obligatory disclaimer
I love open communication and mutual respect for each other as individuals. As such, if I don't find the RP engaging or our writing compatible then I will let you know. And I expect the same in return. Don't vanish on me, I much prefer knowing you aren't into it anymore. If it's small things then maybe we can talk about it and try something else, or we can wave farewell and wish each other good luck in the future. But don't just leave, it's bad manners.  :-)

Mmm now with all that comes the more fun parts....

This is a list of many, not all, of my favorite kinks.
I'm putting it in a tab since it's NSFW and rather long and I want to keep the clutter to a minimum!

ONs and OFFs
Something I barely got a taste of in a RP and I'm very interested in exploring it a bit further. I'd love to have my character steal/claim yours from their husband/fianceé/ boyfriend through all sorts of nefarious means. How severe it's played out is up for discussion. I'm willing to try anything from the neglected or sexually frustrated partner that quickly follows along to someone that dearly loves their partner but through blackmail/force/training/reluctance comes to love or crave the new pleasures they have been introduced to. The cuckolding aspect could also be from mild, bedroom talk between just the two of them meant to shame her, to actually humiliating the cheated partner up front.

This isn't a common kink I've noticed and I certainly don't require it for us to play. If however someone feels interested in exploring it let me know.

Anal, Anal virginity Butts.
Deliciously round and bubbly, tight and toned, small and perky. I love them all and I love nothing more then to slowly slowly stretch them out on a thick hard pole that should be all to big for it. All while the poor sodomized female whimpers, moans and sniffles in pain mingled pleasure as the massive shaft burrows ever deeper into her tight forbidden hole. All the better if it is the first time her pristine ass have been so assaulted. Hearing her disbelieving begging, and perhaps seeing that faint streak of tears running down her cheeks. Is she doing this because her Master demands it and she does everything to please? Does she not have a choice being taken by force or blackmail? Did she loose a bet? And lets not forget the butt dimples...there is something so incredibly sexy about those slight indentations just above the buttocks.

D/s Mental and Physical
The rush of holding power over someone else. By looks and body language alone or by pure physical force. Both ways works although I hold a special place for keeping someone in line by presence alone. Making the sub kneel and present herself with but a look or shift in position. The subtle approach best used for long term where the training and breaking in can be played out.

Short term or starting a story it is the taming, the taking control and breaking the sub. Is she a wild cat you need to hold down, impress with superior strength, holding her by her neck cutting her air slightly, watching as she tries to bite you or scratch you. Only to laugh at her feeble attempts. Playing with her conflicting emotions as the deep desires of her body and mind rebels against her. Teasing and taunting her making that slight flush spread ever more.

Can be both subtle and harsh. Small things to lure the innocent deeper into the decadent depths of depravity or such that it would have a trained pleasure slave squirm with shame even as wetness starts dribbling down their thighs. Either in blackmail and forced scenarios or for the dedicated pet and slave who really gets of being treated like the little fuck toy they are. A noble lady being forced to deepthroat her conqueror in front of her defeated soldiers or being used for a breeding bitch. Taunting the pure priestess or icy headmistress as her body betrays her. Giving orders that would have her cheeks blush a deep crimson, her heart beating hard as the shame forces a rush of lust and desire through her veins. Seeing how the cruel taunting words affect her, her breathing quickening, her thighs involuntarily rubbing together despite the way the words and orders shakes and slams into her psyche.

Sexy clothing
Leather and corsets. Schoolgirl outfits or a pure but almost see through gown of purest white. Stayups, sexy lingerie and indecently high heels. Unless my character gives the order what to wear then I want to have my senses teased by your imagination. Does he force her to wear something completely indecent and revealing when holding court or going out in public? Does she use all her imagination to wear something sexy to please her Master? Maybe even surprising him earning a reward?

Be it disciplining a naughty pet or humiliating a proud enemy soldier, there is something very hot and tantalizing with spanking the toned bubbly butt until waves of tingling heat and pulses of smarting pain radiates through the buttocks. Accompanied by a telling tender redness. Small whimpers and moans and screams coming from her throat despite her best efforts to remain silent.

Hair pulling
Having a hard grip in your characters hair, tilting it upwards to force her eyes to meet his dark hard stare. His eyes hoding hers fast, she can't look away how much she ever wished. All the time seeing her own harsh fate. Using it to pull her back against the huge invading member pressing ever deeper into her drenched folds as her back is arched severely. Or using the grip to press her face and throat ever deeper on the invader forcing its way deeper down her chokingly tight throat.

