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October 21, 2018, 08:33:51 AM

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Author Topic: Extremely dark craving. Honestly, you've been warned. [NSFW, M for F]  (Read 415 times)

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Offline AovTopic starter

. INTRODUCTION (last chance!) .

Thank you for visiting this request thread of mine. So, how to put this... I've been having intense cravings as of lately, which happen to be extremely taboo. Without further ado, these are bloodplay, fleshplay, guro, gore, hard vore, mutilation and snuff, in and out of sex. It goes without saying that I'd never do this outside of these roleplays, so you can stop looking at me like that. In case you're wondering, I do roleplay much less extreme scenarios (and I enjoy it) as detailed in my O/Os, and done a few long-term plays outside of E. But this is not any of that.

Before we go any further, I must say I won't do non-con, and will only do dub-con if it's clear both characters (or everyone involved) are actually enjoying whatever they're doing. It may be somewhat unusual to declare such no-go in a thread like this, but it's one of my hard limits.

. MORE INFO... .

So to elaborate a bit more on these cravings. I've never roleplayed them before, so for now this is a short-term experiment rather than an actual, solid base for a more traditional long-term RP. Just to quickly glance over these themes, gore is pain (pleasurable, in this case), open wounds, flesh and blood. Shallow and deep cuts, removal of body parts and mutilation, skin and flesh ripping, bone crushing, insertion of (or in) bladed, spiked or otherwise dangerous objects with little regard to physical integrity, impalement and pretty much all you can think of. Hard vore is eating raw flesh, often of the partner. Guro is pretty much like gore, but with a stronger element of decomposition or processing. Snuff is death, which I suppose will happen eventually.

As you can tell from these descriptions, I'm not interested in shying away from even the most graphic of scenes. Since it is meant to be pleasurable and desired from both characters, there will be both giving and receiving. I would like descriptions to be literary, detailed and graphic (very). And since it's meant to be consensual and pleasurable, there will also be kisses, cuddles and pillow-talk in-between (the horror!).


I've thought of a few plots for this to happen, maybe you'd like to take a look (I'm also open to your ideas). All nicely formatted, because extreme and incredibly depraved gore and horror doesn't justify lack of manners:
    A Nagaraja (from the WoD setting) is a undead vampire(-ish creature) that has been doubly cursed and instead of having to drink blood, it must also constantly consume pounds of flesh in other to survive. They look like your typical human and appear not as pale as vampires, but are shunned from their society. A group of Nagarajas well versed in necromancy discover a powerful, complex spell that can be used once to completely restore an entity or group there-of after a couple of hours (or days) of invoking it, no matter the extent of body damage. They use this spell to organize a secluded orgy for local Nagarajas where all sex and mutual feeding is allowed.
    Our two characters are part of a cultist sect, and out of extreme devotion they decide to gain the favour of their most ancient goddess. This involves a fairly complex ritual of pleasure and (pleasurable) pain. The will begin dancing and chanting together on a stone altar, illuminated with soft torch light, before beginning sex and mutual mutilation. Orgasm after orgasm, they will ritualisticaly destroy and consume their bodies in such a way that they keep intercourse in pleasure and shared dedication until the very end, so that may join the stars in the afterlife.
    On the fringes of space, a human cloning facility is abandoned in a hurry, possibly due to immediate evacuation following planetary conquest or illegal activity. Whatever the reason, it has been abandoned for years. Some of the cloned bodies located therein are still in prime condition, while others are going through various stages of decomposition and rot. Our characters are two incorporal entities, maybe electromagnetic anomalies (ghosts) that stumble upon this facility and decide to have fun possessing the bodies and using them for their own depraved pleasure, using all the tools left behind.

. AND THEN... .

This is something I'm really craving, so if you're craving it as well... please call me! I will be waiting, possibly for a long time due to the nature of the request.
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