Fantasy/historical- ish themed ideas (looking for Dom M or F for female )

Started by Emma20, December 11, 2017, 04:36:51 PM

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1. Post at least three paragraphs preferably more, I need something to work with. I can post anything from four to seven or more paragraphs depending on what I get to work with/inspiration

2. If something happens so that you can’t be on for a while then tell me and tell me aproximently when you will be back. ( example you have to be away for five days because of - insert reason here- and you will be back - insert day here- ) i will do the same

3. Post at least once a day, I’m able to post twice or more per day ( though if I have a lot of uni work or if I’m in lots of pain because of health issues I will only be able to post 2-4 times a week. Though if I’m not well enough to write a proper post I do drop in at least once a day so I will let you know how I’m feeling - if I can post that day or not etc.). But if you are very very busy in real life then post at least once a week or else we won’t have an rp right ;) .

4. Have basic grammar, I don’t want something like this ( she gotta ths n he ust said tht he wll be back. ) please be able to do basic grammar and also be able to make the post understandable

5. Be able to contribute to the rp I don’t want to be the only one making the rp have an even flow - move forward-

6. Be dedicated

7. Be willing to plan with me

8. Have fun

9. Talk to me I would like to be chatting friends too, and it is fun to make new friends

So onto the ideas, if any of the ideas interests you PM me or reply here :) I will update with more ideas in the future

be careful of what you wish for

MC (19-21 years old) finds an old lamp, she’s a princess but rather curious so she rubs it. Even though she has been told not to. YC is a genie who gives MC three wishes. She wishes 1. That YC has all his powers and that he has complete control. 2. That he/she takes on a human form (male/female at 23-30 years old) and 3. That he/she is free and that neither age.  YC has no problems granting the wishes even though in theory it’s more than three wishes, because MC has actually given YC complete control of MC. Because YC still has his/her powers while in human form YC kidnaps MC and takes her to a secret place to be YC’s personal ‘pet’ as YC has not had anyone to please him/her sexually for ages, and now he/she has someone that will never age as well. (Needs to be fleshed out!)

Making a promise to a devil/ devils

MC is an angel who has taken over the body of a female human (19-22 years old) and somehow ends up in a club (swingers club etc.) run by devils. Her immediate reaction is to get away yet curiousity takes over so she stays for a bit and watches. When MC is about to leave she is stopped by YC ( can be one devil or two, it can be a male/female or a male and a female or both male/female) because MC has been in the human body for a few hours her own angelic judgement is clouded by the more sinful human judgement. MC allows herself to play with YC, though once ‘play time’ is over she has -during the ‘play time’ locked herself into a contract with YC and by the angelic and demonic law is considered YC’s property and ‘pet’ so she has to stay in YC’s home and fulfil YC’s wishes every day and night. In the beginning MC is able to resist though the longer she’s trapped in the human body and the longer she’s in the contract with YC she starts to succumb to the sinful nature she’s taken on in the first place.

De facto pact

I want to explore the dynamic between master/mistress and slave from a point of view where what if they actually fell in love and would have to hide it.

YC is a renowned businessman/woman -or the son/daughter of one- (22-30) with powerful connections to the cesare in Rome with house slaves, however there is one slave in particular that YC fancies, however according to the Roman law it’s not possible for the master/mistress and his/her slave to be anything other than that unless the slave is bought free. MC (19-21) is clever but from a poor family so there is no chance in hell that she can ever be free, yet the attraction is mutual. MC and YC has to put up an act when they are with other people and only when they are alone it’s possible for them to be proper lovers. Though every household has ears especially with slaves who will do anything to have a possibility of being bought free and family members who wants to raise in favours with the Cesare, hence it has to look like MC is not the lover/advisor that she actually is
But a slave for sexual pleasures.