Slapping the slaves face to remind her of her place or the haughty amazon or proud queen just to rise her fury and taunt her inability to do anything about the precarious situation she finds herself in. It can be a simple hand leaving a red imprint on her cheek or a messy sloppy cock covered in saliva and cum that spatters the mess all over her cheek.

Large and small
Huge members forced into tight small holes. Large males towering over smaller females in a way that you can almost imagine how she will whimper and scream helplessly as his massive crown batters its way inside. Her body somehow accommodating him. Stunning her as her eyes bulge out by the sheer size of what comes inside her.

Playing out a Master/pet scenario or story. From breaking her in and taming her to using her and disciplining her and what she does to earn her Masters favor. The begging and serving. Happily spending hours at her Masters knees purring and nuzzling his balls, being the little cockwarmer she lives to be.

Simple ropes or chains and crosses. Handcuffs, ballgags. Everything and anything that restrains you or leave you helpless to whatever I will want to do to you.

Breath control
Using a hand around the neck, leaving you slowly gasping for air, your eyes dimming before you finally gives in and submits. Or by pressing a wide shaft deep down her gagging throat, filling mouth and gullet with so much cock-meat it becomes her entire world as she desperately tries to hang on to her consciousness.

Face fucking
Mentioned it before, but seeing those plump red cock-pillows wrapped and distended around his wide girth as he starts to use her mouth like the wet tight cumdump it is, is very hot. Is she restrained on her back forced to just lie there and take it or does he maybe use her head and just moves it up and down the shaft, the sound of gurgling, gagging and slurping as drool and pre-cum flows down to drop onto the firm perky chest heaving beneath. Staining the pristine skin. Also messy facials marking the slut as his own.

Connected to the above. The feel and knowledge of having ones member slowly or fast and harshly rammed down a maw and throat that shouldn't be able to take it. Seeing the outline of the crown as it moves up and down her throat. Coating her insides with sticky pre-cum. Or is she an experienced slut used to taking cocks large as her arm down her whoreish throat? Loving the feel of the warm hard meet sliding in and out as she slathers all around it. Her throat almost molded to the shape of her masters cock from use.

Love to use it in scenarios, forcing someone high and might perhaps to forcibly having to agree to everything demanded of them. Heightens the shame and humiliation deliciously. Can be used in so many ways.
Sense deprivation Leaving her unable to see or hear, leaving her so vulnerable and helpless. Is it her Master softly feeling the tautness of her abs and butt or have he invited someone else to play with her? Will he use those candles she saw briefly as she was led in by the leash?

For some scenarios and then it is so wonderfully taboo. A brother claiming his sister or mother as a submissive little cockwarmer. Or a father disciplining his daughter in a way that just gets out of hand. Or did she seduce him?

Different races and colors. Night Elfs, Orcs, Trolls, Gnomes and what have you. Drow, Twi'leks, Mirialans or Chiss. I love the way you can turn the elitist Sith Purebloods humiliation every higher by forcing her to be taken by a lower race. And all the different colors intermingling and exotic appearances.

I love contrasts. Hence the large and small and interracial. Anything that makes a contrast. Different skin colors and sizes, textures and classes. Difference in rank and titles. Anything that makes for a contrast should get some detail. Just how the white sticky cum stains and runs in thick rivers down the blue clear skin of the Draenei whore on her knees. Or the veiny green member pressing every inside the deep lush red skin of the poor Twi'Lek bound on her knees before him.

Excessive Cum
Loads of cum, either enough to bloat her tummy obscenely or come in such volumes it flows in sticky rivers from her nose and mouth. Glazing her in it until she will smell of his seed for days. Leaving her holes stuffed full and slowly dripping his cock cream for hours. Also includes various forms of cum-play, coming on her face, over her body, inside her filling her to the limit. Playing with the thickness of it as well as other properties.

Dirty talk
Goes both ways. I want to hear the begging and whimpers. The crass talk coming almost from a porno or more innocent exclamations. 'This lowly slave begs for her Master to use her throat or body to dump is seed.' ''t...don't....I will never....'
Any dialogues and such that heightens the scene. Enhancing the helplessness or the dedication or showing the control or love they feel. I want to hear how much your character needs and craves her tummy filled with thick slimy jizz. Or listen as she offers herself and everything she is or has to her new Master. I want to hear how much she loves getting her tight little holes stuffed and crammed full.

