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March 05, 2021, 08:20:33 am

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Author Topic: If you want a twist to the cop/robber plot take a look ( Looking for Dom M or F)  (Read 821 times)

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Offline Emma20Topic starter

Hi so I will update this post as I get more ideas. I’ve been toying with a few more but I need to get them a bit clearer first :)

I do not have many rules - may add some more if I remember anything more specifically though - 

1. Post at least four paragraphs preferably more, I need something to work with. I can post anything from 4 til 7 or more paragraphs depending on what I get to work with and inspiration level that day :)

2. If something happens so that you can’t be on for a while then tell me and tell me aproximently when you will be back. ( example you have to be away for five days because of - insert reason here- and you will be back - insert day here- ) i will do the same

3. Post at least once a day, I’m able to post twice or more per day (though if I have a lot going on at uni/trouble regarding healthy issues I will be posting 2-4 times a week, I will let you know how I’m feeling that day though - if I don’t feel well enough to post I still check in to update partners etc.). But if you are very very busy in real life then post at least once a week or else we won’t have an rp right ;) .

4. Have basic grammar, I don’t want something like this ( she gotta ths n he ust said tht he wll be back. ) please be able to do basic grammar and also be able to make the post understandable

5. Be able to contribute to the rp I don’t want to be the only one making the rp have an even flow - move forward-

6. Be dedicated

7. Be willing to plan with me

8. Have fun

9. Talk to me I would like to be chatting friends too, and it is fun to make new friends

I do not care if you are a man writing as a female or a female writing as a man as long as you create a compelling character and feel comfortable playing the gender (either it is your actual gender or a gender you just feel comfortable writing in)

I will always play female ! And in this search thread I will only be submissive. The range can be discussed though - I can make them hard to break so your character have to work for it, or easier depending on what type of challenge you want.

I prefer to RP over PM, I can RP by Thread as well - the reason I’ve avoided them a bit and especially now that I’m back from quite a long hiatus, is because I’m afraid of putting the RP in the wrong thread.
Anyways to the ideas (or per 10th December idea )

I’ve been toying with this idea - a twist on the cop/thief pairing - for a bit. It needs some fleshing out/ planning though, unless you are happy to go with the plot as it is. YC can be either male or female.

Kinks/elements  that I’m thinking of at the moment is: rough handling (hair pulling, rough sex etc.), bondage, use of sex toys, denial (to orgasm or to cum), teasing, blowjob/(forgot the official title for the same thing but female version - sorry, I’ve been away for a while-  and flirting. ( I know I’m kind of contradicting myself here but it’s just elements I find can work in this scenario considering the two has/can continue ‘playing’ even if there are others there.) the list is of course changeable and we can add more or take away depending on what you want/think.

A quite well paid cop has to take a wealthy thief (YC) into his own home (which is quite big for a cop salary, think mini mansion)  as YC is so wealthy that YC has connections high enough up the system to be put in the cop’s house arrest instead of prison - ala the arrangement in White Collar - The cop has a daughter, about 19-21,  (MC) who YC has seen before, as a matter of fact the two hooked up at a private party. Because MC’s dad has to keep going to work MC has to make sure that YC does not escape though the catch is that YC’s connections made sure that YC can do whatever he/she wants as long as he/she stays inside the house, the moment a hand etc. Gets outside the house YC has to go to prison instead, though the catch also counts if MC goes outside. The only ones who can go in and out is the dad and YC’s connections. 
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Offline NightRocker13

This looks really fun and I have the perfect OC.

Offline Emma20Topic starter

Thanks, I sent you a PM :)