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January 27, 2021, 12:39:41 AM

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Author Topic: The Assistant {M for F Romantic D/s Story}  (Read 562 times)

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The Assistant {M for F Romantic D/s Story}
« on: December 05, 2017, 09:36:31 PM »
When the performance of the head of a modest, highly successful entertainment studio (MC) begins to suffer, it's his Executive Assistant (YC) that supports him. Her feelings for him make this her pleasure, and through this endeavor he begins realizing his own feelings for her as well.
I promise you this is nowhere near as mundane as it may come across. It's also not something that quickly devolves into a D/s relationship. There's a very special dynamic these two share, but there's also no way to even come close to fitting it into a logline either.

The basic situation I had in mind is that of an executive of a small, but successful animation studio, and the live-in Assistant, who work in tandem out of his home. But that's just the situation. The story of course is about the specific dynamic between the two. It could definitely be described as 'romantic', and sex can play as much or as little of a part that suits the story/us.

So that’s all that’s really needed to be known. I’ve written a lot more and included it here, but it’s all really just ‘sketches’ of ideas that I came up with while developing the general idea. None of it is ‘hard-and-fast’. It’s all completely malleable so we can make what we’d like of it. And it’s divided into sections, so you could even read just what you might want to know more about.

And if this idea intrigues you at all, private message me of course with any of your own ideas/questions, and let me know! thx!

Images that may (or may not) be indicative of her and the look/feel of the story:
image 1

image 2

image 3

image 4

image 5

image 6

image 7

image 8

image 9

The ideas:
The Assistant’s job description:
How you play her is entirely up to you. This is just about her role in the company.
As you can imagine, the role of the Assistant is absolutely that of a consort who genuinely enjoys bringing comfort to the executive character. This is something she keeps secret under the veil of her professional demeanor.
She very much relegates herself to the background, however her role in the company is extremely pivotal as she is the sole cornerstone for the head of the company, and as such, she would need to be intimately knowledgeable of him, and inordinately observant of him as well. Without other co-workers around to be accountable, she would be the only one capable of acting, making a judgment call, or perhaps even measures more drastic if anything should ever happen to the company head...

The dynamic / ’conflict’:
On the more passionate side, this a bit more of a balancing act. Her devotion to him is absolute (and much deeper and in many more ways than just surface.) He has equally powerful feelings for her as well, however he's all-but-wholly unaware of them. Not only that, but she's not entirely aware of them either. (Not consciously anyway...) He spends the vast majority of his time almost completely absorbed with some facet of work, and for all his artistic know-how, he can be quite ''slow-up-on-uptake'.
The challenge therefore would be in her taking risks to garner his attention just enough for him to notice her own attraction to him in hopes of sparking him to in turn realize his own feelings for her. This could be as simple as intentionally saying something provocative or suggestive. Of course, that may not be enough for him to pick up on. It could be wearing something very specific that she's discovered he has a fetish for. It could be something more overt, of course that could draw too much attention, leading him to question her actions. So, attracted without throwing herself at him, suggestive without coming out and brazenly stating that she's DtF, or provocative in focused ways without being super-slutty. But if that sexuality were to ever be unleashed...maybe the fallout would make a porn-star blush…

The other component to all of this is character. Some of this for him is the idea that he's begun having difficulty being productive. He has a very personable nature about him that makes him great for running the studio as far as the employees are concerned, but maybe not-so-good if it came to things like cut-backs or over-spending for salaries and benefits, etc. He's a great worker who can't help but go above and beyond whenever possible, but overworks to the point that he inadvertently goes without food and sleep.
So he not only needs the Assistant to help run the studio (because he certainly couldn't do that without her) but he also needs her to help remind him to do things like eat and sleep. Though "remind" is probably far too mild a term. "Encourage" or even "facilitate" would be more to the point. Not that she needs to cook/clean for him. It could just be a matter of ordering food for delivery. Although she's certainly welcome to prepare something for him to eat of course. And who knows? He might even notice...! ("Hey, this isn't Zhu's Chinese take-out...")

She of course, is really up to you. I did have ideas in mind as I was contemplating the whole thing, but they were more-or-less something to work with in order to be able to develop the concept. I did see her as ‘doting’ on him a bit, but not necessarily in a ‘mother-hen’ way. So again, ‘consort’ is probably the closest word I can think of to describe it. But again, even this could be handled in a strict or firm manner. Or it could go back and forth depending on her mood, or the situation, or how much she happens to be ‘risking’ at a given time.
But this is all exactly what he needs in order to do what he's able to do. And she knows this. And that’s part of why she does it. The other part of course is her feelings for him, so it works very well as on outlet that affords her a 'secret' way of expressing the deeper feelings she has for him.

Where it may go from here:
Meanwhile, he's not only grown reliant on her (and not just where the business is concerned) but he's developing feelings of his own for her along the way as well. Feelings he's completely unaware of. Which is the makings of a potentially unstable condition should he become aware of them... But it's the character development he would need to go through. What might facilitate this exactly I'd prefer developed organically, but it would most likely be some combination of him working less, her being less reserved with him, and/or some other factor that forces it out into the open.

Ideas of types of scenes:
A 'night out' at a premiere event where the company showcases their newest film. He's not seeing anyone, so she accompanies him. Nothing really out of the ordinary for them, but that's not to say she doesn't build it up in her own mind, however inadvertent that may or may not be is up to you. This would also be ripe for him to possibly notice or come close to noticing certain things in regards to her as well since they would be out of their usual element. (ie: less work, and possibly her less reserved as well...?)
A 'night in' where he hosts a party for the company.
One night he invites her to screen a movie with him or watch one as research.
She wakes to her cell-phone in the middle of the night. It's him, asking her to immediately come to his room even though he never pages her at night...

The unrevealed:
I'm decidedly not going to list the other ideas I have... I'd like to keep them secret because I feel it would carry far more weight for you to be surprised by them yourself should you decide to play this, and I wouldn't want to take that away from you.

Again, thank you so much for looking.