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Author Topic: Eternal Snow's 1 to 1 search thread  (Read 635 times)

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Eternal Snow's 1 to 1 search thread
« on: December 10, 2017, 01:15:08 pm »
Please do not post here, personal message me instead thank you.
Insure you read the Entire thread.

Welcome to my 1 to 1 search thread,
Lets write stories together

Details about me:
I am a female writer.
I am in my mid twenties.
I genuinely prefer pairing m x m or  F x M
I can write E-mails or thread only.
I consider myself as a Advanced, literate poster.
I'm very a vivid detailed writer,
I am an active poster, I can post multiple times a day and week weekends, tend to be most difficult to me but business will be usual after Sunday. Due to being a pizza delivery Driver full time.
I love talking OOC, I love getting to know my partners and talking about possible out comes even if the scenario doesn't happen. I like to know what you're thinking and how the role play is heading.
I prefer writing long term stories depending on the given topic I may be persuaded to do one shots.
I can write Fandoms cannon characters and create OC. All Original characters made by me are next recycled. They are tailored made for each RP.
I have been writing over 8+ years.

About me as a writer:
I can play seme, seke, uke. My prefer role is Power bottom/Dominant Uke or switch. I will be more than happy to play double for you, but I will never 'just top' for you.
I am a very fast poster, if I'm online and you post if we're in the same time zone I will genuinely post within a few minutes of that post. If inspired and motivated please do not get offended if you see me online and not post I may be at work or in bed/away from the PC.
I am fine with playing more than one character.
I love fandom OC's and cannon characters.
I will always promise to contribute towards the RP and throughout the planning process.
70% story driven 30% smut.
What I expect from you

Someone that is capable of topping or wishes to Double. Meaning I'd happily top if you're prepared top.

Someone that is an active poster, I do not mind if it's just once a week. The more active you are the more motivated I will be and reassured that you're still interested. Not just the weekends. The more active you can be the better. But I do understand.
If you're lost interest, please, for the love of god please let me know. I'm so tired of ditchers. I know it's not easy but I'd sooner have the truth than be lead on or left in hope that you'd come back.
Any role play that has been untouched for 2+ weeks without the usual posting rate or been notified I will assume the role play is dead. If you PM after that and have a legitimate reason I may be forgiving mood.
Please understand that weekends are busy for me and business will resume normally after Sunday depending how busy the weekend is. I drive for a very long period of time and can be physically and mentally draining. You will be notified.

"Kinks: Turn ons and Turn offs"
Turn ons
A/B/Omega universe
Age play
Chubby characters
Character disabilities
Character deaths
Dominant partners
Food play, [I would like to be the Feeder]
Pre-existing partners
Male pregnancy,
Weight gaining [Your character not mine}
Story Driven

Turn offs:
Slave and master role plays
Short posts, 3 lines ect
Writers not contributing to the RP




Ichigo x OC
Ichigo x Renji
Ichigo x Byakuya
Byakuya x Rengi
Kenpachi x Ichigo
Kisuke x Isshin Kurosaki
Gin Ichimaru x Ichigo
Grimjow x Ichigo

Free Iwatobi Swim Club!*****

Rin Matsuoka x Haruka Nanase   
Rei Ryugazaki x Haru
Seijuro Mikoshiba x Rin Matusoka
Makoto Tachibana x Rin
Makoto Tachibana X Haru
Makoto Tachibana x OC
Sosuke Yamazaki X Rin Matsuoka

Ouran host club

Tamaki suoh x Kyoya Ootori

Yuri on ice

Yuuri x Viktor
Yuuri x OC
Yuuri x Yurio
Viktor x OC

Sherlock Holmes BBC version

Sherlock Holmes x Dr. John watson
Mycroft  Holmes x Dr. John watson
Mycroft Holmes x Greg
Mycroft x OC
Sherlock x OC


Saitou Hajime x Okita Souji.
Harada Sanosuke x Nagakura Shinpach
Saitou Hajime x OC
Okita Souji x OC

Black butler

Sebastian x Claude
Sebastian x Older Ciel

Assassins creed
Black dagger brotherhood J.R ward
Midnight breed series
Dragonfury novels,
Lord of the Rings
Harry potter
Fruits basket **

Original Pairings:

Thanks for Free! anime, I am so craving a sports Anime Theme RP.

Athlete x Athlete
Athlete x Ex Athlete
Rival Athlete x Rival Athlete
Delinquent student x School council
Delinquent Ice skater x Photographer nerd
Jock x Nerd
Popular student x Anti-social
Handsome x Nerd

Married man x Single man
Married man x Baby sitter
Married man x House keeper (old fling)
Married man x Brother in law
Married man x Next door neighbour

Celebrity music artist x Celebrity music artist (Rivals)
Body guard x Celebrity
Old friend x Celebrity
Non-fan x Celebrity  (Who doesn't recognise him)

Alpha x Ex Alpha
Alpha x Alpha  (Rivals)
Omega x Alpha
Dragon shifter x Dragon shifter
Dragon shifter x Human
Vampire x Vampire
Vampire x Human
Demon x Archangel
Archangel x Archangel Demon
Hybrid Angel/Demon x Human
God x God
God x Worshipper
Angel x Human

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Re: Eternal Snow's 1 to 1 search thread
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2017, 11:15:35 am »


I see you

Vampire x Vampire

Character 1 is a 100 years old vampire. Who is still 'seen' as a child to his kind. Out of that generation he is the rebel, a simple bad ass mother fucker you do not want to cross with. He's constantly messing around and doesn't take his training seriously because no one really see's him for what he is capable of. He can hack into any system's any high-profile operations such as FBI and other organisations. He may be lacking in his formal training but he is far from being a delinquent as he pretends to be.

Character 2 is an experienced vampire, who is 300 years old and had decades of experiences. He is not fit to be a teacher and hates children or people in general. He's the guy who hasn't got any christmas lights on his house, amongst the neighbours. If any children's toys end up his lawn he'd probably end up keeping it and destroying it.  He is just that anti-social of the men of warriors.  None of the brothers he fights with will take the boy seriously as a warrior. But what surprised him the most is that the lad isn't fretted by the war scars, he isn't intimidated by the rumours to stay clear from him because he was on the brink of destruction.

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