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November 26, 2020, 08:06:26 PM

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Author Topic: New idea's and one shots. (Gender tf, non-con, crossdressing, etc.) UPDATED!  (Read 750 times)

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Offline Jennifer swallowsTopic starter

Hello and Thanks for stopping by! ^_^ I'm kind of throwing these idea's out there and seeing if I can't find a couple of people who are interested, or maybe interested in playing around with similar plot lines and interests. If any of these peek your interest, please shoot me a PM and we can see about doing something together! ^_^

Tattooed and screwed:
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My character is an asshole and doesn't even know it. A Jerk that thinks the world is his playground and treats women like they are his own personal toys. He has left a string of broken hearts and worse through out the years, and he is about to meet his match at a special tattoo parlor. Your character is a witch that specializes in Magic runes and symbols to cast her spells. She uses these special incantations to either punish or grant wishes to all who enter her tattoo parlor and I am her next customer.

It's unknown to me that this is what you do and what you are, I just choose the place because I wanted a tattoo and noticed that the tattoo artist was also very attractive. I try to hit on you, but you are having none of it. You secretly inscribe on my skin a special tattoo that compels me to get more and more tatt's, so that you can doll out a special punishment for me over time. The roleplay would consist of each of our sessions and the fall out of each new tattoo and it's effects on me.

We can discuss what all of the tattoos would be and what they do, but for the most part they would turn me into the type of girl my character likes, and also forces me to act in that way. I'm unaware hat it's you that is doing this to me, and you soon become the one person I can confide in. The potential end goal for the roleplay would be to reveal that you are doing this to me, but the dammage is done and the first tattoo still compels me to get more tattoos. 

flirting with disaster:
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This roleplay would largely take place through text messages between our two characters. I am a secret cross dresser and I have been in touch with you for a while now, just flirting here and there, nothing serious. I never really went out or even own that many things to indulge in my guilty pleasure. But now you have convinced me to send you a few pictures of me dressed up and you begin to encourage me to take it further. I get nervous and stop chatting with you for a while.

A few weeks go by and i haven't said a word to you, but you still try to get me to dress up or even just buy something sexy on your dime. One day I open up my social network and find one of the pictures I sent you, posted to my page. It dosen't show my face or anything like that, but I know what it is. You have some how hacked my page and PC, gaining access to pictures and information I never gave you and are now blackmailing me take this further.

Your character would still be nice, but very matter of fact lays it out to me, that if i don't do as you say, you would post everything you have, including pictures that clearly show my face and several compromising positions and acts. I would have no choice but to play the part of your fantasy girl by dressing up and indulging in public activity's and adventures. It's like you have your very own Wet dream that you are in control of, and I'm just along for the ride.

Woke up:
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A hidden island with a chain of luxury hotels that few know about. Only the very rich and powerful have heard about it. Men and women who control the fate of nations and capture the hearts of millions. Their every whim is satisfied and their every desire indulged. Nothing is off limits here and there are no rules.

I would play a character who had applied for a job at a hotel in the city, but instead was drugged and kidnapped for work on this island. I was brainwashed and femminized, trained to act as a maid for the hotel so that I am always pleasing, always flirting and never just a cocktease. It's been two years since I was transformed and have been used by dozens of men and women in that time. One day, for what ever reason, I "wake up" From my brain washing and have control over my own body. Now I have to discover a way out of this, while also acting the part of the bimbo tart that cleans the guests rooms.   

The twist in the story is that all of the girls in the hotel that I work in, are also "awake" unaware that this is exactly what they intended. We can discuss all of the details, including what character (or characters) you would play.

Sissy school:
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This one has no real description aside from the fact that it involves my character being enrolled/forced to join a sissy school. It's cliche as all get out, but we can discuss what it all entails in private. I love the idea of being trained, so i just have to put it out there.  There's so many ways this could play out, that you could even play my room mate in the role play and we take turns playing the teachers. I just ask that we are actually trying to train the girls, and not just have sex with them. But of course there would be sex.

Pet girl training:
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Simple answer? Basically what you see in this video linked here. my character would be a former man trying to escape, only to be caught and put through the training. What story it all involves, who our characters are and any other details are up for discussion. If you like petgirls, than this is the idea for you. ^_^

I know some of these are pretty barebones, but I've been really stressed out lately and I just feel like I need some sort of outlet. Meeting new people also sounds like fun!  These ideas have popped into my head as of late and i kind of want to get out of my comfort zone for some. So, please let me hear your ideas or your interests in the one's already posts. ^_^
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Offline Jennifer swallowsTopic starter

I have updated the descriptions so they paint a better picture of what I was looking to RP here.  Sorry for the less than stellar first post, I have been running on next to no sleep here lately and I finally got some rest today. ^_^ I hope you like what you see! I also added one more RP idea down below.

ONE shot

Girls night out:
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I play a young man who just moved out and got a place of his own. Now that I'm out on my own I can finally indulge in one of my guilty pleasures, Crossdressing. I take my first paycheck from my new job and purchase my first outfit, makeup, etc. I get all dolled up for a night out on the town and stop by a GAY bar, too nervous to work up the nerve and talk with anyone. Your character spots me and begins to buy me drinks, flirts with me and encourages me to get out of my shell. It all ends up with me in your car, giving my first blow job.

Super market special
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my character and yours work side by side in a supermarket (or similar public place of work). I play a very passable, very cute crossdresser who has worked there for years and you only just started a few weeks ago. I've trained you and we have gotten along famously. You want to ask me out, because you believe there's something between us and maybe I've even flirted with you a little. (you can't be sure). Before you work up the nerve to ask me, you find out from a co-worker that I am actually a guy and you now are questioning your sexuality. You think you love me and are still turned on by me, but  not sure where this goes now. You might even find me more attractive, now that you know my not so secret, "secret."