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December 12, 2018, 09:46:43 PM

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Author Topic: Glorious and Absurd Story Ideas (M Seeking F)  (Read 406 times)

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Glorious and Absurd Story Ideas (M Seeking F)
« on: December 06, 2017, 12:43:04 AM »
Thank you for taking a look at my first request thread on E.  Some ground rules and a bit about myself:

1.  I'm looking for a good combination of story and smut.  If I didn't want to write about wonderfully kinky, sexy times I wouldn't be on an adult roleplaying site.  At the same time, without context, motivation, and believable characters acting like actual humans (or elves or monsters or anthros or.....), we might as well just be typing random profanity at each other. 

2.  I generally write two to three decent paragraphs, and would prefer my partner to match me.  If it's sometimes over or under that's fine, there are moments when it's hard to know what to write.  That being said, you need to give me something to play off of.  I want to know what your character sees, what she feels, she thinks, what's going on.  One or two line responses get super old super fast.

3.  It would take way too long to list everything that turns me on, but the big ones are control, corruption, and incest.  I don't need to have those in every story, but odds are pretty good you're never going to find me playing a submissive falling in vanilla love.

That's really about it.  I love talking to people and making friends, so feel free to send me a pm if any of my story ideas interest you, or even if they don't.  I'm happy to talk.

All story prompts are intentionally vague because I want to collaborate with someone to flesh out something that will be thrilling for both of us.


A powerful witch/demoness/sorceress/insert your magically inclined female here runs afoul of a prominent merchant and finds herself collared with a powerful magical artifact.  It not only disrupts her ability to use her own magic as she sees fit, but it turns it against her mind and body, punishing her with increasing waves of arousal at any disobedience or defiance.  Will the combination of mind games and pleasure be enough to break her strong will and make her a compliant pet for her new Master, or will she find a way to break its hold (and his neck)?


When the earth began straining at the seams, overpopulation and environmental catastrophe making it all but certain that the human race would be wiped out, colonization ships were sent out to every star with an earth like rock that might sustain life.  One such ship crash landed, killing all crew onboard save one man and one woman.  During their struggle for survival, what will happen to their relationship when it becomes apparent that civilized behavior is a choice in a place where civilization is light years away?

Offline gloriouslyabsurdTopic starter

Re: Glorious and Absurd Story Ideas (M Seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2017, 12:24:25 AM »

My character's sister/daughter has more than a little bit of a drug addiction, and it's in danger of absolutely destroying her life.  My character finds out, and gives her an ultimatum: Either she let him try using hypnosis and behavioral therapy in secret to break her addiction, or check herself into rehab and let it go on her record.  Little does she know that he intends to use suggestion and positive reinforcement to transfer her addiction to something far more pleasant to him.


As a new crime wave heralds the arrival of a new villain in town, the city's favorite heroine dashes into action to track him down and defend the innocent.  Little does she know that the murder, theft, and looting is nothing but a diversion...the real target is her.  The new villain wants nothing more than to use her drive to do good to break her down and remake her into his perfect little super slut, showing the entire world exactly what she is.