Non-con and Reluctance
When it comes to these scenarios I can play it all from the faint reluctance between two characters that are in a love-hate relationship where they can't stand each other but still feel a massive attraction they can't deny, to the innocent lady or proud and arrogant warrior/noble/heroine that is taken by force and used until her body betrays her and she starts cumming over and over despite her mind screaming at her that it shouldn't, that she shouldn't like this, can't like this. I do prefer that it somewhere turns into at least reluctance where she might fight it but deep down craves it and loves how he uses her. The shame and decadence breaking through until she becomes the slut he treats her as.

Harsh language
Hard words will abound. Goes to the humiliation and degradation as well. If you play a whorish cum-bucket and seed-receptacle, then she will know it. If her massive udders seems made for embracing a girthy pole then she will hear what a good little breast-bitch she is. I want hard crude mind-destroying language sometimes. Words and talk that will have your characters cheeks burn with shame and her mind tremble from the sheer degradation as her mind is assaulted by them.

Be it twisting and turning an innocent maiden or a proud headstrong Queen or general into a cum-crazed little cock-slut I love it. Breaking her down, teaching her how much she will come to love screaming and howling impaled on a thick cock or gulping down gallons of slimy seed. Making her betray everything she she is and loves for just another hit of that cock-juice, just another climax ripped from her distended stretched arse. Taking her from a prude pure woman who would never even say 'penis' into a depraved desperate cock-socket that can't live without her Master giving her the brutal stuffing she needs, that will beg and plead to be fucked until she lays quivering and wrecked with curdled baby-batter dripping from every orifice, nearly mindless from the mind numbing climaxes she is forced to endure. Maybe her body twists and shifts with it, or maybe changes it to break her....

The corruption can be just mental or physical as well. Twisting her body into a more fitting one for a thing meant to be fucked and used.

Had been on my mind lately and I've gotten a bit of an interest in it. Breeding the once proud Sith Lord until she is nothing but a vessel for potent cum in search for more powerful sith. An ice queen brought low and used by the whole court or in front of them, moaning like a whore as she is pumped full. Maybe a dragon queen is forced into human shape and kept as a pet for her powers, powers that get stronger then she is kept heavy with child. Also the danger of pregnancy is interesting. Cumming inside a fertile womb as the female pleas for him not too. Or maybe he says he will pull out.....

Other kinks that often came with those above are, leash/collar, markings in different ways, tattoos and piercings, fisting, degradation and so on.

I do have others but this is running long as it is.

My hard NO-NOs are

Others might be negotiated. I could happily go for pregnancy, romance and such for some scenarios for example.

Current Concepts, Scenarios and Cravings

So these two story concepts are once that I’ve been so close to getting started in various forms for quite a while, but always something comes in between talking about it and actually getting into the stories themselves. I still really crave to play both these stories out however and I’m happy enough to be patient for the right partner to come along.

For both these I’d like to talk about the characters and the world before we get into things, and perhaps a bit of what might happen a bit into the stories like ideas for scenes and such. Both are pretty involved and require detail and some patience since I like to build up the characters and the story itself instead of immediately jumping into smut. Not that it necessarily need to be drawn out for ages but the scenes need to make sense for the context I feel.

I also need someone dedicated and loyal as I’ve had people vanish on me all too many times. So if you know you have what it takes to stick a story out then please read on. Obviously if personal chemistry isn’t there, or something severe in your personal life happens, then just let me know and we can end it there. Just communicate, it’s a big thing for me.

I want to find someone creative and driven who loves to write and experience the characters and the story as much as I do. Someone with skill to paint with words and create images. A love for what they do and the skill to do it well. Someone with a passion to write.

So to the ideas.

Hostile Takeover
The first one is a concept I’ve seen floating around now and then in various forms and I’ve had partners talk about it but never getting started on it.


It’s about a self-made, strong woman owner and CEO of a company, Queen over a prosperous kingdom, Headmistress over an Academy or any of a number of prestigious positions, that is taken down to a whole new level of servitude. She would be smart and powerful in her own right with a strong will and the ability to get almost everything she points at within her sphere of control. She rules with an iron fist there, leaving plenty of people under, behind and to the side that wants to see her punished for it.

