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October 20, 2018, 10:41:58 PM

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Author Topic: A Cast of Possible Characters  (Read 302 times)

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Offline Rockwolf66Topic starter

A Cast of Possible Characters
« on: December 08, 2017, 08:01:27 PM »
In no particular order her are a bunch of my characters that I would like to play in a game…or use as characters in a literary Co-op. Some of the characters like Asharde or Heather have been played before. Others like Raymunda are for games that Never got off the ground. Hopefully someday they will be played and their storys finished.


A Teifling Shadowdancer, she has semi-Retired from Adventuring in order to start an Inn catering to Adventurers called The Dancing Demon.  So far, she has gotten her Drow friend, Zara, a Dwarven barkeep and a pair of Orc bouncers to help her.
The Dancing Demon is a rather large place for an inn at four stories above the ground. The ground floor is solid stone and contains the main hall, the bar and the kitchen. The second and third floor are private room. The Fourth Floor has Asharde’s Suite and VIP quarters. There is a Basement used for storage and a sub-basement with Zara’s suite and a “Torture” Chamber.

Jack the Knife

A Shadowrunning Street Samurai, Jack the knife is polished enough for corporate work, yet keeps an ear to the street.  He backs up his martial arts training with skill at knives and assault Rifles.
He is friendly with metahumans, he has relatives who are Giants(Eurotroll metavarient). Among his close friends are the Elven Biker, Isolde and the explosives loving Orc ganger “Boom-Boom Girl”.

A Post Apocalyptic Raider, Hermosa was born after the End of the world as we know it. She doesn't know why the old world collapsed and just doesn't care. So far since stealing a heavily armed “Monstruo” when striking out on her own. Hermosa has only cared about Filling her belly, getting laid and having fun. She is showing some signs of changing having been trapped in an old library last winter. Having stolen a truckload of food, the group she was with found themselves trapped by a blizzard. Of the five people trapped in the library only three survived until they could escape.  Currently her traveling companions are her friend “Oxie Babe”( called “Ox” because she is nearly six and a half feet tall) and a runaway girl named Becky.  Of her companions Ox is the genius bruiser and Becky is annoyingly upbeat.

Heather Maude is a headhunter Assassin. Her home destroyed by bandits she wound up in the Barony of Charity. In the years since then she has had her revenge, engaged to be married twice, married once and has found herself the warlord of a walled village. Her wife is the gunfighter Ashley "Miss Rattlesnake" Jager. Ashley being a somewhat possessive redhead with psychic powers. Still it seems fated that heather get her wish of a harem of submissives (According to Ashley's psychic visions). The couple is closest to Heather's Apprentice, LaShawna Eddings and a neighborhood girl, Emily Miller. Emily being a sweet girl next door that Heather saved from the previous warlord. Ashley Tolerates the pair as She finds them to be no threat to her relationship. In fact, once when drunk, Ashley let heather give her and Emily bare bottom spankings. Still the pair are currently keeping their love life closed to others and negotiating as to who pretends to be submissive to the other. As far as the Harem goes, Ashley's visions put the number at Four.

Raymunda is a modern-day Pirate and smuggler. Taking to the sea like a duck to water, Raymunda sails the high seas.
Born Raymund Cunningham, it was obvious very early on that Raymund was feminine. Her parents sent her to several doctors that gave her a multitude of tests. The results were that Raymund was transgender. Growing up her parents treated her with understanding and tried their best to help her. When she was old enough Raymunda took off on her own. Soon they hooked up with an Asian girl named Trudi. Trudi, is a girl who is not afraid to let her fists do the talking, that fist being sheathed in a powered glove. The pair has made enough money for Raymunda to transition to a point where she feels somewhat comfortable in her own body. They still need another $100,000 and six months free for Raymunda to get a total sex change. Slowing things down is the fact that Trudi wants to have a kid by Raymunda using the natural way. Complicating the relationship further is Harley. Harley is a Macho, well-muscled mechanic. Initially he was trying to pic up either of the girls. He stopped hitting on Raymunda when she warned him that she was pre-op. His continued flirting with Trudi does annoy Raymunda. She hasn't stopped Harley as she does like the guy and hopes that his views about her change.