RP Ideas: M seeking F 'On Broken Hearts and Dreams'

Started by clockworkInferno, December 06, 2017, 06:21:28 PM

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Greetings everyone, my name is clockworkInferno, and I have an idea for an rp that I would love to get some input on.

'On Broken Hearts and Dreams': Trevor Ingram [MC] has had a rough couple of years. It all started when the love of his life [YC] broke off their relationship without warning. Three years have passed and he is still at his dead-end job at the local Toy Barn. He has broken off contact with his ex-girlfriend [YC] after discovering she started seeing his best friend not three days after she left him. Years later, he decides to go to his favorite coffee shop to get his daily warm beverage. There he sees the impossible, he sees his ex behind the counter. What will become of the two estranged adults? Will they work things out or will they shrug each other off?

  • I'd love this to be a longer story, and post size does not matter to me, as long as your point gets across. Grammar is also not an issue, just as long as I can understand what is happening.
  • Sex can happen, but I would honestly prefer to build up the story before anything gets heated.
  • If need be, I can play multiple characters in the story, but if you wish to just have the two of them be the main focus point, I can oblige.
  • If you have any questions, or wish to get to know my writing style, please PM me with your inquisitions.

Thank you for reading this, it is such a pleasure to be in a place I can share my thoughts and have people bounce ideas off of them.
Warm regards, clockworkInferno
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