My character would be one of those. Perhaps a popular knight under the old king that had to step aside as the new queen picked her own favorite, or the owner of a company victim to a hostile takeover by YC, a teacher at a university that finds his position threatened as the Principal noses about where she shouldn’t. There are any number of reasons that MC would want to do all in his power to bring yours under his heel.

The methods could be everything from blackmail to pure force or a subtle seduction or manipulation though I prefer either blackmail of some sort, or him coming into some secret knowledge about her he can use, for this. It could be he finds out the CEO cooked the books or used a contact at Wall Street that is highly illegal. Maybe the Headmistress is punishing students in rather depraved ways or perhaps the knight, or servant, finds some evidence the powerful woman secretly craves to be used and controlled, dreaming of it and hating herself for it in equal measure.

Either way he will confront her about it, force her to obey him and start following his directions. Perhaps in small ways first as he decides what she wears and when, pushing her to dress ever more slutty and provocative. He could have her sit in his lap and take dictation, getting punished for every mistake, first in private then more and more publicly until the secret whispers of her spankings and whorish make up becomes more and more prevalent.

Maybe he takes control of her finances, leaving her just a little stipend she has to work for in more and more humiliating ways as he looks for new expanses of degradation. Privately she’s a pet/slave/cum dump and outwardly falling fast into looking like nothing but a slutty bitch to the degree everyone is happy MC takes over.

Perhaps he forces her to insult and drive away her supporters while making him new ones loyal to him. As she falls she might start to crave the treatment more and more even as her kingdom or company is taken over from the inside with her being turned into nothing more than a slutty secretary.

The ideas and possibilities here are many and can always be twisted according to the kinks we wish to use. Perhaps she has a partner or husband she is forced to leave more and more behind, perhaps she has a daughter he can use against her, or other people she humiliated that he can threaten to leave her with.

The core of it is the strong, beautiful and intelligent woman turned into a play thing at the whims of someone she scorned, bulldozed or humiliated.

I’m also interested in variations or other ideas on this theme if you have any!

Conquest Through Conquest
The other idea is one that echoes the first a bit but also is its own thing, and a bit more extensive. It can be placed in some form of futuristic world with mega corporations or a fantasy world with various kingdoms making up the core of it.

In short, there would be a handful of royal families, or the like if set in another setting or universe, with established families of various sorts. Kings and queens, princesses and princes and so on. They would all make up the ruling families of four or five kingdoms. With corporations these would be CEO’s and directors and the families would be rather involved in the companies to the extent it’s almost hereditary positions.

For this I want a new kingdom or corporation to start diplomatic ties and send a delegation. And here is where things start happening. These new people have an entirely different view on norms and society. You take what you want when you want it.

They see gorgeous and alluring females with men too weak to hold on to them. They start to seduce, claim and fuck these royal Queens and princesses, turning them from prideful rulers with happy marriages (or unhappy) with little focus on the primal aspects of themselves, into cock hungry sluts that happily sits on the floor with one of the men’s meat down their throats as discusses strategy with the others.

Perhaps they have competitions between each other over various women, the one who wins gets the female for a night, or a week. They would be rather misogynic crude in many ways, not taking no for an answer.

I don’t want full on rape at all here, more reluctance until the Queen’s or princess’s body gives in, dragging their minds with them into the abyss of lust and decadence. I want to see the journey here, the fall of the females into the hands of these outsiders as they go through shock, pleasure, shame and humiliation, craving it more and more while pretending not to or while keeping up appearances. More and more these men would take control over these females until they own them body and soul.

Any number of kinks could come into play here and I’m always listening to ideas and suggestions for this. It would be a long story as I look to include quite a cast of females and at least five males to come as outsiders. But, we would start with a handful to begin with.

Not for all but I hope to find some takers for this as it’s been a craving for a long time.

I have quite a lot of material for possible characters as well as relationships for this, as for the kingdoms or corporations. Everything is up for discussion of course but it’s nice to have a foundation sometimes.

Inspirational Pictures
Some inspirational pictures of strong females NSFW

Females I'd love include in something NSFW

Females I'd love include in something 2 NSFW

Male Inspiration Pics NSFW

For a current RP I'm doing with the lovely and talented BeautifulPoison look here:

That is all for now but there will be more scenarios coming as well as pictures that sets my imagination running!

Please send me a PM if you are interested and even though I will answer them all, I'm much more likely if you include examples of what scenarios and kinks you desire to explore! The more you wet my appetite the better!

Best regards!
- Valace
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